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Critias Brings Tidings of West's Death

February 15, 2007

This letter would have reached you several days after the first. It is written on a fine parchment in a careful and measured hand.

Primogen Roske of the city of New York,

I do not know you, and hence can be no judge as to your temperament or character, nor as to how this news will reach you, nor of what emotions it may stir. I know, however, that the blood of my Clan is yours and that the same curse boils in both of our veins. I request hence, that you read this alone and in a place where you should be safe should the fury of Caine's blight overcome you, for I bear heavy news.

Your Prince and clanmate Darren West is dead.

He had been taken to Chicago on the official request of Lord Niccolai Antonescu, his friend, mentor and erstwhile patron in this city. I'm sure some of the cause of this must have been relayed to you either through personal channels or by the offices within this city. Suffice it to say that shortly after his arrival, an agreement was made that he should be leaving your Domain forthwith and seek prospects elsewhere. Once more, I'm certain that you have heard at least part of this story. I needn't elaborate.

It was but a few days ago that we found evidence of his death. One of Niccolai's apprentices came to check on him as his place of lodging, for he had been called several times that evening without reply.

He found ash on the floor and a window open, with the night sky visible. The arts of the Tremere soon ascertained that the ashes were remnant of Darren West.

What precisely has transpired here in Chicago I cannot say. The city is in practical lock down until proper announcements can be made in New York. Archon's are pouring in from all over to investigate. While suicide seems not an unlikely scenario, suspicions of something else have arisen. On this, I sadly can say no more - save that I will place the full weight of my standing and status behind Nicolai in this matter, having known him long and being aware of how acutely this turn of events has cut him. He has naturally been placed under scrutiny for the sake of thoroughness, but I can say with full confidence I believe him to have had no involvement beyond what was forced of him in the matter.

While I cannot vouch for this with all truth, you are possibly one of the only people outside of this city to know that he has -in fact- died. I am sorry to have to have brought such news, the Archons will bring it to the rest of New York soon enough. I will say that your clanmate was, while I had the pleasure of knowing him, a good man for all I could tell, and one deeply concerned with his Clan and Sect.

I hope to meet others like him, and I wish you and the Brujah of New York strength in this matter.

Critias, Primogen and elder of Clan Brujah

Known to be thrice [Respected], thrice [Feared] and thrice [Revered] in the Domain of Chicago

Known by Clan Brujah to be [Loyal], [Formidable], thrice [Wise] and twice [Proven]

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