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Aurileus Xerices Sends His Childe a Care Package

January 25, 2007

The letter arrives with a sturdily constructed cardboard box. There are three stoppered vials of blood labelled "Boychild" "Womanchild" and "Strangechild", as well as a few pictures of Aurelius hard at work and looking eccentric, but pretty. As well, there are a number (seven) of unlabelled vials taped together with a note "Helpful Potions".

Dear Auberon,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I was thinking about all of my wonderful accomplishments yesterday, as some of the apprentices asked how I had become so amazing, and I couldn't help but think of you as a good example of my own magnificence. So splendidly talented! So handsome! Surely, such a being could only come from the hand of Aurelius Xerices!

Besides writing to let you know how much you make me happy to think of what a genius I am, I also wished to give you some instructions. Some colleagues of mine have heard of some strange spirit or other boogum or boggan and have sent someone to investigate, capture, interrogate, and thoroughly process this apparition. I decided I would like to have my name associated with the project, and you would be a wonderful way for everyone to know how ingenius my involvement was. I am sure you will be able to throw your whole being into finding this creature and making sure it is kept in a pretty crystal prison until we throw it away. After all, I can't imagine something that could be confused with a poor Cainite's soul that has managed to trap itself on the astral plane will serve to be terribly more than a footnote in our illustrious history of research and discovery.

Cainite's soul trapped on the astral plane. The mere idea! Preposterous! Poppycock! Ghangleshefmlack!

The man you will be working with is a certain Grey Thornberry, a man very learned in the ethereal realms. As well, his body is largely hairless and smooth, with the exception of a mole on his back, near the buttocks. He seems to have some preference for the blood of those who have recently returned from a romantic night at the cinema and his favorite color is vermillion. This should help you to identify him swiftly and without error.

Hopefully, you will like the care package I had arranged. Just a little bit of this and that to keep you tided over. Make sure you don't have too many at once, as you may get a bit of a headache, or possibly dissolve into your constituent parts.

Most Sincerely,
Aurelius Xerices


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