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Jean's Reply #1

February 8, 2010

My Daughter,

I thank you for conveying to me the depth of this grave situation. While I cannot fully condone von Metternich's actions, I shall attempt to be understanding of the circumstances which birthed them. I am glad you are safe, and as much as the fall of the city disappoints me. You do well in acting as quickly as you have in informing me of events, as your erstwhile Prince has been slow to bring the topic of his disgrace to light. Paschek, as far as I know, has not yet heard this from his lips.

Word of Helgorimir's fall and the young Tremere's transgression have for a while been a topic of some sensitivity. I shall let you know that the Setite's death had lasting consequences that many are aware of and that while his attackers remain unknown, I know enough to suspect they were not our enemy save by circumstance. I regret that more was not done at the time to prevent this outcome, and thank you for filling out many of the details I had not been made aware of. From your account, it seems that the misguided mercy given to this neonate Haldor shall at the very least prove a lesson to whomever next takes the city, as I cannot help but think that he continued to draw attention by continuing to live. I am saddened that so many Americanized ideas of egalitarianism have affected the politics of the youth that govern alongside you, Molly. I hope that times shall move to such a point that this shall not be, but fear we must in the meantime make allowances for ignorance. (O tempora! O mores! - Excuse an old man's cynicism. What has transpired would normally be unthinkable.)

As for what is to be done about members of the mortal government, I must admit that I am largely ignorant of their operations. It seems to me that the kine are becoming watchful for want of superstitions to keep them afraid.

I agree with your assessment that they should be discredited, but advise that you first make sure you understand them well enough to know how best to attack. While hesitancy is not an option, it is imperative that you uncover how far the exchange of information travels before you begin to attack the heads of this hydra. I will endeavor my best to find somebody from Washington willing to do the research for you, although Vitel and I are far from being close. Once this is accomplished, act as quickly as you can while remaining safe. This is sadly a situation gone too far out of hand to allow for the finesse one would normally need to tie up every loose end of these men's life. Stop them swiftly even if it's inelegant. You'll have time to pay mind to details once they're out of action.

You've done well with this report and I thank you for the information recovered by the Sheriff. I shall send it to somebody better able to make use of it that I. *Somebody,* I cannot say whom yet, will eventually have to be sent to the city.

In the meantime, I must also give you two more imperatives: The first is that which I charged you with from the beginning - keep the Sabbat from the city as best you can. Use anything at your means to delay the inevitable surge - because they will reclaim it if it remains untended. If any Kindred loyal to the Camarilla or even disloyal but adamant against the Sabbat remain, I would have you do your best to mobilize them. The Tzimisce is obviously a priority regardless of its affiliation. Once others find and subdue it, make sure that somebody can direct an appropriate interrogation.

While I know I cannot expect success in such dire straights, daughter, I must ask you nevertheless to attempt the impossible. I shall tell you now what you already know, and instruct you to remain far behind anything that seems a battle line. Once there is a true battle, the city has already fallen beyond what you can do to save it, and while I would not see New York fall, I would moreso not see you fall, yourself

The second is to see to the Tremere. It is evident that they have put the Domain in jeopardy prior and it behooves you to see to it that their Clan does not further put you or New York in danger. Stories other members of that Clan who have dwelt in New York do not speak favorably. I have spoken to several people on my own and have found that the neonate involved in the begining of these sade events is requesting transference to another Domain. This, if accomplished, will at the very least place him as out of your immediate concern, even if it will make him harder to deal with for those who will become involved.

I have also heard that circumstances have forced an abrupt change of leadership amongst the Usurpers formerly gathered in New York. The woman now in charge of them is an ancillae named Larissa Devonshire. She is quite youthful considering the responsibility she is burdened with and has significantly less standing than you do in polite society. While I have heard nothing to suggest that she is of any threat herself, it is clear that you must either ally with this woman or subdue her. Make sure she is trustworthy. Make sure she sees what her underlings do and that they are trustworthy. look especially to the Tremere who was also monitored.

I apologize that I haven't more that I can do immediately for you, my daughter. My own duties weigh heavilly on me, even though I can see the weight that this bears. Aid shall be sent once I can find someone capable enough to render it. In the meantime, what contacts I have in Washington will be at your disposal to assist in your plans for the FBI. Keep me apprised as best you can of what turns events take.

It is my sorrow to see you amidst circumstances so dire.

Always your Father,

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