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Jean's Reply #2

March 13, 2010


I must ask you excuse the length of time it took me to draft a fitting reply to you. I did not see it as right to write you a response in the state of vexation your tidings brought on. I can concur with you, child, that you are right in being afraid.

You are not to speak again to anyone of the information you gave me regarding your city's former Prince. I order this for your own sake, as well as your ally, whose name I am glad I do not yet know. It brings dark tidings for New York, to be sure, and I know I continue to heap burdens upon you in asking for your silence. Do what you can with the information it gave you, but only as regards the federal agents that have torn so great a rift in the Masquerade. The politics of the matter are myriad and I can say little save that I have learned that old men are sometimes entitled to their pettiness. The name of Hadrian Evans is best buried in Halifax.

I will not lie, daughter, and say that I am not grievously disappointed that some Usurper's whelp has been allowed to hold what many in the past decade believed should have been the largest and most brilliant gem in the Camarilla's crown. I try to temper my dissatisfaction with knowledge that it has not yet re-fallen to the enemy, and remind myself that years before I gave my order to you, the city had long been passed between lepers and lunatics of varying ranks. New York is by no means a proud Domain and this cannot plunge her reputation further than it has already fallen.

I have done my best to gather what information I can of your new sovereign that you might have some recourse against him if things fall as such. My attention, however, is split in a myriad of directions in these nights and you, close to my heart as you are, cannot be my first responsibility.

I have identified your Prince Johnson's Sire, one Seth Fletcher, as being named the Honorable, Cherished, twice Esteemed and Well-Connected Seneschal of Philadelphia. While the Harpies of the region have little to say on his childe (Johnson was apparently was a bit of a bore at court, save that he was passingly good at chess.), I have it on good authority that your Prince for the time being is at the very least quite loyal to his elder. My suggestion is going to seem to some degree absurd, child, but I have come to expect absurdities from the place I have sent you to. I will proffer that the best means to exert some measure of control over your Usurper may be to go through his progenitor and to make clear to him how his childe represents him and the city's regent, as hierarchy seems to be somewhat confused in that regard. I fear your city is one that is ruled by children in these nights, and you, still a child as you are, must seek someone to parent your would be betters. History has found that no good comes of Tremere playing at games of kingship.

Your intended course of action against the federal agents seems a solid one, although I would seek out a greater diversity of allies than Linden were I you, especially given the indication that one among these hunters has powers that might match some of ours. I admit that I have no great love of madman, and will say that Linden's brood has long been a troubled one from what I have heard. The death of his childe, Artemisia some years back was a source of much whispering behind closed doors. I pray you do what you can to contain the situation swiftly, and do not hesitate to ask my aid should things become irreversibly dire. I cannot fight my battles under the flames of a new Inquisition. I must trust that you have sense to know at what point my attentions must be demanded and at what point they must not.

Make use of Benjamin's acquaintance while you can, daughter. His mistress will be quick to act if she finds him dallying long.

I hope this letter finds you still safe and free from harm. I know I wish too much to hope it finds you happy.

Your father,
- Jean

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