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Become a Corporate Slave and All That Rubbish

Whit Brokehouse; September 7, 2009


Whit performs with Sandy fewer nights a week than in the past, but she makes an effort to catch up with Sandy and see how she is doing.

Influence Response:

You haven't actually been able to catch Sandy for a while. She seemed to drop off the radar sometime after the Festivo del Estino attacks.

Even back when she was around, though, you didn't see much of her. You were (and still are) working two jobs and never can really show up during daylight hours. Sandy's schedule seldom overlapped with yours. Even when you caught her, she seemed a bit distant. She told you she wasn't up to performing with you anymore. Most of her gigs during the day, when... you know, people could see her, but aside from that.... well... She told you that you'd changed. Gotten faster. Gotten better than she could ever really hope to get. She was finally upgrading to knives and had gotten the ball-balancing down pat, but you... shit... you were inhuman. All that fire-play all of a sudden was waaay out of her league.

She told you that she didn't want to cramp your style.

Trying to get back in touch with her isn't too hard. You ask around places she formerly hung out and quickly find out that she still has a mobile phone that her parents were paying for. You give her a ring, and after some initial grumbling about the fact it's god knows what hour in the morning, she seems genuinely happy to hear from you.

She tells you that she thinks she's done with the whole street life thing. "After those bombings... shit... who wants to live in New York anymore, Whit? I caved in, sold-out and moved back in with my Dad. I'm thinking of... you know... going back to Reed finally. Finish school. Become a corporate slave and all that rubbish."

She giggles.

"It was a cool experience and all. Glad I had it. I haven't gotten the re-app letters out yet, but I think I'm not going to BS this one again. Seriously. I'll admit I'm crap at stuff like this -I'm certainly crap at giving up smoking- but I gotta give it a try, ya'know. Can't hang around doing nothing forever."

She asks about how people she knows are. She asks if you've met this one little gypsy girl named Pisces who was totally cute and if Hank is still off on 189th with his Jew-Harp and ukelele. She asks if Willie ever came back from Tennessee. She also asks if you're doing okay, and if you're happy. She says she hasn't seen you smile in a long time, and if it's whatever his face is you were "not dating" back in '07... Benjamin was it? Well if it's him, she might come back to the city to kick him in the groin for you.

She continues to talk about nonsense, anecdotes, and ambitions she's not entirely certain she's going to live up to until sometime around three in the morning, at which point the conversation fades out as she falls asleep on the phone.

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