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The Monthly Quarterly (Summer 2009)

Ander Woraug; August 7-12, 2009


Ander Woraug; August 7, 2009


Finance x3(2+1) Ander gets a big loan and opens a bar. *link*

He will name it "The Monthly Quarterly" with the a replaced by the Brujah emblem, small and within the size of the font, almost understated. The name is meant to ironic because it is a very gritty street life bar where bar fight will not be uncommon. I turn the two apartments upstairs into emergency havens. The normal music will be hardcore metal and I'll host local bands as often as they want to play for no cost, to facilitate this part of my cost will go to making a stage and house amps, speakers, mics etc. the bands just needs their own instruments.

Influence Response:

You take out a $760,000 loan to cover the cost of the building, remodeling, staffing, permits, miscellaneous start-up costs, and almost understated signage manufacturing.

The remodeling goes well. Permits are obtained, stages are constructed and sound systems are purchased. Decorating the place is more difficult, but you use your Crafts: Coloring to great effect, and soon the walls are positively bursting with grit and the genuine authentic artificial street atmosphere that you're pretty sure all the thugs will just swoon over.

Somewhere along the lines, you even find a suitably slimy bartender. He sounds gritty, looks like he just came in off the street, knows his booze, and is willing to work for peanuts.

All things considered, you're rather impressed with yourself.


Your mother is disappointed in you. She didn't spend 18 hours in labor with you so that you could throw your life away on some kind of dive bar selling alcohol to drug dealers... or worse! And she can barely even hear herself think over the sound of that...that noise! Is that what's popular now? It doesn't even sound like music! Why couldn't you open a nice family friendly restaurant like that little diner the two of you used to go to? You used to love eating there... you'd get those cute little pancakes and the waitress would get you an extra big glass of milk and why, all the waitresses thought you were just the sweetest little angel they were sure you'd grow up and be a movie star or a doctor or...or a...*sniff*. She sounds upset.


The first $200 thousand dollar payment on your loan will be due on the third Tuesday of September.


Ander Woraug; August 7, 2009


Street x3 (2+1) I try to arrange with the gangs and street life to have "The Monthly Quarterly" declared neutral ground.

Influence Response:

You don't quite have the pull to have it declared as neutral ground, but word on the street has spread that the new place isn't going to take sides and doesn't want to put up with that sort of shit.


Ander Woraug; August 12, 2009


Management of The Monthly Quarterly: Guidelines basically. I keep minimal staff on hand and pay everyone minimum wage, and tips of course. Tips get shared with the dishwasher(s) and the bartender(s).

Of all the kinds of food service industry bars are the most profitable because you can mark liquor up like 25 times cost and they will pay. Because of this can you take out the monthly profits made by the bar after overhead, stock, and wages are taken out and put the rest into the loan and let me know what I am left needing for the first payment?

Influence Response:

You've already hired a bartender, and with the current economy, it's not hard to find dishwashers.

The dishwashers are especially psyched when they hear they get part of the tips. Your bartender, on the other hand, seems more than a little annoyed. You get the slight feeling that he doesn't think especially highly of your management skills.

You've just opened, and business is pretty slow. You get some random walk-ins, but you don't really have a customer base yet. No one's taken you up on your free concert space either. If only you had some sort of way to attract people to your bar...

ST Notes: I am told that this actually happens in bars. Bartenders and waitstaff resent sharing the tips that *they* earned.

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