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The Great Exodus: Ian Rockwell

Ian Rockwell; December 5, 2010


Ian Rockwell; December 5, 2010


In order to escape the FBI agents who are tailing me, I wish to get into a taxi, and drive to Broadway. There,I will attend a showing of some late-night musical (really, it doesn't matter much which one, though preferably something high-brow like Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables), making sure to mingle for a while in the terribly crowded lobby. By mingling with the dozens of other similarly dressed people,I will hope to throw them off the hunt. During intermission, I will get out, and, doing my best to ensure am not being pursued, get into a taxi, and head to a hotel to spend the night, giving a false name to the clerk. I will check out the following night, and, after executing a similar procedure, return to my penthouse.

(If it is too late to catch a show after leaving Elysium, I will go to the hotel, allowing the FBI to tail me, and attempt to lose them this way the following night.)

Influence Response:

It's a little too late to catch a show, but you manage to catch a cab to a reasonable hotel to spend the night before sneaking into a production of the Phantom the night after.

As far as you can tell, you make it out of the show with nobody tailing you.

ST Notes: Nobody is following him, except Johnson... who isn't.

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