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The Great Exodus: Molly Auldington

Molly Elizabeth Rosalind Auldington; January-February 2010


Molly Elizabeth Rosalind Auldington; January 25, 2010


Flight from New York:

Goal: Molly is going to move from Boston -> Montreal -> Paris, taking painstaking measures to keep herself from being tracked and to make sure she follows every kindred courtesy at each step of the way. She gets/keeps her masquerade breaching stuff away from the FBI, gets her less sensitive valuables safely out of her apartment, and manages to safely get a full report of what happened to her Father. Along the way she calls up Laura (whom I'd like to buy as a x2 Retainer now - she's already in the back story).

In the end, assuming everything goes as planned, Molly, Raymond, Jason, Sarah, and Laura end up in Paris with new clothing, Molly's Masquerade-risking stuff, in apartments which have been set up for them and in the political clear. Molly's valuable but not masquerade-risking stuff ends up in London. Jeanette ends up in the Caribbean and Madeline ends up with Molly's father (delivering Molly's full written report to him). Oh, and Molly has a chartered plane on retainer.

The rest of this is a LOT of flavor text to explain what the hell happens/how she does this and show when various other influence actions I'm going to submit happen.

Note: All along the way Molly has Raymond by her side. If ever she is doing something unwise or something which could just be done better she listens to Raymond, as he is much more experienced with these things. Basically, Molly is using Raymond as "Common Sense" for security purposes. Also recall that Jason is very good with computers/technology and all things modern - as is Sarah.

1. Before Leaving New York:

  • On Molly's way out of Elysium she stops in her office just long enough to grab the painting she has in her office by her father, the violin she keeps there, her records (including the interrogation report of the Revenant), her make-up kit, and the extra set of clothing she keeps there, and her weapons. She leaves her office otherwise more or less as it is.

  • Molly's second order of business is to call her Father to report what has happened from one of those "pre paid cell phones" she's heard so much about (and has Jason acquire several of).

  • She explains a very brief overview of the situation as she understands it, somewhat cryptically, to her Father via pre-paid phone (or to his ghoul messenger, whatever she gets) - Everyone (emphasized) is heading out of town, the potential little breach she mentioned months ago seems to have exploded, and she doesn't feel her duty is best filled by standing there like a fool but by trying to remedy the situation politically - she's heading back to his birth home and she'll give him a full report provided he just tells her where (by reference) to deliver it.

2. Leaving New York:

Note: The following assumes that Molly is not instructed to do anything specific by her Father (if she is, she follows those orders almost without question. If he tells her to go to Detroit, that's what she'd do.)

  • She heads that night to Boston (assuming they don't reject her when she calls ahead to the Harpy). She picks Boston for two reasons: 1. She has enough contacts in the city and enough familiarity with it that it's somewhat of a home for her (see influence actions from Christmas 2008 - Boston adores her, especially the Toreador there). 2. It's only a little over 3 hours away, and she can safely get there before sunrise without concern.

3. Boston, Same Night:

  • Once in Boston, after doing her formal introductions (she's almost certainly still "Acknowledged" in Boston, since unless there's been a recent Praxis no one has un-acknowledged her)

  • She has Sarah and Madeline go out and buy her several sets of new formal "Court" gowns - including some suitable for Europe (much more conservative looking) - as well as picking up a good number of traveling clothes and a week or two's worth of appropriate clothing for everyone. (Jeanette is strictly disallowed from any input on clothing selections).

  • She has Jason start looking into arranging storage for her things in England, and movers to get her things shipped from New York to there - especially those items the group considers "valuable." No, she's not dumb enough to go pick them up anywhere, but she'd like to know that she can eventually go back and get some of her valuables (especially her father's paintings). She plans for them to pick up her favorite violin, her father's paintings, her jewelry, and many of her outfits. She'll have these shipped to sit in storage for a few years in England where she can come get them later.

  • Molly sits down and writes 4 formal letters of request to enter a city:

    • One letter is for Montreal and is quite clear in being for that city.

    • One is subtly written for Paris (and is in French) but doesn't mention the city by name

    • Two are generic and do not specify the city she wishes to enter, using honorifics instead of names - one is in English, one in French.

  • She gives Jeanette the following instructions: After she catches a few hours of sleep she is to take the letter of introduction for Paris and the two generic letters and drive back to New York and re-enter Molly's apartment. She is to pick up Molly's letters, her Mother's ring, and her family photos. Jeanette has instructions to destroy these things if she ends up in danger. (Note: These letters are masquerade-breaching and Molly doesn't want them falling into the wrong hands.) Molly's hoping to beat the FBI to searching her place (after all, they're bound to go straight for the Elysium first). Jeanette then has instructions to take a vacation in the Caribbean and to call the Manor from a phone when she gets there to tell them what resort she'll be staying at. ("No No Jeanette, I am not getting rid of you - that would be foolish, seeing as you know where the Manor is after all. No, I need you to do this because Sarah's not yet ready to go on a prolonged trip away from me and the rest I need for Security.") She's to be in the Caribbean by Wednesday at the latest.

4. Boston, Next Night

  • First thing the second night Molly calls up Laura (one of the retainers-in-waiting) from a random pay phone. (Note: I would like to buy Laura as a 2-point retainer) and arranges to have her meet up with Jeanette in the Caribbean and get the letters/photos/ring from her. She then instructs her to fly out to Paris and deliver the letter intended for Paris to one of the representatives of the Harpy along with a small gift of thanks/apology (probably Jewelry of some sort - this is inevitably a Toreador). Assuming she gets an affirmative answer Laura is instructed to set up arrangements for a couple month stay for them in Paris (get apartments, etc.)

    Note: Molly is experienced in asking for permission to enter cities, and familiar with this city in particular. She's probably still acknowledged in this city as she's been there within the last five years. I (the player) am assuming that in old European cities letter-by-courier is probably one of the most respectful/best ways to request admittance to the city. This is the procedure she's following. If there's a better way to do this, then she'll use the better way - but basically she''s going significantly out of her way to make sure she has all the details right and taking no risks of getting denied or offending someone due to little breaches of courtesy.

  • In the unlikely event that Molly's request is declined, Sarah is to travel to London and preset London with a request-for-admittance letter. This is another city in which Molly is familiar and should still technically be acknowledged.

  • Molly sends Jason ahead to deliver the letter of introduction to Montreal and to call her when he gets the approval/declination. If approved, he's to begin setting up temporary stay arrangements for them during that day and then to catch a few hours of sleep before they arrive.

  • Molly calls Elijah's (Wright's Ghoul's) cell phone. (Note: I will submit this as a separate action as it's long)

  • If Jason hasn't called her by the end of the night she will call up the Harpy of Montreal to speak. She uses her Status as necessary to make this process go more smoothly (Acknowledged, Well Known x1, Cherished x2, and Prestigious Sire for an equivalent Status of 4 or 5 depending on if they care about her sire). She will make sure Jason arrived safely as well as expediting her stay.

  • Once she knows she's going to Montreal she also calls the Toreador Primogen there out of courtesy so that they're not surprised when she shows up.

5. Boston → Montreal (briefly)

  • Assuming she's approved for going to Montreal she does so toward the beginning of the night so that she has time to meet and do introductions with whomever is needed. She tries her best to make 'running like hell' look a little less like 'running like hell' than it actually is, taking the night to perform if need be.

  • Once her approval comes to go to Paris (probably around Friday Week 1) she arranges travel to Paris to the apartments she's had set up for her by Laura. Molly has Raymond charter them a jet from the nearest possible airport out to Paris. (Molly is simply not in the mood to mess with either airport security nor flight delays on a ~7 hour trans-Atlantic flight in which she then has to do introductions after - This is likely a pretty normal process for Molly, given how frequently she travels).

  • Molly sits down and writes up a full formal report for her father (will send separately) which is designed for distribution and gives this to Madeline.

  • Molly spends a little bit of extra time babying Madeline and telling her what a good ghoul she's been and is being and reassuring her that she's doing something very important and is not in fact getting abandoned. (Note: Madeline is the only one in this group who doesn't have a full-fledged passport - only a birth certificate and ID, so she can't take an international flight.)

6. Safely in Paris:

  • There will be lots of political actions I'll submit separately here

  • Note: Molly pays to have the plane wait for them (so ~2 hr of travel time per day charged typically) just so she has the flexibility of having an on-call airplane at her disposal during this critical time.

For politicking/gaining admittance to cities without screwing up Molly has:

  • Etiquette: Camarilla x4
  • Camarilla Lore x4
  • Linguistics (French)
  • Expression x3
  • 4 Status (Acknowledged, Cherished x2, Well Known) + Prestigious Sire
  • Politics x3
  • Subterfuge x2
  • Psychology x1
  • 12 Social Traits
  • Kindred Contacts x5
  • Familiarity with the city of Paris
  • Resources x 5 (which she hasn't significantly used for anything besides gifts since moving in to New York)

For most of the other things she's using her various ghouls (Raymond x4, Jason x3, Madeline x2, Jeanette x1, Sarah x1, Laura x2).

Her Father is a Mentor x5

Please ask if you feel something is outside Molly's ability to do - I don't want to bore you by printing her whole sheet here so I only included the stuff I felt most relevant.

Influence Response:

You pick up your belongings from your office swiftly, after sending Sarah to begin to book flights and having Jason stock up on tracfones at a twenty-four hour Walmart. Your father doesn't answer his phone when you call it and you hear no word from him before your departure. Sarah secures you a 9:00 PM flight to Boston for the night after court, not wishing to risk airline delays with the oncoming sun. While it's less than ideal and certainly not to the letter of von Metternich's command, Raymond convinces you that it is a better thing to err on the side of slight disobedience than it is to have to greet the sunrise in midair. (It's should be noted that UnMasqued IC time runs two hours later than IRL time... so when court ended, it was ICly around 1:00-2:00 AM, which, while leaving wiggle room for error, didn't leave enough for Raymond's tastes.)

The Harpy, Toreador Diane Stephanos, has blossomed into her position since you met her last, which was shortly after she inherited the station from her Clanmate Lillith Andrews. She seems far less shy, but still greets you with a cool professionalism over the phone that doesn't give you much insight into her thoughts. She is quick to inform you that Quentin King III would be more than happy to extend you the rite of Hospitality. When you arrive in the city, you find no court is being held for the night, although Stephanos invites you to attend a small private salon. Anastasia is present and appears quite happy to see you, regaling you with stories about her recent appearance reprising her role as the Rusalka in Antonín Dvořák's opera of the same name, and extending all manner of warm sympathy with regards to your position. Stephanos seems respectful of you, but declines from talking much, preferring to listen.

You indulge in partaking of various tidbits of gossip from Boston's Clan of the Rose while you wait for Sarah and Madeline to finish making preparations. Apparently there've been troubles with some Giovanni taking what Quentin believes is a bit too active a role in the goings on of the City Council, although nobody believes it will come to much. Other than that, Sir Pro Bono has been having some manner of odd grudge against Sir Cum Laude that nobody is quite certain as to the nature of, and a rather young Malkavian (Winston something or other...) has apparently been missing for a month or so after been seen in the company of members of the Liberty Club. The crowning piece of gossip, however, is one that is of rather immediate personal interest to you - apparently one Mr. Alan Scott of the Followers of Set came through the city a mere month ago, and after making a brief appearance in court in which he salaciously teased several minor Harpies conversationally and the wantonly flirted with the Ventrue Whip, got involved in some manner of altercation with his Clan elder Venteras - a scholarly old serpent that most thought has largely retired from polite society.

Of almost as much import is the series of inquires people seem to pose to you about Rasa. Apparently, he was due to visit the city some time ago in his capacity as Prince of New York, but never arrived. While most people, noting von Metternich's ascension to the throne shortly afterward came to draw their own conclusions (that Rasa had been disposed of or had left the city quietly and in shame), nobody is entirely certain of the sordid details. They're all rather disappointed when they find that you can't provide them.

You eventually come back to to your hotel room to find that Jason is prepared to ship most of your valuables first thing in the morning. You hastily attend to preparation of the letters in question and ready Madeline drive Jeanette to the airport. Jeanette quietly bows her head as you spell out your instructions, informing you grimly that your word is her oath and that it will be her pleasure to travel wherever you would have her go. You're busy enough that you don't have time to say anything of a similarly passive-aggressive nature back to her.

The next night, Jason awakens you to tell you that your possessions are safe in a small temperature-controlled storage unit in Prague and that Jeanette called the day before with word that the apartment was untouched and that she was en route to the Santo Domingo. You get word from Madeline just as Sarah begins your make-up that Laura caught a flight out of D.C. the night before and is ready to parley with Jeanette sometime around midnight. You manage to multi-task between having mascara applied, listing out Jason's new itinerary, getting Madeline to mentally sort through the things Jeanette is probably in possession of and describing to her an appropriate antique Tiffany emerald necklace to be readied as a gift for minor Parisian Harpy Cassadnra Asano once Laura catches up. Jason eats a quick meal and collapses for two hours before heading Montreal-ward.

You spend a tense night waiting for confirmation as to your next steps in your flight plan and are eventually cajoled into seeing a performance of The Rusalka - which is all things considered, quite good (Anastasia obviously has the edge on her co-stars). As the hours pass you grow somewhat impatient and short with your entourage, which clearly stokes the fires of Madeline's paranoia. Eventually Jason calls you around 4:00 AM, apologizing profusely for having fallen asleep at the airport. He tells you that Prince Vivian Noctis accepts your request for Hospitality and that Primogen Monique Valentine is aware of your impending arrival, even if matters of the Domain keep her from visiting you. He's booked you a room at the Ritz-Carlton.

You don't end up staying in Montreal for long (OOC: Possibly because everyone there is a PC of some sort. Please note that anything regarding Montreal in your influences may be retconned now that the Ithaca game is our sister LARP) before word returns from Paris via Laura that permission has been granted regarding your arrival by Prince Villon. As you prepare to leave, you do your best to ensure that Madeline doesn't feel neglected and buy her a nice set of earrings. You're sadly a bit too frazzled to make up some manner of concocted "responsibility" for her to undertake (which would really be the best thing for her delicate ego) but manage to emphasize to her that you will return for her and that she is a very important member of the household. You bring up in as roundabout fashion as you can that you were very pleased with her performance from the incident back when the apartment was being watched. (You don't want to be too direct, however, lest she think that the ice bath is necessarily a good thing to repeat.)

After an excruciatingly tiring week, you and Raymond at long last arrive in Paris via chartered jet and you find yourself swiftly collapsing into your sun-proofed bedroom at the small condominium which Laura has rented on your behalf. Jet-lagged and a little worse for wear as you are, you decide that it's probably less of a faux pas to fail to show up to whatever fete is being held than it is to arrive with your brain in a fog and do something embarrassing.

It's the next night that you fling yourself into the hotspots of Parisian kindred society, and after meeting briefly with Villon, you find yourself swamped with invites to various soirees across the city. Asano, being a woman known for her friendship to your Clan is quick to seek you out, and proceeds to assault you with a hail of questions about New York.

"What a terrible to do with everything, is everyone all right? It's been so long, but I had a fabulous time the year I stayed there and if Roske is still alive, you *must* send my regards to him if you have chance to meet him again? It's so cold to say it like that I guess... but with all the trouble with the Brujah... ah well. Is Simon Morris still about, poor boy? What about Nunzio? I'm guessing Jones weathered the storm... little cockroach that he is... *sigh* And did anyone do anything about Emmanuel's death, stupid thing? I can't imagine what that woman was thinking... he was a fop and a weasel, but death over a handful of major boons? ugh... You know how the Ventrue are. It's so sad that you're the only one of your kind left in that city, I didn't know Sofia, but her tutor spoke kindly of her while she was here... back before all that nonsense with Natalie and Bennett and the whole tragedy at Halifax... not that I want to say that Paschek was in the wrong, but if you only knew the story... ah where are my manners? I should be asking about you, poor thing? The necklace you sent me is gorgeous."

After a few moments of parsing out what the rather energetic ancillae is trying to ask of you, you piece together that she's asking about an awful lot of people from New York City whom you have next to no knowledge about. You report this to her and she seems saddened for a second, but soon grows chipper once more and proceeds to run over with you the various notables about the city. She claims that most of them are eager to meet you as you're probably a bit of a curiosity, given that Villon had had tense relations with your Clan following the death of Cameron Bennett, an alleged Sabbat defector who became enraged over some slight and had to be put down by the Scourge some years back. There was apparently a great deal of local melodrama regarding his alleged paramour, Natalie Hemming, an ex-pat American Toreador, who threw herself into the canal the sunrise following his death - as well as a great deal of... *ahem* less than local melodrama regarding his alleged ties to Amelia Piccoli Rossi, an antitribu known to hold the rather infamous Hadrian Evans in sway. As a result, no Magistri had been granted passage through city of Paris for some time... none expect you.

You find yourself quickly carried off to any number of salons and social engagements over the weeks that follow, during which you hear of all manner of gossip about Villon's private feud with Giangaleazzo; some sort of ruckus about a pair of shady Autarks of unknown Clan who came by and apparently were contracted by a Ventrue Elder named Heinrick to run some manner of clandestine errand; the loss of standing of a former Toreador Harpy Giselle after her Ravnos catspaw went missing in Russia; rumors of a love affair between the Nosferatu Whip and a young enchanting Malkavian neonate whose delusions make her claim that she sees each face as though it were worn by a person's soul (although those Harpies a little more jaded than Asano claim this is nothing but a romantic's fairy tale); the apparent move by the Ventrue Primogen to secure the Stewardship of the Council chambers for his childe; and any other number of disputes, trysts, rumors and plots.

Hectic as the city is, it's a relief from the mores of New York, especially in these nights.


Molly Elizabeth Rosalind Auldington; January 25, 2010


*** Goal ****

1. Hear if anyone's doing anything about the FBI masquerade Breach or New York being abandoned.

2. Seem like she's doing something useful to anyone paying attention.


Molly is going to be keeping a keen political eye out for any mention of New York or this FBI squad in kindred politics - especially to the best of her ability in Archon circles. She's going to be using her Father (Mentor x5), her Brother (Kindred Ally x3) many of her Kindred Contacts (x5) to do this. Molly does this from a couple different angles

  • Firstly, she flat-out makes requests of a couple of people she trusts to keep an ear out for word on this - she humbly requests it of her Father, her brother Benjamin, Mr. Davidson (Luke) - whom she inevitably ends up explaining the situation to), and a few of her other Auldington contacts whom she actually trusts.

  • Secondly, she makes a much more subtle point of contacting and saying "hello" to some of her more gossipy in-the-know kindred - why? Because if they've heard anything, even rumors, they're likely to try to extract information out of _her_ - and their curiosity will be her cue to know that word of what happened is starting to seep out. By doing this she hopes to be able to track the spread of information as well as perhaps getting lucky in being able to actually hear something useful. In general, Molly is pretty stingy/dodgy about questions asked of her, admitting that she has left New York without saying whether she left by decree or just on her own (as she is wont to do).

  • Thirdly, Molly makes a point of asking if anyone has ever been known to have been executed for a masquerade breach involving the FBI "that's the sort of thing which would be very public/known but which could lead her to other cities which may have experienced similar problems in the past. She's asking all this using sort of fake-subtly - making it look like she doesn't want to be loud about it, but wants the information quickly, such that it's honestly likely to become slightly known she's looking into this. This action isn't really designed to get any useful information she doesn't have (though it's possible by dumb luck). It's designed to make it look like she's doing something useful. Why? Simple - Molly has decided that if she's going to get stuck playing this level of politics another Status would be incredibly helpful and she's hoping that this, combined with having brought in the Revenant a while ago, and the report she's putting together and other work she does to resolve this may finally put her in a position to be getting some.

=========== Abilities -------------

Molly is using:

  • Mentor x5
  • Kindred Ally x3
  • Kindred Contacts x5
  • 12 Social traits
  • Politics x3
  • Empathy x2
  • Subterfuge x2
  • Etiquette (Camarilla) x4
  • Lore: Camarilla x4
  • Status x4 + Prestigious Sire

Influence Response:

Your father eventually communicates to you via letter, which will be outlined in another response. Appropriate information is also being forwarded to Tim while we attempt to establish Luke Davidson's reply.

Benjamin has an immediate interest in the affair, as news of any sort of hunters tend to quicken his blood. He tells you that he'll keep his ear to the ground for information as to what is being done, and that he shall be at your disposal if you have any need of him to act in a more direct matter. He claims that he's been working recently with a young Servire who saw action in Atlanta and who has since been dedicated to bolstering operations in the handful of Camarilla-claimed Canadian Domains. She's apparently very good at her job... good enough that there's talk of a "promotion," and he drops, rather smugly, that she owes him a favor or two...

He's somewhat baffled that he doesn't know of anyone with major aims to deal with the New York debacle outside of you - but this, he chalks up to the peculiar slowness of communication regarding the diaspora. Nobody coming out of New York has been giving up many details, and this meshes with what your other contacts know. It seems that the evacuation of New York has become a curiously down-played incident. Some people, in fact, first hear news of the affair when you bring up your inquiries. Apparently, von Metternich has been laying low, hasn't been spreading news very far and nobody seems to have a precise location for the man. You are quick to note that he hasn't yet made contact with you as agreed upon.

This proves some cause for alarm when Benjamin delivers to you a casual tidbit which is either incredibly worrisome or woefully irrelevant - rumor has it that Guil and Paschek apparently both appeared in London for a few nights within the week after New York's abandonment. Although nobody has concrete information as to what was discussed, the connections both Justicars bear to New York and it's recently removed leadership gives you quite a lot to mull over.

In the meantime, most members of the Parisian court react to the entire to-do with disdain, finding the plight of the New Yorkers to be some mix of dreadful and comedic as they squarely place the blame on the incompetence of the American ancillae who were allowed to play Prince in that Domain for so long. They are hopeful that the timidity of the American "elders" in that region of the world will finally die down enough to allow them to establish the firm handle on the Domain that they should have had once Paschek, Bell, and Calebros first handed off the torch. None of them, however, have very concrete ideas as to how this is being done or who is doing it. They only know that this is what ought be happening.

Your American contacts, while no less opinionated, are markedly more helpful in determining who in the Kindred scene is actually eying New York. You get the greatest and most diverse array of information from your brief layover in Montreal, oddly enough. It seems that the city feels some kinship with New York, given that both of them have only had Camarilla rule for a handful of years and look onward to unpredictable futures. Alex Summers, the standing harpy of Montreal, who allegedly took the position for lack of anyone else competent, apparently took an unexpected measure of interest in you during the three hours you spent chatting with him while waiting for you flight. He plays a game of voice mail tag with you in the next several weeks, and tells you that the small gaggle of Assamite schismatics have been bizarrely and keenly interested in the Camarilla evacuation. There's talk from the various travelers that pass through Montreal that a few notable itinerant Anarch gangs have been thinking of making a pilgrimage to the now tumultuous city, although whether or not they will settle remains up in the air. Summers reveals with disgust that a few upstart neonates have been referring to the Domain as a "Freestate," although nobody has taken this misuse of semantics very seriously.

With knowledge of the diaspora itself being less prevalent than expected, you find some cold comfort in the fact that knowledge of the Masquerade breach with the federal government has been even more downplayed. Most people you talk to in Paris are aghast once presented with any part of the whole story, and express shock that Haldor's execution has been stayed so many years. You don't go into much by the way of gory detail. When you inquire as to similar incidents, there is some mention of trouble in Vancouver back in the 80s that was similar, albeit less drastic in scope. The best you can get out of anyone, however, is that it allegedly involved extremely bizarre circumstances and that those are probably best explained by a Tremere.

ST Notes: Most of these rumors were made up on the spot. Vancouver is a STUPID STUPID city where werewolves and vampires team up to fight evil demons in mineshafts.


Molly Elizabeth Rosalind Auldington; January 25, 2010


******* Goal *********

Use Contacts to figure out who in D.C. has high levels of Politics or Law Enforcement (FBI) influence and a little bit about them


Molly's idea in regards to how to deal with the FBI is simple: they need to be discredited, lose funding, and eventually all have their memories destroyed, be driven insane, or be killed. The first step to this process however is stopping their current encroachment - which means discrediting the organization in a fashion suitably embarrassing that they have no desire to ever see it in the media. Molly of course does not have the resources or political contacts to do this, but she's sure such a kindred exists and that this is the sort of thing which could gain someone serious political accolades for cleaning up. The key then is in finding someone with the appropriate amount of sway in federal law enforcement or federal politics to do this. Fortunately, this is enough of a wide-scale situation that it'll be very hard for someone who knows about it to make it not their problem. But first, Molly has to find this person or persons. Molly begins by explaining her idea to her Father and asking him for advice - D.C. is not a favorite city of either of theirs, but it's very much the case of "the devil you know" - who in D.C. would be a good kindred to leak this information to, assuming that bigger and badder Archons/Justicars don't step in and do it first? (And conversely, does her father think she's completely insane for stepping into this situation?)


Molly is pretty much solely using Mentor x5 for this one.

Influence Response:

You call up a few people known to be friendly to the Auldingtons in DC, and find, unsurprisingly, that most of the political influence in the city dwells with Prince Marcus Vitel, a Ventrue who has a noted distaste for Jean and the Auldington line in general. Your father gives you assistance in contacting a few of the better established Kindred who might have something to offer, but you find, regrettably that all of them are either firmly in Vitel's pocket or generally considered to be in opposition to him.

You know that the former group are unlikely to assist you and that the latter may stir up enmity - still, you know that something must be do, regardless of the tensions it might cause with DC. You eventually find the contact information for Toreador Primogen Mara Coletta, Brujah Harpy Svyatoslav Antolovich, a prominent elder Malkavian named Esau Linden, and a young rising ancillae Gangrel named Lyle Williams.

From what you can tell Coletta is the closest things you can find to somebody who might qualify as a "friend" of your father, which will likely put her in a favorable position when it comes to asking her to do things on your behalf. However, you get the impression that while she's well connected with regards to the celebrity side of political power, she's not in the best position to start directly plying senators, but she's more than capable of "unearthing" a scandal. She's also noted as being capricious and to hold long grudges, and you get the idea that she'd take it poorly if an affair she was involved in went South, especially if she ended up on the losing end of a show down with Vitel.

Antolovich is seen as the black sheep of the D.C. council, and is noted for having an cynical view of politics and his laconic blunt way of conveying his sentiments. You hear that he has several people fairly entrenched in the bureaucracy of the federal government and that he often provides security at Elysia. A few people hint that he probably has had a brush or two with feds looking into the supernatural, but he's a closed off enough personality that nobody can confirm this. You get the impression that he's going to be infuriatingly hard to approach and will no doubt create trouble for you and your father with Vitel, but that he's probably the best bet in terms of getting accurate information on the FBI.

Linden is a bit of an enigma, but apparently has control over a handful of important representatives and an unsettling way of knowing things that shouldn't be known. While his motives aren't clear, he seems to have been responsible for a number of minor initiatives regarding department of defense issues. It's not clear how much influence he actually wields, but he seems to have a marked eye for detail, and is often seen dealing with Nosferatu. People whisper that he has some manner of grand "masterplan" that he's been slowly enacting since his arrival in the 30s, although it hasn't been made manifest. While Antolovich obviously has more muscle, you get the impression that many DC Kindred believe that Linden is more aware of the clandestine operations of the US government than most.

Willams is only mentioned offhand by a few Kindred, who point you in his direction almost jokingly. He's apparently one of the few Gangrel that didn't defect with Xavier and has since been struggling to keep himself afloat without the aid of a Clan to back him. As a result, he's notorious for being in debt to a number of elder Kindred in exchange for protection. He's very skilled, however, at financial and bureaucratic work on the mortal level, and has a steady rapport going with an wide array of white collar workers. You're told that while he really isn't a power player by any stretch of the imagination, he's still not in Vitel's camp and is eager to please anyone with enough clout behind them to matter. You are told he'd probably leap at the opportunity to get some form of patronage from a group as prestigious as the Auldingtons.


Molly Elizabeth Rosalind Auldington; January 25, 2010


**** Goal ****

Molly is WATCHing for any FBI - related rumors in New York


Molly calls up her political contact in New York (a low-level contact, true, but such is as things are) and begins to talk. Subtly, she lets the topic of federal agents come up and is primarily fishing to see if their presence is causing any sort of political waves (or even getting noticed).

---------- Abilities -----------

Molly is using Politics x1 for a WATCH action


Influence Response:

Your contact has heard a few things here and there about federal agents stepping on the toes of local law enforcement officials. Nothing big, but there's bound to be some resentment when higher ups come muscling in on their beat, so to speak. That said, catching that killer is the best press that this city has gotten in a long time. They might not be the best team players, but at least they can get the job done. People feel safer, and that counts for a lot, especially in New York.

Molly Elizabeth Rosalind Auldington; January 25, 2010


**** Goal ****

Molly is attempting to get a list of possible Anarchs contacts to re-populate New York with from Godfrey


Molly contacts Godfrey to discuss with him the situation in New York. At this point she is just canvassing her options - she believes the threat to the masquerade is probably too dire to re-populate New York with Anarch kindred at this time simply because she does not believe, in general, that Anarchs are generally sufficiently subtle. However, at this point she is just desperate for something in the way of competent kindred, and if anyone knew competent, powerful kindred of an Anarch or Independent bent who may be interested in finding another domain to reside in and yet competent enough to keep their heads down and eyes open over there, it would be him. Molly feels confident that if Niklaus remains in power she can negotiate an intensely favorable political position for them given the power vacuum in New York (Molly will actively lament the passing of Cassandra and make sure that Godfrey knows of the New York rule that the Anarchs control Staten Island - though there are almost never enough Anarchs to actually justify it, there are also almost never enough Camarilla to want to bother to take it). The masquerade risk is obviously high enough at this point that immediate repopulation is unwise - and Molly does not yet feel she knows the political situation well enough to truly recommend action, but at this point she wishes to do at least the initial investigation, and get the first few names.

------ Abilities ---------

Molly is using one of her Contacts from Kindred Contacts x5

Influence Response:

Godfrey still keeps contact with a handful of East Coast Anarchs in Boston (The sort that Cassandra disparagingly described as "sitting around in salons thinking about how rebellious they are for having the occasional liberal idea") and less than a handful of intellectuals who have managed to tough it out in the fallen Freestate.

He is intrigued by the strange political farce surrounding Staten Island and by your stories of Cassandra, and gives you his condolences regarding her demise. She sounds, by all accounts, to have been an oddity amongst the general chaos that reigns in L.A. and San Fransisco these nights. Pacifism is hardly party line for an Anarch.

After he launches into a brief tirade about the problems of MacNeil's "Second Generation" and the difficulty of instilling a true passion for something into people who never had to fight for it, he tells you that you'll likely need to go to the West Coast if you want to find people interested in relocation. While he has more faith these nights in movements like the Liberty Club to eventually enact some sort of change, East Coast Anarchs are often the sort to err on the side of caution.

He says that your best bet is probably somebody working for the Anarch Free Press, which is currently being processed electronically by a small group in Seattle. While the publication is rife with fools and incendiaries, he feels that it's one of the few holdovers from MacNeil's time that at least holds to the rudimentary pretense of utopianism, and furthermore it's a means to establish mass communication amongst like minds of the movement.

He gives you the contact information for one of it's more reliable contributors and editors. The Kindred (who's gender and age isn't certain) is currently going by the name of "Shepherd," and is rumored to be the childe of either a Ventrue or Toreador of high standing.

Molly Elizabeth Rosalind Auldington; February 16, 2010


Goal: Molly is trying to figure out how she's going to approach the notably difficult Antolovich.

Molly starts by recalling what she can of Antolovich's political positioning (spends a Politics to know his status and as much as she can about it). She then begins mentally going through a catalog of what she knows about him and trying to think of contacts she has who may be able to have some line on information regarding him. For example, other Brujah in nearby cities, other older Brujah, and harpies which seem to just know everything about everyone.

She starts with her personal and direct contacts - those people she can call up directly and expect a relatively friendly answer from. She doesn't particularly wish to get indebted in the mere process of figuring out how to approach Antolovich. She is asking primarily after what his known ambitions/interests are, as well as trying to determine some basic characteristics of his personality - what is likely to annoy him for example, verses what would likely get someone into his good graces.

If, and only if, she finds herself completely stonewalled, she'll call Coletta and ask her about it - she's a harpy of the same city after all. Molly isn't quite ready to bring her into the plan yet, but she doesn't have time to waste and this will probably entail telling her far more about what's going on than Molly really wants to, but she's willing to for expediency (she would probably hear about it all anyway in the next few weeks...)

Abilities: Molly's Kindred Contacts x5, her social rail gun (social traits + social skills + status + merit), Politics x3

Influence Response:

Svyatoslav Antolovich is known to be "Acknowledged" by Prince Vitel and "Influential" in so far as he claims the title of Harpy. He is also considered to be "Revered" (on account of his previous service to former Brujah Primogen Michael Belldon, whom he served in capacity as Whip back in the 1970s) and "Feared" (owing once more to Belldon, who granted him this Status upon his discovery of a plot by the Ventrue Steward to record Primogen Council meetings and funnel them back to his Sire - The Steward, after regaining consciousness from the injuries sustained by Antolovich's "discovery" hastily left town.)

Currently, Antolovich also enjoys the support of Brujah Primogen Margaret Owens ("Honorable"), Toreador Primogen Mara Coletta ("Esteemed"), and Malkavian Primogen Alain Hopkins ("Well-Connected"). Ventrue Primogen, James Malcolm III, unsurprisingly opposes him, as does the Tremere Primogen, Jorja Lockhart. The Nosferatu Primogen, "Ragsaw" hasn't yet made his opinion of Antolovich known, having only come into his position in the past several months.

From what you can gather, Antolovich is noted for his acerbic and to-the-point nature and shows little favor toward anyone he sees as a flatterer. He is not as well Statused as some East Coast Harpies, but is apparently quite feared in his Domain. He has a reputation for being brutally honest and for then brutally backing up his honesty if need be. You hear a number of no-doubt exaggerated tales of minor faux pas resulting in spilt blood when taken outside of Elysium's bounds. Those positively inclined towards him paint his violent cynicism regarding most Kindred as invigoratingly necessary, even Diogenian. His opponents simply regard him as a blusterer and a bully.

He's made many a harsh jab about the Prince's management of affairs in the past, but Vitel and his immediate coterie haven't taken notable action to silence him, given that Antolovich's overly brazen critiques of just about everyone else don't paint his disdain for Vitel as particularly unique. You also hear rumors that he suffered some conflict with past Brujah Prince of New York, Daren West, although most people you have connections to aren't able to supply a great many details.

Overall, you get the impression that the best way to approach Antolovich is to be blunt, even to the point of being somewhat rude. You're told that he greatly appreciates directness in speech, especially when it is delivered without seeming fear of repercussion.

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