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The Great Exodus: An-nasr Altair Hasani

An-nasr Altair Hasani; January-February 2010


An-nasr Altair Hasani; January 11, 2010


Altair x post-Elysium and personal security

This one starts waaaaay back at Elysium, the last time that there was an Elysium. As we recall, Altair had just been cut up with magic swords, and everybody was informed that the government was watching their every move.

Now, you can't give a performer like him a stage like that.

So, he calls Reda to come pick him up, and bring a change of clothes. (Reda, for those not inclined to read the giant backstory dump en route, is one of his retainers, and also his legally adopted daughter. She's 17, originally French, and not only adorable, but every bit the aspiring con artist that one would expect Altair's 'daughter' to be)

So, Reda shows up, and is understandably distraught at the bloody mess that is Altair (healing wounds does not heal an outfit) and is almost certainly distraught at the turn of events. Altair gives a brief summary, and explains that the FBI is probably watching them. When asked what they should do, he'll just shrug.

"Change nothing. We have nothing to hide." Almost certainly receiving an askew look at that, he'd add "from normal people," sheepishly.

Change into the new clothes, put the shredded ones in a bag to take home, and Reda drives him home, likely fussing over him a lot.

In the month between then and next Elysium, Altair's crazy safety precautions include - nothing. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Well, he'd probably buy some pepper spray. But other than that, he proceeds to live right out in the open.

Because as every con artist worth his salt knows, acting like you have something to hide attracts suspicion like nothing else.


Altair is basically saying 'here I am, let's have a friendly chat' without so many words.

Influence Response:

The FBI, Sabbat, Society of Saint Leopold and Illuminated Order of Freakfeet all observe your clever move and match it. They do nothing in return.

You aren't an expert in observing such things, mind you, but you actually get very little impression between Elysia that anyone is watching you at all. This means that either you've somehow managed to evade surveillance or that at the least the people you're dealing with are professionals. Either way should suit you just fine. If you're in the clear, you're in the clear. If you're not, at least you'll have competent men to negotiate with.


An-nasr Altair Hasani; January 11, 2010


Altair x making friends

So. Right now, in the United States, it's difficult for universities to attract any good teachers of the Arabic language, as they're all being snapped up by homeland security.

Hey now!

So our boy with the Egyptian Arabic name, who speaks like a native, rolls up on the department of homeland security, and flat out offers his services. Mentions that he would take no small amount of pride in whatever assistance he could lend his new home in defending itself against threats both domestic and abroad, leaves his contact information, etc, and basically plants a big old flag for anyone who's watching.


Twofold. One, to justify growing influence in the areas of Transportation, and *possibly* Bureaucracy and Police – but mostly Transportation.

Two: if the FBI ("Government Hunters" as Whit likes to yell, panicked) is really looking out for things, they might possibly recognize the name (it's pretty distinctive) and other things (like the recent citizenship) will probably have red flags on them.

He is trying to add red flags. He wants to be noticed.

His thought is, operations like this? They always have informants, informal allies and such. He believes himself the ideal candidate for this kind of position, and it's far better to be useful with 'sides' in a conflict than affiliated.

So yeah. He is attempting to say "here I am" in a moment in which he assumes everyone else is lying low.

Influence Response:

You truck on down to and start filling out an app for a linguist position. You also take the time to check up on the requirements for federal employment.

Lack of felony charges... check.

Citizenship... semi-check.

Willingness to take a polygraph...

You hesitate a moment as you realize that polygraphs are machines that measure factors such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, breathing rhythms, body temperature and skin conductivity... all things which you generally lack. While you can fake some or all of those things semi-convincingly, you should really be a bit leery of attempting to fake them all at once while simultaneously pretending to be a concerned American citizen and not a several century old blood drinking Scottish astronomer...

Then again you've seldom gotten very far doing what you should. Sometimes you've gotten cut up with magical swords even.

You're silent compulsion towards deception gnaws at the back of your skull weeks later as you receive an e-mail giving you log-in information to the candidate's section of the website. You're application has been processed and you have a list of interview times to choose from at your leisure. You should be ready to pass a standard background check and to perform in a blind phone test demonstrating your Arabic skills when you arrive at your appointment.

OOC: You're Derangement can be considered active as regards this situation.

ST Notes: They aren't on to him at all. His name wasn't on Danny's list.


An-nasr Altair Hasani; January 25, 2010


Kindred Contacts x whatever he has or does not have

Altair is putting the word out, to anyone who might be interested in such things - The Camarilla has left New York.

Even Fadi the Schismatic down in Phoenix gets a call - not necessarily that he'll DO anything about it, but it couldn't hurt for somebody in the Camarilla to know that this little ol' Dispossessed Assamite is domain-sitting while the Cam elders evacuated.

Mmhmm, he's still there. And, you know, the Camarilla has left New York. Prince told everybody to leave - scatter, is I believe the word used. Why?

Some Tremere killed a bunch of FBI. That's what the Prince told me, anyway. Did I mention that the Camarilla left? Because the Camarilla left.

When are they coming back? You mean, are they coming back, right? Answer? Don't know. Worst case, is that they feel stupid for us watching 'their' city for them, while they scattered like cockroaches.

Yeah, yeah, the FBI's involved, but they're not after us! After the Camarilla, which left. NO, I don't know if they can tell the difference, but we all didn't kill any FBI members, right?


Please don't send anybody who's killed any FBI members.


Altair quite simply wants to get the message out to his Anarch and Assamite pals that the Prince has declared an evacuation.

Whether people actually come or not doesn't matter so much as if people get the message - they will at least be glad to know of such things, right? This is choice intel (he hopes) and somebody's got to be interested in it. Help would be nice, but he's hardly in a position to summon a flood of Assamites/Setites/Giovanni/whatever.

Just wants to be useful.

Influence Response:

You get the word out. As you suspected, this is some pretty choice info, though this is tempered somewhat when you mention FBI hunters. Still, the information is appreciated by quite a few Anarchs, Assamites, as well as... other parties.


An-nasr Altair Hasani; January 25, 2010


Fadi x escape order

Well, nobody's given him an escape order.

So he's going to be business as usual. If there are G-men after him, they know where to find him. If there's a terrible Tzmisce after him, well, he's got a business card with cell phone and email, so he can schedule an appointment.

The Crushingly Pretentious Loft remains occupied, though Alashain is likely unhappy at the thought of potentially dealing with policemen while Altair slumbers.

Influence Response:

Excellent. You suspect that the assorted nefarious evils of the World of Darkness remain in their pretentious lofts and conduct business as usual as well, as you don't see any of them - in particular, your many-mouthed less-than-friendly friend seems to remain somewhat aloof.

ST Notes: Constantine is totally trashing his office next game.


An-nasr Altair Hasani; February 11, 2010


Kindred Contacts

He might not be a Harpy, but he's at least an Eagle. Also, an incurable gossip.

So, Altair's sources get an update along the following lines.

"Month one in post-Camarilla New York has been eventful in its way, but surprisingly catastrophe-deficient. The remnants of (former?) Prince Von Metternich's court consist of the (former?) Sheriff, a Nosferatu named Vinny DiPaglia. I probably spelled that wrong.

He strikes me as more than a little thuggish - he's a garbageman by trade, and his loyalties to the tower that up and left him seem middling at best. He's certainly no great thinker, unless it's all a Scarlet Pimpernel act. Still - his actions belie more of, well, a man of action, and little planning or forethought.

Was a little drunk, and vomited blood on my pants. A clan-brother was good enough to avenge the insult on my behalf.

Calm down - he did so by vomiting on Mr. DiPaglia's pants. Eye for an eye, oui?

The other hangers-on are a Malkavian named Malachi that they apparently forgot to tell - intentional, I would guess - the man is not without his uses, but is preoccupied by visions of *them.* What or who precisely *they* might be is beyond your humble servant's understanding, however, his clanmate was good enough to offer her own description of Mr. Malachai: "too crazy for me."

The last vestige of Ivory presence in the city is a neonate named Whit Brokehouse. How this girl ever escaped the fabled Accounting is beyond my skill to guess - I did mention that this is the same girl who interrupted the Prince's speech in Elysium by leaping on his table, and punching him in the face, yes?

She got a stern talking to. Spare the rod, spoil the child, I suppose. She seems to believe that she acts from a position of strength, as she seems currently pre-occupied with attempting to agitate the previously mentioned FBI men.

I should like to point out that they have left me, and the Anarch population, utterly alone.

Other notable events? In terms of Sabbat, there seems to be a Dragon-Clan in the Bronx. He has thus far displayed little to recommend himself as anything other than a mindless brute - his actions have been instinctual, and speak more of a wounded, frightened animal, than a human of reasonable intelligence.

Having said that, he was at least able to piece together an address from an email and cell phone number - so he either has help, or there is more to him than is immediately apparent.

(The following section is sent to Assamite and Anarch contacts, but not to anyone (save Fadi) with Camarilla ties)

I attempted to open lines of communication with the individual - it strikes me as the classic abandoned childe, that simply doesn't know how to feed itself. I must have seemed out of it when we first spoke, as my offer to chat was met by the individual growing exponentially in size, into a hulking beast consisting mostly of mouths.

It attacked, but did not pursue. Two weeks later, he raided my office - no one was hurt, but he seemed upset.

This, I suppose, is what I get for cornering a frightened animal. Nevertheless, I hold out hope that the Tczimice can be reasoned with. DiPaglia, unsurprisingly, will simply attempt to destroy the thing.

I wish to make clear - this is not an insult I wish avenged. If there is a Sabbat presence here - which there surely must be - open lines of communication are preferable to ignorance.

(end censored section)

At any rate, this is the current state of New York, as I am best appraised. Those who have come to visit have been unharmed, enjoying the hospitality of the Staten Island Anarchs, as well as my own humble means.

The city however, remains mostly unpopulated from a Kindred standpoint. A blank canvas, if you will.

It is my fondest hope that these words find you well, and whole, and prosperous.

Forever yours,

An-Nasr Altair Hasani, Son of Haquim

Influence Response:

Your contacts both from the mountain and away from the mountain are somewhat bemused to hear both about the sad state of the New York Camarilla and the sad state of your pants.

People continue to be glad for the outpouring of information about the ripe-to-be-colonized New York. You get the impression that a lot of the more radical elements see seizing upon the vacant city as a good plan. It's a domain caught betwixt both major sects, and being amongst the largest cities on the continent, it would prove a stalwart base of operations for the eventual passing of judgment that Ur-Shulgi's demands.

Some of the less radical (read: more sane) elements, Fadi included, see it as a good opportunity to edge in on a territory before the Sabbat or Camarilla repopulate - which they inevitably will. Although a few of the more scholastic sorts are a bit hesitant to show up with a rampaging Tzimisce roaming the streets.

In the meantime, you get all manner of unsolicited advise on Tzimisce-killing from the part of your Clan that loves killing things. You're told that having seen the fiend's true face will afford you some protection upon seeing it again, but that generally the best policy is to strike or attack before one of them can change form. Flame throwers are recommended in extreme cases, although largely pooh-poohed as unsubtle. Most brethren with any experience recommend plain old wood. Ayesha bint Mehmed from out in Montreal, in fact, is keen to regale you of the story of how she took out a small Sabbat pack from a few hundred yards via crossbow, although she does admit the Tzimisce got the farthest towards her. "Their hearts can warp with their bodies is my guess. So long as they have a heart left, however, something's bound to hit if you can shoot fast and far enough."

In general, the Assamite community is glad to have you as their eye on the increasingly available piece of real estate that is NYC. There is inquiry as to whether or not there are many others besides you and how many you think the city could support. You also get a few odd questions about an eccentric sorcerer who's supposed to have taken up residence in Queens some time ago, but hasn't been very visible over the past decade - Mu Huang Sen. Apparently he was well regarded, but hasn't been heard from for a while given the lack of brethren in the city. If you could look him up, some speculate that he might be of help in swinging the balance.


An-nasr Altair Hasani; February 11, 2010


Kindred Contacts x Goal

Altair's goal is simple - he's attempting to keep communications open, and keep the word being spread about New York. He is working under the understanding that in order to have a useful information network, one must give away useful information to start.

(Mechanically, this means I'd like to eventually buy these up more, and continue to present a favorable picture of New York as a place that's ripe for colonization)

Influence Response:

I am loathe to use the word "noted" to reply to this, even if it's what I probably should do. :P

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