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Danny's Gambit

Danny J. Simons; September 2009 - October 2010


Danny J. Simons; September 9, 2009


Goal: Contact chauffeur buddies. Get a few of them to tail Haldor, Mark Davis, Niklaus, and Ander (who may be driving Rasa) from Elysium back to wherever they sleep. Thereby determine some haven locations.

Danny leaves Elysium a few minutes early on Friday, before most of the other Kindred can make it out the door. Once sie has pulled out of the parking lot, sie makes a phone call. Hir most well-trusted and skilled chauffeur contact picks up.

I need some guys tailed. One of them is heading inland right now and the others will be leaving shortly. I'd do this myself, but there are too many for me to cover. Can I count on you and the guys for help?

Sie gives hir friend a list of license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions, as sie should have done so long ago, along with some specific instructions.

Priority should be given to the [description of Ander's car] with license place [Ander's license plate number]. The car will presumably make at least one stop along its way. Sie wants the address and description of wherever the car lets out a passenger who looks like [description of Rasa], as well as the address and description of its ultimate destination, where the driver, who looks like [description of Ander], will enter a building of some sort. (Sie has, after all, overheard Niklaus telling Ander to give Rasa a ride home from Elysium.)

Sie also gives them descriptions and license plate numbers for Niklaus' motorbike, Mark Davis' car (or other vehicle if applicable), and Haldor's car (or other vehicle if applicable). They will all be in Williamsburg within the next twenty minutes, but their final destinations are unknown - presumably in the city. Again, sie wants addresses and descriptions.

If hir chauffeur friends seem willing to go the extra mile, so to speak, sie’ll ask them to camp or circle each of these locations to confirm that the individuals do not exit again before the sun rises, and if they do exit, continue to follow them to the last place they enter before sunrise. In the case of the priority vehicle, this will necessitate two monitors, one for each location; the others should be one-man jobs. They should let hir know if they actually do so, so that sie can compensate them more fairly in the future.

Influence Response:

Through the efforts of your buddies, you locate Ander's, Rasa's, Niklaus's, Mark Davis's, and Haldor's haven addresses.


Danny J. Simons; September 23, 2009


Danny attempts to confirm hir chauffeur friends' information by staking out the address associated with Rasa for two nights in a row. Sie borrows a vehicle from hir chauffeur company instead of using hir own car, taking a different inconspicuous vehicle each night. Sie alternates between circling, parking nearby and staying in the vehicle, and parking farther away but walking around, employing hir skills of Disguise to prevent recognition. Sie merely wants to see if Rasa leaves and re-enters the building before dawn. Sie does not, on either night, stay long enough to botch the drive back to hir own parking lot and haven and end up a pile of ashes. Finding the current Prince's haven is not worth hir unlife.

Influence Response:

Staking out the building, you see Rasa and his ghoul in the building. You note that they seem to be preparing for a trip somewhere, as the elderly looking ghoul packs up a vehicle with some suitcases.


Danny J. Simons; October 20, 2009


Goal: Write a letter that will serve as an insurance policy, addressed to a known hunter and including the haven addresses of several important Camarilla members. If sie goes down, sie's taking them with her.

Danny types up the following letter and prints it out on standard white paper. Wearing hir leather driving gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, sie folds it and stuffs it neatly into an envelope, which sie seals with water and a sponge.



We spoke on the phone long ago. You asked for objects we did not want to give. If you are reading this, I am either dead or gone and willing to hand you something even better.

This is where they sleep.

((Danny lists, without names, the haven addresses of:
- Ander
- Rasa
- Niklaus
- Mark Davis
- Haldor
- Molly
- Whit))

Good luck.

- An ally

Influence Response:

The letter is written and sealed.


Danny J. Simons; October 20, 2009


Goal: Get Danny's detective buddy to agree to deliver the letter to Kinch if something bad happens to hir, and only then.

Danny swings by the precinct one night to speak with Detective Guthrie. Sie closes the office door behind her as she walks in, pulling an unlabeled and sealed envelope out of her coat pocket. She is as PERSUASIVE and INGRATIATING as she can be.

I'd like to ask you a favor. I'm not in trouble, don't worry, but... If something happens to me, or if you don't hear from me in a month, I need you to get this letter into the right hands for me. Can you do that?

If the answer is no, or a shaky "maybe:"

"Alright. I'll find someone else to take care of it. Just forget I was here." Danny leaves.

If the answer is yes, or a solid "maybe?":

Danny turns on the Presence: Entrancement in an attempt to seal the deal, continuing only if Guthrie appears to have been properly Entranced.

The guy goes by Kinch. He works for the FBI - I know that's not your jurisdiction, but his division has stepped on your turf before. They're called Special Affairs. This has to be delivered into his hands, and his alone - and only if I'm out of the picture, or if I tell you directly. Danny hands her the envelope.

"It is so good of you to do this for me. Thank you." Sie leaves.

Influence Response:

Your buddy agrees to pass on the letter. He warns you, though, that it'll be a hell of a time for him to get it to them because the FBI isn't typically buddy buddy with local police forces.

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