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Bank Job

Samuel Johnson | Leo Ripley; April 6-21, 2010


Samuel Johnson; April 6, 2010


I will instruct Chen's people to play down any coverage of graveyard heists.

Influence Response:

They're a bit weirded out by your request, but tell you they'll do their best. Given that live grave robbers make for far less interesting news than dead bank robbers, they don't think it'll be a problem.

Wait, you mean you didn't hear about the dead bank robbers? Police are still trying to figure out what happened. Some ninja in a hoodie takes on three heavily armed bank robbers, kills one, and the other two freak out and bolt.

Then they find out someone's killed their driver. Execution style. One bullet. And messy. Whoever did it probably just sat there and watched him bleed out.

We're still trying to figure out the rest from eyewitnesses the police haven't shut up, but we know the two other guys end up dead in a car accident.

I mean, unless some bones literally walked away, that sort of news kinda beats out a couple stiffs going missing.

ST Notes: Adonai and Tristan killed some bank robbers in exciting ninja hitman car chase combat.

Adonai probably broke the masquerade. >:(


Leo Ripley; April 20, 2010


Intrigued by the recent bank robbery, Leo calls upon one of his old Kindred Contacts he has in the New York area - Little D, a Nosferatu information broker. Leo first came into contact with Little D while Leo was still in Chicago - the Anarchs in Chicago wanted a little info about what the Camerilla's position was in NYC. Leo was sent out to get that information. Little D is known as one of the go-to kindred if information is what one desires in NYC.

Once Leo finds his contact, he wishes to find out anything he can about the robbery - who the attacker was (or at least who people in the know think the attacker was), who the original robbers were, what happened to the bodies, what happened to the money, and what provoked the attacker to move against the original robbers.

Leo is willing to part with some cash for this information, if that is what is desired.

Influence Response:

Who was the original attacker (or who do people in the know think the attacker was)?

"Damned if I know! Of course, a man was bitten to death, so y'know... that kinda narrows it down. A bit. It wasn't anyone I know. Or someone's lying to me. Which y'know, if I broke the big M word robbing a bank, I'd probably do too. If I did that. Which I don't. "

Who were the original robbers?

"Man, can't you figure this shit out on your own? I mean, I'm not trying to be harsh, but it's not like you're Old Man Ventrue too busy taking a shit up in his porcelain tower to actually find his own ass. Anyway, you've got the names if you've got a newspaper. Based off how every freaking contact I know with the Russian and Italian Mafia has shut up tighter than a clam, I'd say that either they were involved with organizing the robbery, the murders, or both. This is some serious shit."

What happened to the bodies?

"Can't say for certain where the bodies are, but a man gets bitten to death and certain people take notice, y'know? Y'know? People like Frederick Bernard Ingerson. Y'dig?"

What happened to the money?

"I'd say Bitey McFuckupthemasquerade probably has it, wherever he is. Or she, I guess. It could be a she."

What provoked the attacker?

"Yeah that's the question innit? I'd says either he's some neonate trying to be An Hero or the Goddamn Batman, a Sabbat, or someone who just Really Likes Money and Killing People."

"And, uh... on that note, if you could find out who is in the goddamn sewers breaking Keith's goddamn traps and where the hell DJ is, I'd REALLY FUCKING APPRECIATE IT. Not that probably know who they are or anything, but, uh, ask around or something? Y'know, maybe some guy's all like 'Oh yeah. I totally fucking fucked up DJ and then ate a bear trap for dessert.' you could like get his name and phone number and home address so I could send a letter to his sire or something after I BURN THAT MOTHERFUCKER DOWN or something. Yeah. That'd be nice."


Leo Ripley; April 21, 2010


Further intrigued by the bank robbery, Leo decides to try to hack into the police database of the station that handled the robbery case. He's searching for more reports detailing the wounds the original robbers suffered, if they had previous records, any suspects the police have for the attacker, and the rest of the surveillance footage of the attack.

Computers x3

Influence Response:

You're somewhat wary of breaking into the same system twice in such a short period. Granted, this isn't exactly the Pentagon, but you're running a risk, particularly if they noticed you last time. You resolve to be quick.

You quickly skim through the info you can get. Most of it confirms the basics of what was in the newspaper, but you do find some additional info. As you guessed, all three of the bank robbers have an extensive criminal background. Given the robbers backgrounds and equipment, the police suspect the heist was backed by a powerful gang or crime family. Townshed was killed in the accident. Williams admitted to Bethany Hospital with a Class IV Hemorrhage, dying shortly thereafter. Locksley admitted to Bethany Hospital with multiple bone fractures as a result of the collision, as well as additional chest injuries consistent with gunshot trauma. McKenzie was found shot fatally in the driver's seat in a car found several blocks away from the accident. Forensic analysis of the bullet and has linked the murder weapon to that used in the unexplained murders of Mark Clemens, John Mott, and Sarah Gorell on Valentine's Day in 2006.

As far as additional footage of the bank robbery, you're able to get footage both before and after the clip you got, but there's still a significant chunk missing in the middle. Searching for the missing footage and additional information, you find the investigation is now under the jurisdiction of the FBI. This makes you feel uncomfortable, as the FBI is known for being much, much better than the average doughnut eater at catching information liberators of your particular persuasion, and more unsettling, the FBI in NYC is becoming known for being much, much better than the average doughnut eater at catching blood emancipators of your particular type.

Realizing the FBI could very well be tracing you at this exact moment, you log the hell out.

ST Notes: Tristan Crenshaw used Lillian Greer's cursed gun to shoot the getaway driver.

I'm trying to go easy on Leo as regards hacking, so the police are not onto him. This is because Pete Lynwood is covering Leo's tracks for him, both because Pete probably has a thing for underdogs, and because he wants to toy with Leo when he does anything in the future.

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