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Bad Romance

Samuel Johnson; April 13, 2010


Samuel Johnson; April 13, 2010


Sam will have Raff look among the street people for a man or woman whose disappearance would not be noticed, someone passing through the city ideally. If someone of this kind can be found who is physically frail this is preferred.

He will then meet with them in the basement of Elysium (with Raff who will be armed) and Embrace them. When they turn, he and Raff will kill them. Sam and Raff will use melee weapons. Sam has a knife. Raff will be instructed to bring his best melee weapon or a silenced gun if he has one. Once torpored, Raff will remove the head. A vacuum will be on hand to get the ashes. It will be emptied into a jar. Then the whole basement will be cleaned for an hour or two.

Sam will wear a disguise to Elysium, keeping another disguise in a bag. After the job, he will switch and Raff will dump the old disguise in the east river.

Raff will of course be under strict instructions to let no one see them talking or see him take them to me. Raff will rent a car for this job.

Influence Response:

You get word back after a few nights that Tony Redmond's had some trouble with a white trash punk named Adam, whose been pushing on the wrong corners and generally been getting in people's hair. He's apparently just visiting his cousin in Brooklyn while he waits for some people from St. Louis to cool off. Apparently his baby momma's brother got in a snit over him beating on her after he caught her in bed with his other cousin... it's a long Jerry Springer-esque story. In any event, he's not making many friends here in the meantime, and Tony wants him out of his hair. He's allegedly a skinny sort of scraggly-looking motherfucker, but he occasionally carries a gun. Tony is apparently convinced that the little chickenshit probably doesn't know how to use it.

You figure he'll have to do, as many of the frailer, more elderly and abusable folks you get wind of seem to have at least somebody who is interested in protecting them, and you figure you can win some points with Tony for arranging for Adam to "return to St. Louis."

You arrange for Raff to agree to purchase some weed from Tony, and then say that he has a friend that might be interested in throwing down some more cash to toke up with them. Raff is visibly uneasy about preparations for murder, and you do your best to reassure him before the mission, telling him that this is a bad person that he's dealing with and that you'll take care of things should anything go amiss. Your hand traces the contours of his face as you repeat, in as sincere a voice as you can muster, that you won't allow anything to happen to him.

Raff brings Adam to meet you at 2:16 AM. Four minutes ahead of schedule. Punctual as always. The man laughs gratingly as he points you out.

"That's the fucker who wants to smoke with us? Sure you didn't get the wrong house." He's much as Tony described: gangly, ill-shaven, and dirty. You don't feel much in the way of regret that you're about to kill him.

Your voice liltingly utters the word "Freeze" as you move over to take the marijuana from his hand. He does so, his body going rigid as you snake in to latch onto his jugular. His expression of dumbfoundedness gives way to ecstasy which in turn gives way to a few moments of panic as he struggles but slightly to avoid the creeping coldness overtaking him as the blood ebbs out of his body. You feel light-headed as you drain him, and curse as you realize he was slightly drunk.

Raff looks only at you - never at the collapsed body on the floor. You take a moment to steady yourself, willing the glut of blood within you into your muscles, before cutting your wrist and placing it to the fallen man's lips. Somewhere above you Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" blares.

Nothing happens for several tense seconds, and worried, you gesture for Raff to come closer. Adam springs suddenly back into motion slightly after the end of the whole "Ra Ra Ra Ra-Ah-Ah" intro to the song. You jump back as he lunges for you, his face maddened with hunger and frenzy. His bared fangs connect with your arm as Raff slashes his back with a machete.

Strengthened by the blood rushing through your body, you begin to stab him ungracefully in the face and neck as you attempt to dislodge him. You have little success, save in disfiguring him as he desperately drinks. You watch as fresh blood begins to slowly ooze from the myriad of cuts across his cadaverous skin.

Raff reaches around to stab him in the stomach while trying desperately to wrestle him off of you. The ceiling pounds out a refrain as he's finally pulled free, growling with animalistic rage. You continue to stab, aiming for the throat, as Raff holds him in front of you.

Eventually between the two of you, you manage to inflict enough damage to bring Adam down. The song hasn't yet ended when you motion for Raff to behead him. He does so quickly, but with his eyes closed. You watch with satisfaction as the body begins to slump and lose its form slightly once bereft of its head.

After several tense minutes pass, you stand over the still un-ashen body, confused as to why it's maintained its current state. You forearm throbs with pain as you bark orders to Raff to go buy some lighter fluid and quickly. He looks at you with sad somewhat frightened resignation, and begins to strip off his blood-stained shirt and put on a spare. Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" starts, accompanied by the sound of several boisterous teenage girls stomping on the floor.

You nervously wait through twenty minutes of Top 20 Pop songs as you wait for Raff to return. You wisely spend some of this time deactivating the fire alarm. Raff is still visibly shaken as you have him light the corpse. You notice that he's wrapped the new shirt partially around his hand as a makeshift bandage - You apparently nicked him during the struggle.

You watch in relief as Adam's body rapidly collapses into ash under the blaze. The fire thankfully remains small and controlled throughout. Still dizzy from Adam's blood, you begin the process of collecting his remains and cleaning the murder scene. Raff stays with you, helping where he can. He asks repeatedly if you're badly hurt and stupidly apologizes over and over for not grabbing him sooner.

You remain as attentive as you can be to the task at hand, being drunk, and try your best to reassure your manservant that he *didn't* disappoint you. You're fairly certain as the party draws to a close that the crime scene is clean, although the scent of smoke and bleach still lingers in the air, and you aren't quite certain you managed to get everything off of the basil plant - not really wanting to employ heavy cleaners on something that is technically the reagent's possession.

You tell Raff that you'll meet up with him later. You leave the building half an hour after he leaves with your old clothing.


Samuel Johnson; April 13, 2010


A team of pros will torch the fuck out of an empty ramshackle place in the bad part of town. Raff will check to make sure there are not inhabitants in the daytime and it is sun-proof in at least one room, just in case.

The arson will be during the day so they will have to be extra careful.

I will do the embrace the night after the arson.

Influence Response:

You have Raff order a building in the lower Bronx to be torched the morning after the killing. After finagling an actual tracfone number out of a series of e-mails, he calls you to report that the arson went off without a hitch. A boarded up restaurant called Peter Pan's Diner got hit. Authorities will probably not follow up much. Place was apparently an eyesore.

He mumbles that he's glad everything's going according to plan and that Adam definitely deserved this shit. He asks several times, once again, if you're alright.

You get the impression he's been drinking, and respond calmly in the affirmative. You thank him for another job well done and tell him to get some rest.


Samuel Johnson; April 13, 2010


I will have the Lizzies throw a LOUD impromptu rave scheduled at half an hour after my mark is scheduled to show up. I wont begin the embrace until the music starts. I wont leave until after they do.

Influence Response:

They do so, ensuring that Adam *LAST NAME UNKNOWN* spends his few miserable minutes as a Tremere being stabbed to death to the sounds of Lady Gaga.

You return to Elysium the next night to find that there is now a small hole in the drywall of the lower hallway and that the downstairs bathroom is covered with vomit. Cups, half drunken beers, and detritus litter the floor. You aren't entirely certainly how they managed it, but there is what you presume to be a used condom somehow stuck to the ceiling of Green Wolf's office.


Samuel Johnson; April 13, 2010


Sam will, while under the grip of alcohol for one of the few times in his unlife, take some risks he might not otherwise take. He will use his DISGUISE skills to look as much like a stereotypical crazy homeless person as he can. The clothes bought for him by actual homeless people will be a good start but he will embellish with a tin foil hat etc. He will then go into central park at night and look for people.

Auspex scent will look for the smell of weed, this will hopefully lead to stoners. He will also sniff for the smells of booze and sex. He will spend some time looking for groups of only two but will settle for more if he absolutely must. If he happens on a single person he will definitely prey one them.

Sam will gibber and mumble as he approaches them and boost his strength while dropping blood to six. He will then command one to sleep and tackle the other. He will feed on the tackled one and then the "sleeping" one, taking 3 traits from one and then burning through one before taking three from the other. Afterword he will try to forgetful mind them both. He will do the forgetful mind in the same homeless crazy person voice and manner, however, so hopefully if it fails they will remember a really crazy guy who thought he could hypnotize them.

If the Forgetful Mind succeeds he will tell them to remember a weird guy who gibbered about them being on his turf, attacked them and then tried to use mind powers on them. This will be designed to cover the first one witnessing the forgetful mind of the second. He will flee after he is done.

If there is a person alone he will just boost physicals bite and then forgetful.

If the forgetful mind fails he will do his best crazy laugh and then shout, PEONS SHALL REMEMBER AS BARDOK SAYS! I AM A WEREWOLF ZOMBIE PIRATE!! He will then flee into the night stealing their booze if they have any.

He will have a change of disguise preset at the edge of the park and will take of his tinfoil hat and jacket, and carry them with him, as soon as he is clear of observers. He will then change in the nearest public restroom or port-a-potty.

Influence Response:

You decide to add assault to your current crime spree of arson and murder. Still drunk off of your short-lived childer's blood you gather your wits about you enough to take a subway down to Central Park to hunt. Driving's out of the question and you don't feel bothering Raff at this point will bide well for either of you.

You find a public restroom and do your best to dress yourself like a lunatic. From there you try to scent out your prey. The distinct scent of burnt marijuana eventually catches your attention and you follow it unstealthily towards it's source. Eventually you find yourself nearing the Graywacke Arch. Long before you see anyone you can hear the sound of conspiratorial whispers and soft moans. In appropriate slasher film fashion, you seem to have come upon a young couple.

"Remember the first time we came here?"


"It was ....ah... snowing."

"I remember. You slipped on an icy patch and then complained about the stars..."

"*giggle* I wasn't complaining I... *kiss* I was just sad. You know... half of them could have gone out already, and no matter how long I live I'd never know."

"You're strange, you know that? mnnnuh... in a good way though."

"It's strange that nobody else worries about it, or ...ahhh... *giggle*... or the heat death of the universe either... it doesn't make you sad that everything's getting farther apart?"

"Amanda... the heat death of the universe is not on my mind now."

They are thankfully enraptured enough by one another and their half-conversation, not to notice you creeping slowly behind them. You try to go for the unnamed boy first as he awkwardly straddles Amanda, both still clothed. A slight sort of *gluck* sound escapes his throat as you latch on and Amanda begins to scream. Full of blood and low on inhibitions you mumble the word "sleep" between bites, and watch as her eyes shut tightly. Her body tensing awkwardly as she tries to cover her face. All in all, it's the sort of "sleep" you'd expect of somebody who was trying to avoid the attention of something predatory looking for them.

The young man, between the sensation of the Kiss and the shock at being bitten, takes a few moments before he tries to buck you off, ruining your tinfoil hat in the process. Fueled by his blood, you eventually wrestle him to the point where you can make eye contact, and tell him to "stay still." His grip goes rigid as he stops moving and he begins to, watching you in a panic as you go after the prone girl. Amanda half-whimpers/half-sighs as you drink from her, her eyes sliding open in stunned panic.

You do your best to edit their memories regarding the whole affair, although it proves cumbersome, as one inevitably panics while you try to tend to the other. By some stroke of mad luck, neither bolts to get help as you desperately try to re-order their memories, you speech slurring slightly as another wave of intoxication hits you.

You flee the scene in a direction opposite from whence you came, your mind wobbling as time seems to dilate around you. Your actions pass like frames of an early moving picture, lurching forward in an unsteady flicker. By the time you realize that you're back in a public restroom, you can already make out the distant sound of sirens somewhere to the south. You wash off your face and try to make yourself look respectable before walking as calmly as possible towards the edge of the park, concentrating on each step - one foot after the other. When the officer inevitably stops by to ask you what you're doing in the park after hours, you manage to meet his gaze, and tell him succinctly that he's already questioned you and found you not to be the man he was looking for. Each word falls out fluidly, forming a chain that only half makes sense to you when played back. You're unrelieved and unsurprised as he turns to walk away.

You aren't entirely certain when you get back to the Chantry, but you do. You spend the remainder of the night staring listlessly at the panels of the ceiling, trying to focus on them as swim in an out of focus.

OOC Note: You have managed to ingest more alcohol-tainted blood in addition to ingesting more marijuana-tainted blood. Unless you find some other way to replenish your blood supply before game-on, you will begin the next game with a full blood supply and no Aggravated damage, but with three marijuana traits and two alcohol traits at the top of your pool.

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