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The Unbound

Daria Xela Matthewson; March 22, 2010


Daria Xela Matthewson; March 22, 2010



Listen for any rumors or information on the arson at the old Elysium. Particularly keep an ear open for any mention of the words "Stone Man" or "Unbound."

Influence Response:

Staten Island's a far bit away from the Brooklyn naval yards, and a lot of the homeless and street populations have trouble moving around much to cover a wide range. As such, nobody was really in the area at the time things went down.

You hear from a few guys, however, that they know a guy who knows a guy who was paid in pure sweet Wild Irish Rose to sit outside the post-arsoned building. It was really kinda sketchy. The neighborhood the Elysium burnt down in was rather high income and stuff, and most of the people you talk to wouldn't take the booze to risk getting hassled by the rich-white-folk police.

The name "Stone Man" comes up only in relation the graffiti found on the building itself. Most people haven't a clue who the tagger is and haven't seen his work anywhere else in the city (and it was a pretty shitty tag, in any event). The best guess that people have is that it could be somebody from the Furies - they're from the area and apparently their leader's been renowned for being pretty freaking hard to kill... so they can see 'Stoneman' being a nickname... maybe.

ST Notes: The Furies and Richard Lord have nothing to do with the UnBound, but if Tristan ever wants an opportunity to casually reprise his first PC, this wouldn't be a bad lead in.


Daria Xela Matthewson; March 22, 2010


Kindred Contacts x1: "Hey, I heard that some of the Unbound might be in town here in New York. You guys heard anything about it? None of them have contacted me, but some graffiti I saw makes me suggest they're around? Heard anything about their intentions toward New York?"

Influence Response:

You call Lexi. She seems to be in the mildly high part of her substance-cycle and in the get-back-together phase of her relationship cycle. This is remarkably a rather good time to contact her.

"The Unbound? Shite. Those guys can get a bit whack-job-y at the fringes... and I mean they're part of a fringe already... and then again we're all part of a fringe too. So... yeah... it's like fringe cubed...

"Shit... I sound like Cassandra," she says with a little bit of despondency sinking in.

"Anyhow... the Unbound are like... I think from Seattle mostly. I'm not all buddy-buddy with them, because I have a Clan... and stuff. I could hand you over to Chuck if you like... I think he might have run with them a lot in the 70s... but then again he was downing a bunch of LSD every Saturday night in the 70s..."

She thinks about that for a moment.

"Fuuuck. Having Chuck bite you while you're full of LSD must give you one hell of a shitty trip.

Eventually Lexi calls for good old Clanless Chuck, who apparently has been continuing his research into how to rectify vampiric physiology and circadian cycles with his desire to take a nap in the middle of the night. You can't entirely tell through the static, but you're pretty certain that Lexi is poking him with the phone.

"Its... phssszzzttt... Daria from New.... phzzzttt... the Unbo... phzzzssttt... so yeah, I know you're not asleep. Get on the phone." Eventually your hear the much-spoken-off but not-often-spoken-too Clanless Chuck salute you with something sounding like "uuuunnngh" which you're pretty sure translates to "Hello."

It takes him a few moments to get into coherent speaking mode, but once he does he tells you that he totally ran with the Unbound for a while back in the 70s, and that those mo-fos range from pretty damn reasonable to flipshit insane with a dollop of crazy sauce.

Apparently some of the big radicals think that it's only the Clanless who really take on the legacy of Caine, or something like that... cause, ya know, Caine, he didn't have a Clan. He just sat around being a pimp. Some of those sorts won't even hang out with those who are still "Bound" by the limitations of Clans and curses and shit like that. Might be why whomever was tagging up the Elysiums didn't give you a head's up.

Some people are apparently assholes like that.

If you explain Riley's situation to him at all, he'll say that it's not entirely uncommon for some Unbound to pull hit'n'runs a la Smiling Jack. Some of them... the ones who are seriously deep into the whole freaky-deaky notion of Caine and Gehenna and stuff, think that if they get enough Clanless to pop up, the endtimes will happen or something... and then Caine will come back and hang out with all of them and they'll drink beer and smoke fatties and hang out. He continues by saying that it sort of makes sense that some guy with that mindset might try his pickings in New York, given how likely his (or her really... it could be a chick) progeny would be to avoid getting a Scourge and company up their butts... as, ya know, rumor has it that the New York Camarilla has trouble finding its own dick in the dark with a flashlight and an automatic dick detector.... let alone finding Caitiff to kill.

He says that he's sorry he can't give you more input than that. "You're gonna have a lot of trouble finding out what they're up to and what they want as long as you are what you are... which isn't a Caitiff... and what with wearing your Clan on your face and all... I mean sorry... but it'll be hard to get them to trust you."

You thank Chuck for the information anyway, and let him get back to attempting naps. You're pretty sure this is the best you're going to get for now.

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