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En Route to Egypt

Samuel Johnson; April 4, 2010


Sam will scry the bits of Danny on his stake..

Influence Response:

The sworls of blood, much to your surprise, call forth an image. Danny Simons, who seems roughly as alive as the last time you saw hir, is reclining in the bathtub of spartan but elegant hotel bathroom - at least you're pretty sure it's a hotel... it has a professional cleanliness to it that seems out of place for a private residence, and more turkish bath towels than you think Danny likely makes use of.

Sie has seemingly absconded with a coverlet and a few pillows to make hirself comfortable and is dressed in a loose white men's shirt. On the bathmat nest to hir, lies a second rather familiar and equally not dead figure, collapsed indecorously in a pile of sheets and additional pillows. Cassandra's hair is now worn long and she's garbed in a wrinkled beige seersucker summer dress without a smattering of glitter in sight for the moment. A smile plays on her lips as she dreams.

Notes: They're somewhere in North Africa en route to Egypt

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