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I am not Unimpressed

Samuel Johnson; April 24, 2010


Sam will use communicate with kindred sire to reach Seth once or twice.

He will crow a bit over bringing down the diablerist in one night and taking out Smith himself. But he will be careful to make it clear that he knows Seth is and always will be better than him in every way possible and a few that aren't.

He will ask about Molly a bit.

Influence Response:

You use your spell of psychic progenitor bothering to randomly initiate telepathic contact with Seth Fletcher - possibly at some point when he is in the middle of doing something important, or is in the shower, or is psycho-sexually abusing his Herd. Possibly not. Whatever it is he is doing at the moment, he seems as pleased to hear from you as he always does.

You eagerly relate to him your various adventures in shooting, staking, exiling and/or murdering various ner'do'wells who were infringing on your Princeliness. He responds in a matter-of-fact tone that sounds perhaps a small degree less condescending than usual, although not by much.

"Well, I see that you are, in fact, capable of reporting news of import concerning yourself back to me, at least when you've done something right, that is. I suppose this will at the very least count to your credit at such time an elder deemed more "fitting" is installed by the masses, although given New York's history, that may be a while. I should think you've bought yourself some staying power in the meantime."

"Hopefully this sort of thing will eventually signal to society at large that New York is habitable again. Expect little thanks from the impending new arrivals, but expect them nevertheless. Your ability to enforce a modicum of order may curry you some Status once the more established Kindred reclaim the Domain - and if you can lever yourself into a tenable political position from there, you should do quite nicely for yourself in the decades to come."

"As for Audlington, she's liable to be the person who chooses your successor, and as such I'd not burn any bridges with her more thoroughly than I suspect you already have. She is infuriatingly young (within the past few decades if I recall...) but her friends and "family" are all much better positioned than most Lords find themselves, and as such she has a polish of respectability that most ancillae have yet to achieve. I can only hope that she sees you as an abject lesser and not as a rival."

"If you insist on opposing her - which I do not recommend - I'd advise you to try to take advantage of her relative inexperience. While her upbringing has probably left her more educated in night to night politicking than I could afford to make you, you have at least a century of unlife that she has not, and forcing her into situations requiring pragmatic and unplanned action may give her pause."

"Other than that, I can only hope you carry on as you have been doing. You have my congratulations on surviving the Princeship of that Domain for as long as you have and I will not say I am unimpressed that you've managed to do more than survive. As it stands, you are something of a curiosity in my circles, and I'm not certain yet how the attention it has directed at me shall bode."

"Continue giving me every reason to hope it shall bode well."

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