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Rowan Tree Cemetery

Samuel Johnson; April 24, 2010


Sam will try to find a graveyard with a rowan tree in it. He will then approach the groundskeeper and tell him he is taken away by the beauty of the tree, and would like to have it transplanted to his country house, and would be willing to pay for its replacement, as well as quite a bit extra. He will try this in as many graveyards as he can find until it works or there are no more he can find, or his schedule fills up.

Influence Response:

Excerpts from your conversations with various groundskeepers:

"Man, are you serious? This things been out here since, geez, I dunno... anyways, I think someone would notice if it just disappeared or something."

"I just take care of the grounds, man. Ask someone in charge. I'm pretty sure it's dedicated to the memory of someone. Can you even do that sort of thing? Just dig up a tree and move it? I thought they just sort of freak out and die because they can't deal with things in a new place. Like fish. Come to think of it, that same sort of thing happened to my brother Steve's cat, too. Huh. Anyway's I don't think it'll work."

"Look man, I'm not trying to be condescending or anything, but did you notice the sign outside? 'Rowan Tree Cemetery'? You're seriously trying to buy the rowan tree in Rowan Tree Cemetery? There's a nursery, like, two miles away from here. I'm sure the trees there are perfectly fine."

"I got a call from Frank down at Rowan Tree Cemetery. You're the same guy, aren't you? Get the hell out of here before I call the police."

ST Notes: I like groundskeeper #2. He's a special sort of fellow. He knows things.

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