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Hands Outstretched Towards the Absent Sun

Molly Auldington | Samuel Johnson | Allen Roberts; February - October, 2010


Molly Elizabeth Rosalind Auldington; February 20, 2010



Goal: Molly is trying to figure out if Rasa is okay.


Molly calls Rasa's cell phone (or the last number she had) from a fresh pre-paid cell phone.

"Venerable Rasa - this is Molly Auldington from New York. I apologize for disturbing you - but I have heard grave news and wish to hear it refuted. I have heard you may have come to harm and wish desperately to hear that this is not so. I have a new number - 444-555-4445, or can be contacted by post through my same DC address. I beg you do me the boon of contacting me or having one of your retainers contact me to validate your safety. I wish to know you are well. Also - New York is in upheaval again. I do not know if this is still a matter of interest to you, but Nikolaus is rumored to have disappeared. I will tell you more if you but ask. Thank you."


Molly is using all her socials and her pre-existing relationship with Rasa to try to get him to respond to her. She's willing to give him a minor boon just for bothering to get back to her.

Influence Response:

An automated voice greets you in a chipper computerize monotone:

"We're sorry, but [pre-recorded voice - gruff, deep and sounding nothing like Rasa] *ADELBERT SIMMONS* is currently not available. Please leave a message after the tone.

No reply follows over the next several days, regardless of what you record.


Samuel Johnson; October 4, 2010


Sam will Scry the Rasa items Roberts acquired.

Influence Response:

You perform the now familiar ritual, watching the sworls of blood in the chantry bathtub part and sway. Unexpectedly, before the image has a chance to develop, the red waves begin to curl violently into three miniature whirlpools - forming a triangle by their proximity to one another.

The water doesn't stop churning as flickers of Rasa's figure appear in the midst of the three points. Fragments of pictures appear, disappear and melt before your eyes: stone, branches, wings, pillars, eyes... very often there are eyes. The stream of images never fully develops into a cohesive whole. The only constant is the unnerving motion of the water around the three points. Rasa is lying prone and cruciform... although his location is ambiguous. You are fairly certain, however, that it isn't an FBI facility... unless the FBI has gotten significantly more Kafkaesque than when you last dealt with them.

As the Scrying continues, you can see thin connective lines begin to appear between the three whirling points. Looking directly at them is deeply unsettling, and when you do you get the acute sensation that something is looking back at you.

When the ritual finally ends and the whirlpools dissolve, you can see the faint outline of what you think to be a crown appear for the briefest of moments.


Allen Roberts; October 5, 2010



Find Rasa.

Follow up from game, I'd like to get that packet of information from my contact that LG and I were discussing about Rasa (aka, his character, whose character/cover name I am forgetting at this exact moment ). I already made the in game call, but I thought the follow up influence would be appropriate.

Influence Response:

Your very much relaxed friend in the public records department obliges you with the task of checking your PO Box after he gets back from a lovely weekend with his wife in Niagara Falls. In addition to the typical swaths of junk mail, in the past week you've gotten a package from a Jocelyn Smith.

Opening it, you find xeroxed records from the past year and a half or so - all from the New York Department of Family Services. The first page is a memo indicating that the Massachusetts Department of Family Services misplaced a large number of Daniel's files when his adoptive father, Adelbert Simmons, moved to New York from Boston.

Looking through the packet, you find the petition of adoption which Mr. Simmons filled out in 2007, along with death certificates for Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gruber - Daniel's biological parents who died the year before in a car accident in Boston.

The copy of Daniel's birth certificate is conspicuously missing, although all records seem to indicate that he was born on May 14, 1977 in the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts. Medical records indicate that Daniel was diagnosed with Klinefelter's syndrome in 1981, although the pertinent medical records were lost by the MDFS. A few stray photographs, labeled as being of Daniel, show a slumped, soft-featured man looking vacantly into the distance.

Records of home visits indicate that Jocelyn was checking in on the Simmons household in Brooklyn once every six months. She noted in May of 2009 that she'd given Mr. Simmons a warning about the unclean state of the residence, but hadn't taken further action.

A hand written note reads: "I'm sorry there wasn't more that I could send you, but the agency wasn't aware that Daniel was missing until Adelbert's arrest in October of '09. I hope this helps. Daniel always made me smile. - J"


Samuel Johnson; October 10, 2010


I will Scry Rasa's stuff again to make sure it leads me to the body I have.

Influence Response:

You look into the shimmering surface of the bloody waters. The blossoming red coalesces into the shape of a man lying prone and cruciform. The scenery matches where ever you have left the former Prince for the time being.

As the image of the cling-wrap ensheathed body comes into focus, however, you catch a glimpse of something else. The furls of crimson part, collide and form the plumes of incense smoke. The body of Rasa for a brief instant slants and twists into a great monument of sandy stone - and at its top you see the dim outline of a sinewy figure, hands outstretched towards the absent sun.

Whatever it is, it begins to vanish before it's completed forming. You're shortly left with the static, beatifically smiling form of Rasa once more.

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