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The Warlocks' Holdings

Samuel Johnson; March 14-15, 2010


Samuel Johnson; March 14, 2010


Sam will use a new email Address and a payphone to call/e-mail people about the new Elysium location. He will instruct those contacted to make their friends aware and inquire about the contact info he does not have. I have the info of O'Donnell, Boxely, Dipaglia, and Green Wolf at least, not sure about others.

Influence Response:

Feel free to contact the players ICly as you deem fit. A rundown of the actual condition of the Queens Chantry follows.

The building is a small house Jackson Heights amidst a crowded, but fairly well-to-do residential district. It has a large sitting room, in which there is still a very much out of tune piano and some remnant furniture, which you think will do as a replacement court. The general decor seems to have not been updated since the 1940s. Other rooms include:

  • a kitchen

  • two bathrooms

  • a library which has been thoroughly ransacked to make up for the losses at the other chantries and now only has a sad, dusty partial copy of the vastly unpopular Goetic Runes Encyclopedia series (volumes. 12 through 27, with volumes 15-17 missing)

  • a cellar with a large, unstocked storeroom (You think there are some very very old apricot preserves here.) and two adjoining rooms that appear to have been converted into living quarters for resident Apprentices

  • two upstairs bedrooms, one of which is sun-proofed

  • a sun-proofed master bedroom with an obvious study set up for use of a regent. It has a large walk in closet which contains what appears to be some manner of binding circle. Regent Devonshire looks a little less than enthusiastic about it and goes to the task of ensuring that nothing is bound in it before endeavoring to get it cleaned up.

The building has no security save for locks and bolts on the doors, and no overt magical enchantments laid upon it.

Just so you're aware of the in-game history (and so I can reiterate it to other STs), the Tremere used to have six Chantries in New York (one in each borough, and the Chantry of the Five Boroughs in Manhattan. They currently have three (functionally one now, given that the Queens Chantry is being converted to an Elysium and the Staten Island Chantry is unquestionably in Anarch territory)

The Chantry of the Five Boroughs was lost by regent Adam Jones sometime back in 2006 during a police raid on the facility relating to the death of a grad student. The Manhattan Chantry was burned to the ground in 2009 by Apprentice Olan Ajora under Regent Michelle Tanaka when he became seized with insanity. The Brooklyn Chantry was lost under Regent Michelle Tanaka as well in 2009, when it was raided by an unknown rogue Tremere who left the building in shambles.


Samuel Johnson; March 15, 2010


I want to look into the cost of getting the chantries rebuilt.

Influence Response:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information presented below is currently considered UnMasqued canon. Different versions of what the chantries are and do are presented in both the White Wolf book New York by Night and the current Thaumaturgy packet from 2007. I am taking the initiative to define the chantries in a way that differs from both accounts, as since the time that the Thaumaturgy packet was issued, several STs have come and gone and largely ignored it, leading to the specifics of how the Tremere chantries work being more than a little goofy. Because I hate fun and happiness, I am also starting out with all of the available chantries being essentially blank slates, and getting rid of all of the god-awful magical rituals that had accumulated regarding them such as that the Tremere were immune to everything when inside of them.

As you lack the Bureaucracy or Finance Abilities, getting accurate estimates and negotiating with any contractors or real estate agents may prove difficult. You certainly won't be getting any bargains unless you resort to risky Dominate-based price adjusting. As you have no Finance Influence, it may also be difficult to secure loans of the size needed to begin something as ambitious as a full re-building project. Furthermore, as you lack the Repair or Security Abilities, you have little hands on knowledge of what will require renovation at the buildings that still stand, and furthermore may be ignorant what a good price is for such services might be.

Brooklyn Chantry

The Brooklyn Chantry was burnt to the ground, being obviously compromised as a rogue Tremere was able to break in and abscond with large portions of its collection and as the FBI was able to set up a black van operation outside. You recall that the building was originally a fairly stylish Victorian townhouse.

If you want to buy a new property to replace the Brooklyn Chantry, you'll be looking to pay between between $150,000 and $500,000.

Building a new place entirely will take a considerable amount of time, permits, and money. With no Finance or Bureaucracy Influence backing it, you can expect the time factor in particular to be rather taxing. The best estimates you can garner are between $200,000 and $550,000, adjusting for the fact that you'll likely settle for substandard bathrooms, kitchens, heating and other things that vampires don't really care about. This doesn't include the money needed to secure a property to build upon.

Manhattan Chantry

The Manhattan Chantry consisted of an old building that was originally the provost's home on the NYU University campus. It was thoroughly destroyed in the conflagration, and you'll be at a loss to get any property whatsoever on NYU's turf without a fairly high level of University Influence. The Chantry's basement technically remains somewhat intact, although it has long since been stripped of anything valuable. You hear that the building had some degree of sewer access, however, as it was dedicated at the time that the Nosferatu Calebros temporarily held the Princeship of NYC immediately after the 1999 reclamation of the city.

If you want to buy a new property to replace the Manhattan Chantry, you'll be looking to pay between between $500,000 and $3,000,000. Building a new building will run between $250,000 and $650,000.

The Chantry of the Five Boroughs

The Chantry of the Five Boroughs was allegedly the crowning jewel in the Tremere's New York holdings when it was first founded by Regent Aisling Sturbridge after the war for New York. It was decommissioned in 2005 and then re-inhabited by Regent Adam Jones in 2006 after which point it was rapidly compromised by Catholic hunters.

The Chantry itself was located underneath Lehman Hall at Barnard College as a hard to find "second basement" to the building's library. Technically, the Chantry itself hasn't been damaged, but its discovery by the hunters led to its discovery by mortal news outlets, who were quick to rationalize that the facility had simply been an abandoned part of the building's design which had been utilized by a "secret society" on campus. As it stands, it would take considerable Media and University Influence to reclaim the property.

If you want to buy a new property to replace the Chantry of the five Boroughs, you'll be looking to pay between between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000. Building a new building of comparable elegance will run between $500,000 and $1,500,000.

The Bronx Chantry

The Bronx Chantry is where you're currently living. It's a rather spartan house on a residential strip, with a sun-proofed basement, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room which has since been converted to a library for what remains of the Tremere's literary holdings. Security consists of additional bolts on the doors and a warding circle against something-or-other that Regent Devonshire has been trying to examine and potentially dismantle - given that appropriate records haven't been kept as to what it protects against or why.

The backyard is modest, but has gotten increasingly interesting as Larissa persistently plots out what seems to be the makings of a circular garden of some variety. She apparently has a bit of a green thumb in addition to being good at writing in magical ciphers, getting inexplicably drunk, and moving up the ranks faster than you. :P

If you wanted to renovate or add additional security measures to the Bronx Chantry, it would likely be doable - although the building is of such a quality that you don't think it could withstand an assault of any sizable force with only mundane (non-magical) upgrades.

The Queens Chantry

The Queens Chantry has been described in another influence and may be upgraded or altered much as the Bronx Chantry might be.

The Staten Island Chantry

The Staten Island Chantry is a three story brownstone apartment that you eventually learn has had its first two levels rented out to pay off debts owed by Regent Jones. You would have to find a means to evict the tenants (possibly invoking Jones' irritation, as he still depends on them for income) before any steps could be taken to reclaim it.


The Warding Circle in the Bronx is versus fae...

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