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Man Was a Regular Saint

Daria Xela Matthewson | Conner Valentine; April 6-21, 2010


Daria Xela Matthewson; April 6, 2010


TRACE x3 on the guy staking out the building that I ran into last influence cycle.

Figuring that Ash Gently was someone who may have encountered the underside of society on a regular basis, I'm asking around about him. I'm keeping an ear open for information that might help to explain what the hell happened with the whole "vampire being in a coma followed by death" thing.

Influence Response:

TRACE successful. The influence block (centered in Brooklyn, larger than yours) seems to be an assortment of transients and homeless sorts who all occasionally get dumpster dived food from this one oddball who calls himself "The Green Wolf."

In the meantime, the name Ash Gently brings up a lot of warm memories from the hobo population when you bring it up to them. He apparently brought what many considered a golden age of no-bullshit free fortified wine to those he was on good terms with. Those were the days... the city was a practical hobopolis... aside from the street devil and the rogue dental students and... pretty much everything else that ate hobos. "Man was a regular saint... didn't have to lay any story on him, he'd just nod and smile and say 'You look thirsty, also watch this street for cops and don't ask me what I'm doing.' and in about thirty minutes it was suddenly booze-o-clock on booze-day. He even taught us that you can carry around pointy bits of wood to shiv people with and it doesn't even count as misdemeanor to carry. Cool trick that."

"Old Slimey Pete would know more. They were sort of close... in that way that they hung out a lot but Ash was always getting crabby and punching him in his rotten slimey gut. I hear he's cleaned up. Works at a bar, the lucky bastard."

"Too bad about him getting the dead and all that. Awesome motherfucker like him shouldn't have had to die young."


Conner Valentine; April 7, 2010


It takes a bit of asking around to get the names of the EMTs who were on scene at the Gently accident. You're eventually directed to one Evan Kilroy, one of two EMT-Bs that were first to arrive on the scene. The other, Justin Deerfield, apparently is vehemently opposed to talking about the case and the paramedic with them retired sometime back in 2009. You eventually arrange to meet him after an evening shift at a late night Starbucks, and discuss matters over coffee which you pretend to sip. He seems a little nervous, both to be talking to you and to be talking about what you're asking about.

It's been a while since Gently's accident back in 2008, but Kilroy remembers the accident with considerable detail.

"Justin and I were taking his vitals, and... it was the weirdest thing. We were positive that guy was a corpse. Couldn't find a pulse. No seeming respiration. I swear that the body temp read at 86.2. I don't have any clue why, as even if he was... I mean, he'd have to have been gone for how many hours to get there? Algor mortis and all that... but hey, we triple-checked everything. That man was cold."

"So we load him in the bus, and all of a sudden, he's bleeding all over the place. Heart rate finally showed up, and it was sky-rocketing to like one twenty, and Lars takes over and tries to get him stable. It was insane. I don't have any idea how something like that happens or how we could've messed up enough not to notice that he was alive. We got him on oxygen asap, but I guess we... man... I don't really want to guess if we screwed up, ya know?"

He shakes his head.

"And then, after something like that, poor bastard never woke up. Shit. I mean, after you cheat death once, I feel you should be able to, ya know, enjoy it."

From there, Kilroy segues into some awkward small talk. It's obvious that he's very uncomfortable going over all this again, and he seems anxious to get away from the conversation.

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