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S.I.N. Goes Shopping

Reino Haldor; September 9, 2009


Stealth x4

I want you guys to look for and try and get as many of these books as you can. Gives list of books (list of books contains useful books for reestablishing the chantry library.)

Influence Response:

Biff, Blaze, and Buzz actually manage to find a fair number of occult texts, which they bring to you in a large black plastic trash bag along with a couple of six packs of beer.

A number of them seem to have been involved in a fire of some sort, but are somewhat readable. One of them smells as if it was befouled in a manner very unbefitting of an ancient magical tome. A few of them, miraculously, seem to have managed to survive the journey intact and undefiled. The ones they are wearing on their heads seem somewhat crumpled, but otherwise fine.

Biff, Blaze, and Buzz proceed to drink the beer.

ST Notes: What happened to the old chantry library? Did Olan burn it out of spite or something?

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