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You Know He Smiles Now?

Piscina Nadya | Eugene "Brody" Wright; March 9-22, 2009


Piscina Nadya; March 9, 2009


1. Pisces recently received a missive from her English Kindred Contact, Hespian Carn:

You send out Hespian's pistachio scented candles and get a good-naturedly ranty thank you weeks later. It chastises you bluntly for your Ravnos trickery, and goes in to how the candle's smell is obviously all part of a sinister plot to get him to buy more nuts. It's driving him crazy, you accursed devil woman! Pistachio scent forever around him but the confection always out of reach! He then requests very very politely if you can't get him some more nuts.

She calls him up, is benignly unrepentant, and haggles with him about how much she should be compensated for an illusion and delivery, suggesting a minor boon might be appropriate. Assuming she and Hespian come to a reasonable agreement, Pisces tells Hespian she will see about getting them delivered next influence cycle. Erm, week.

2. Pisces spends a great deal of time on the phone with Thomas St. Pierre, getting lessons in how to speak Ancient Egyptian, and working with the material he gave her when she visited Cleveland to learn how to read the language.

3. Pisces searches for a non-shitty, not too expensive, middle of the road hotel in an out of the way place. One with no security cameras or monitoring equipment that will take payment in cash.

4. Pisces is going to contact Elijah White and explain she wants to play a pleasant birthday prank on Gene. She wants to steal his hat, khaki raincoat, and maybe one of his ties and replace them with a ransom note made of cut up newspaper letters (all from the Daily Dirge, naturally) that instructs him to meet the kidnappers at a specific place and time to recover the items. She would like Elijah's help either clearing Gene's schedule on April 1st (his birthday) or finding a day when it would be good to do this. She would also appreciate his help in either appropriating the articles of clothing or at least turning a blind eye if she sneaks into Gene's office to do it herself.

(Note: Most of Pisces' interactions with Elijah have been through Gene's player, so my instinct was to bring this directly to him and do it as one of our private Gene-Pisces scenes, but since Elijah is technically an NPC and Pisces is asking him to do something, we both figured I should give it to the STs first.)

Influence Response:

1. Hespian is far from amused. "Bedeviling Gypsy Sorceress! False Heart! Am I never to know peace? A thousand poxes upon you and all your ilk!"

Okay, so maybe he's a bit amused.

After much hemming, hawing and "harumph"-ing, Carn in fact agrees to your terms - provided that you spare no mental expense conjuring your confectionery creations. You briefly consider making a joke at his overblown alliterations, but think better of it, and demurely thank him for the boon, assuring him only the finest of Pistachios. The Platonic Ideal of Pistachio, such as the gods might eat were they not already full of Ambrosia. No Ambrosia in this order, however - you charge two minor boons for Ambrosia.

He groans good-naturedly, swears that you'll be the death of him - three deaths of him, maybe four... but thanks you nonetheless.

2. Noted

3. You find a place that fits your specifications.

4. Elijah is delighted at your plot - he'd wanted to do something for/to Gene you see, what with his birthday being April Fool's and all - he just hadn't been able to think of anything. He's more than happy to assist in the abduction of Wright's most important of reporter gear, and says that he'll come up with something appropriately subtle and caper-y. Caper-esque? He's not sure what word to use, but you guys are gonna have a caper, gorram it. (Yes, that is how he speaks.)

When you are dragged along to Elysium to help Brody integrate and organize his record collection, you eventually are possessed by the accursed wanderlust of your blood - the Romany kind, not the Ravnos kind. Brody is surprisingly accommodating, and even as you thank him, you have to wonder what people would think, if they knew a Ravnos was wandering about the Elysium common room during off-hours. Oh, the things you could do...

At that point, a whispery voice comes out of the ceiling - rather, the speakers in the ceiling. "Pisces..." says what you assume is Elijah, trying to be stealthy. You hope that he is addressing your room specifically, and not holding down the "Address all" button, which you assume exists. No time for mental tangents now, however - Elijah's still speaking.

"Pisces... I want you to step out of the Common Room, turn right, and go in the third office on your left. Smile and wave at the camera if you understand." In the quiet of the empty room, it's not difficult to hear the subdued electric growling of a camera moving slightly. You smile, wave, and roll your eyes at the silly boy who is clearly *just a bit* too into this.

Following his directions, you approach the door in question, and hear a soft 'click' from the lock. You place your hand on the doorknob - which opens easily. Inside, you find a single desk, with a lamp to the side, and a small box in the center. This appears to be an office that is currently not in use, except perhaps as one of those ominous "back rooms" where people talk about terrible things that probably involve murder. Or kittens. Hopefully not both.

Shaking your head at how silly your thoughts are today - probably because of the improbability of what you are doing, where you are doing it, and to whom. Anyway, you inspect the package. Opening the lid, you see a large Khaki Trenchcoat, a black fedora, and a tie wrapped around it, with a sticky note that reads:

You're the best thing to happen to him in a while. You know he smiles now?



_"/ Like that. ~Elijah

To your amusement, the sticky note seems to have been through a computer printer - either that, or Elijah has the handwriting of a robot. Regardless, you abscond with your package. stashing it away in the parking lot behind a little illusion, so that you can retrieve it on your way out.

As you head back into the Common Room, Elijah comes back on. He sounds like a man what's had himself some giggles recently. He informs you that the first of the month is already cleared out, he saw to that himself, but if she wants to do things on some other day, to let him know, and he'd get right on it.

If your politician boyfriend is aware that you have been up to anything, he gives no indication, currently debating whether a record titled "Operation Ivy" should go by itself, or with a group called "Rancid." You are becoming more used to seeing him like this - but that doesn't make the experience less odd. You smile softly, and attempt to lend aid to this somewhat alien process, and make him play Mahler one last time before you leave.

When you get home, you bust out the glue stick and go to town in making a very authentically offbeat ransom note.

You rest well as morning comes, confident that you just participated an event in some kind of Prank Olympics, and did very well for yourself. You briefly consider creating an illusion to pat you on the back, but decide to go to sleep instead, falling into blissful oblivion, a smile on your face.


Piscina Nadya; March 21, 2009


4. Goal: During the second week of this influence cycle, after meeting with Brody and establishing that they are both okay, Pisces wants to abscond with more of his clothing.

Actions: Pisces is going to contact Elijah White and ask him if he has any ideas for what would be good to make off with next. She feels that it would be a truly epic and wondrous thing if they could get Brody's reddish coat and/or press badge, but understands that may be difficult.

Since he never seems to be without it, she feels the best way to get Brody's coat would be to incrementally turn up the heat in the Elysium building on some night when Brody has to be there, sitting in one of those dark back rooms with no windows. If luck and Aesop's fables ( hold true, then he'll eventually set it aside. Then if something abruptly happened to take him out of the room, like Elijah sending him a message that Pisces had arrived at the main entrance and was excitedly asking for him, Pisces could run down to the room, replace the coat with her ransom note, and flee.

She has no ideas about the press badge. They didn't have press badges when Aesop was writing stories.

Influence Response:

You go through with your crafty plan to abscond with your boyfriend's clothing, tricksy gypsy that you are. Sometime Monday evening, you show up at Elysium, as per Elijah's instructions. He's been gradually Aesoping his boss, as per *your* instructions, and he comes to the gate to greet you.

Eugene is a fairly perceptive sort, however, you have his method of detecting obfuscated individuals seemingly wrapped around your finger at the moment, so slipping by Wright is no big deal at all. When you get inside however, you find not your sought-after goods, but instead, a frantic Elijah, who informs you that the plan didn't work, Gene didn't even seem to notice, Idon'tknowwhattodo - and then you both hear Brody coming back in.

It's not like you're unprepared to think on your feet however, and as Wright enters the room, you are already sheepishly offering him your latest concoction, which is supposed to taste like those overpriced hazelnut drinks he likes so well. You smile at him, and he seems to buy it, and you feel what would be a slight tinge of guilt (if you weren't a conniving gypsy) as he seems genuinely touched. He mentions that it's almost 'too' perfect, it should be a little burnt to taste like "Joe's" - a situation you easily remedy, before you excuse yourself to go about the rest of your evening, but not before he makes a date to go walking through a graveyard.

How romantic.

As you ponder whether this is him trying to act more Vampire-like, a little voice in your head (that may or may not have a hat) says something along the lines of "HEY! Vampires don't CARE about how hot it is!" - aaand, you feel appropriately chastised.

Sometime during the week before court, your phone rings - it's Elijah. Gene's gone to Cleveland for a couple days, and he left his Press Pass. Also, Elijah managed to get a hold of the jacket, as Wright was apparently kind of scatterbrained before leaving, and packed rather aimlessly. Elijah asks if everything's okay, he seems really stressed lately, and he's voiced the opinion that he "doesn't really know what to do with all of it," and that he needed to talk to Benny, blow off some steam, and pretend his life was normal for a day or two. Elijah assumes this is in reference to his stepping down from the Dirge, and Zappelphillip, and being blown up. You tell yourself that's got to be it, and maybe even believe it.

JACKET/PASS GET! The update on Brody's state of mind is a bonus.


Eugene "Brody" Wright; March 22, 2009


Brody in Cleveland x (Mentor + Kindred Contacts x 2)

So. Brody goes to Cleveland sometime around Friday-Saturday (as he doesn't have to do anything redundant with the Dirge anymore, and some Benny time could do him wonders right about now)

He mostly just kicks back with his Nos Mentor, has some beers, maybe says hi to Thomas, and if Benny presses him (as he is sometimes wont to do) he'll talk a bit about his personal life, being careful to omit specific details.

The visit is mostly casual like this, although he does ask Benny to apply his vaunted Nosferatu connections to vette some new arrivals in his domain: these four Italian guys, some of them are claiming a peripheral association with Calebros? Is this sketchy? Are they who they say they are? What do we know about them? He thinks that, as a unit, they could probably do some good Sheriff work.

He has it on good authority that all the best Sheriffs are Nosferatu. Just saying.


Goal: Find out if these guys are who they say they are. Also unwind from the stress of last Elysium, and try to get his head straight.

Influence Response:

Benny is pleased as punch (while doing his damnest to hide it) to see his old buddy Gene Wright. He's not too sure about these Nos, and is unable to tell you anything. You can make up your own scene about what Gene does while out in Cleveland.

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