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Pisces' Companions (Spring 2009)

Piscina Nadya; February 9 - March 18, 2009


Piscina Nadya; February 9, 2009


1. After obviously almost crying (and thank god not actually doing so) Pisces tells Hector that her brother is dead. After a moment, she more composedly and even a little wryly adds that he did have a habit of absconding with the virtue of wenches.

2. Pisces aura perceives Sophie and the air around Sophie. Making somewhat paranoid-ly sure there aren't any black demon-shapes sucking on her soul.

3. Pisces has a talk with both Javê and Lydia about what they want to do with their lives. Whether they have any dreams or plans beyond survival. She takes the opportunity to psychoanalyze them both to try and glean the answer to the same question and the gage how dependent they are on Pisces.

Influence Response:

1. Hector gets respectfully quiet as you explain Cosmin is dead. He then politely apologizes and doesn't ask about him anymore, giving a soft smile as you explain his predilection for wenchery. It doesn't come up again. Your natural Empathy gives you pause as you consider his behavior. You know that Hector had and probably still has some severe attachment issues, and distantly recall him once saying to you, nearly a year ago, that you'd "just die anyway." While his relationship with you doesn't seem to change after the conversation, you find his manner of dealing with the admittedly awkward exchange a tad unsettling, for reasons you can't quite articulate.

3. Sophie's aura is completely normal and human. It betrays a sense of deep emotional tumult, but nothing unnaturally evil or menacing.

4. Javê is a little unsure when you ask him what he wants to do with his life. He says he supposes he'll keep doing what he's been doing - cons, small time theft and such. It keeps bread in his belly, it's easier than being a day laborer like his papa was, and he's not going to fuck it all up with drinking in any event. He says that he supposes he wants a family someday, but that's probably... no definitely something far off. Have to find the right girl and everything, ya know? Lydia is a little more grounded. She says she eventually wants to finish out school once she can land a place of her own, maybe even get a real job, get out of the city even... go somewhere new. California is pretty, she hears. She bluntly says that she's going to do what she needs to do to stay afloat in the meantime. Both parties seem to be honest. You come to the ready conclusion that Lydia's the more mature one, even if she's not really past the dreamer stage. At least she has some dreams, vague as they are. Javê just seems plain unambitious in comparison. You also get the distinct impression that something is or was up. It occurs to you for the first time that these two kids, who have been essentially living as siblings for several years on the street are just hitting their mid-teens and the surge of confusing, awkward stupidity-inducing hormones that accompany them. Javê's brief mention of "the right girl" seems especially telling. As for their dependency... it isn't so much a dependency on you as it is on the lifestyle that you've somewhat helped to perpetuate. They can scrape by financially without your direct aid, to be sure - but in doing so they're doing markedly illegal things, and they currently don't really have another life-skill set to work with. For now, if they're caught fleecing some marks for change, it's a few months in juvenile detention, but you do start to consider what's going to happen when they turn eighteen.

You remind yourself that they're both pretty damn good at not getting caught.


Piscina Nadya; February 29, 2009


Pisces uses her knowledge of Javê and Lydia's personalities and preferences to try and discern if there are jobs they'd be happy in and good at. Other than shilking other people out of their hard earned money.

Influence Response:

Your intuition tells you that right now Lydia is the one who actually has more of a desire to move forward as it were. She seems to be a lot more level headed than Jav, and thinking over things you realize that she seems to have matured rather... rapidly. It's increasingly obvious that some sort of incident transpired which caused the recent rift, and you can't help but be curiosu about it. You think she'd actually be okay in a position of authority. A teacher maybe... someday, perhaps a manager of some sort.

As for Javê, he's still very much just a kid. He likes thievery and... he likes living a laid back sort of responsibility free life. He probably will just see work as a means to an end, and will need some work before he would really be responsible enough to maintain any job more than passingly. You think that he'd be pretty good at dealing with people on some level if he didn't lack discipline.


Piscina Nadya; March 18, 2009


Goal: Pisces wants to do a head count in Staten Island. Are Javê, Lydia, Sophie, Hector, Raina, Zahid, and Sandy all right?

Actions: Pisces is calling them if they have cellphones or instructing her elite hobo squad to look out for them if they don't (See street action). Anyone she doesn't find outright, she goes looking for herself.

Influence Response:

With the assorted crises underway, it takes a while for you to get in contact with the friend of the friend of (insert name of homeless person here) who has the cell phone. People are frightened. A lot of them have moved to safe houses or tried to get out of town for a few days. Zahid, being a gang lord and such is lucky enough to have a cellular communications device, as such things are handy when bitches need swift reprimand. He relates to you that he and his family are alright, and that most Sacrens are accounted for. He says that Ayesha is having nightmares, but really, if that's all he has to worry about, he's a lucky man this week.

In general, the gang's okay. Apparently some punk who might be somebody's brother got trampled down by the hotel that suffered the big bomb scare, but by all accounts he was trying to press through the crowd to try and rip off a few rooms before the authorities got there. Idiot earn his broken ribs. There's also a rumor that one of the mutilation victims was some bigwig in the Satan's Mothers, but nobody's sure.

Sandy's slower to answer her phone, but explains that she's gone to stay with her father for a while. She feels weird being in the city and is worried that things keep getting worse. She's fine as ever, though. She laughingly relates that she's decided to stop lying about her intentions to quit smoking and make next years resolution something about going back to school. Maybe somewhere West coast... far away from New York City... somewhere terrorists don't think to strike. Nothing definite, though.

She says she'll be back in town in a week or two... once the dust has settled.

Lydia is the next person who gets in contact, via payphone near a woman's shelter. She apparently had the presence of mind to grab Hector on her way into hiding, and she's rather rattled. Her uncle has apparently been out of contact for a week or so and she fears the worst. She didn't want to stay in the flophouse, given how chaotic things were getting, and so made the claim that Hector was her kid brother after rolling up some sob story about an abusive father. She doesn't know where Javê is, but apparently she saw Sophie a few days back at the hot food line. They didn't talk much. You get the impression Lydia's sort of afraid of the older girl.

You go to visit them the next night. Both of them seem healthy and whole, and Lydia has calmed down a bit since she left you a voicemail. Hector seems a little too well, to be honest. He's quiet and very matter-of-fact for the entire visit, occasionally asking questions about whether or not you saw any explosions go off. Your sense of human empathy gives you the impression that he's somehow morbidly excited about the whole affair, and you try to emphasize the seriousness of the situation to him. You're not sure how well it sinks in.

You don't hear back from Sophie, aside from Lydia's report, and you only get the info on Javê through accidental means. Apparently he went on a drinking binge a few days after the bombings and (not actually being that experienced with alcohol) ended up in jail for the night. Underage public intoxication. You glean all this in bits and snatches from some Sacren who was convinced to buy him a few 40s for some extra cash. After Syka chastises the older boy for his lunk-headedness, you work on tracking down the young wastrel, who has somehow managed to get back to his squatter's camp and is lying dejectedly on a spare matress. He's very very very remorseful about the whole incident, promises never to do it again, and mutters something about not understanding his father. He asks rather pointedly if Lydia is okay.

Raina, who is on her same familiar street corner, seems the only member of your little band that seems unaffected by the attacks. She?s aware of them... you think, but babbles on in her half-dreamy way about how the lamb won't come back until there's wormwood in all the water... even in men's tears. She says the beasts that are made these nights are false beasts, idols of devils not yet rising... and that you shouldn't fret too much about the resurrection. People can't die forever.

She says maybe... maybe it's best you bide your time for now. Maybe you should find Ahazer... he'll know what to do.

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