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Ice Skating

Piscina Nadya; January 26, 2009


Piscina Nadya; January 26, 2009


1. (1 hour) Pisces' many, varied, and confusing encounters with technology have finally coalesced epiphany-like into Computers x1! She is using her new and enlightened awareness of how computers work to do a variety of things. Mostly internet-stalk people. Wheee!

[Sin]She is looking into online databases of old news archives from Cleveland. She is looking for articles on Eugene Wright's legal and journalistic antics and anything about the death of Fiona, hopefully something with a picture of what she used to look like before becoming Vicissitude soup. Pisces also does a general Google search on Eugene Wright, Marcus Giovanni, and Arthur C. Clarke.

She discovers live webcams, and sits watching one in stunned enthrallment until a librarian notices what she's doing and scolds her for looking at things like that while sitting right next to the children's section of the library. She's abashed at being caught, but mostly excited. You can spy on people using the internet. That's amazing. She resolves to learn everything about how webcams work.[/Sin]

2. (1 night) Pisces goes out and buys a very durable laptop computer and a webcam. She scours Staten Island for a hidey-hole where she can poach a good wireless internet connection. She sits there for an hour or so, every few days, playing with both and researching how digital surveillance works. She seals the laptop in a protective case and airtight bag and stashes it in one of her storage bolt holes when not using it.

3. (4 nights) Gene and Pisces spend increasingly more time together talking about increasingly less dire things. Pisces tells Gene about how she was Embraced. Gene convinces Pisces to go ice skating (see Street influence). Pisces continues to be factious about not being seen with him in public.

4. (2 hours) Pisces calls Jay to chat for a while and update him on what's going on in New York and see how he's doing. She asks if he'd mind if she came out to visit him.

5. Pisces had Theris set up a $150,000 scholarship for each of Zahid's two children - an anonymous belated Christmas present for her favorite gang leader (Zahid is the leader of the Sacrens, one of the two main gangs in Staten Island. His children are Ayesha (age 6) Jamal (slightly older). Pisces occasionally babysits for his daughter Ayesha, who pronounces her name "Pi-cheese".). She'll watch the family for signs of Theris doing what she asked him to.

Spent: $300,000

Influence Response:

1. OUTBURST LEADS TO ADA’S DISBARMENT: Prosecuting attorney for the Gray trial, Eugene Wright, has been disbarred following an unprecedented outburst at court. Mr. Wright’s outburst included unprintable language and an implied accusation that the presiding judge, Robert Spitzer, was involved in backroom dealings...

You find various other stories written by Wright, generally focused on the crime in the city, specifically on a Mike White and Nate Gray. (See Wright's player for details.)

You watch people on the internets. It is'’t especially titillating, as most of what you find on livejournal and the like is mostly people bitching about co-workers, whining about how hard it is to be 13, and obsessive journals on what the cat is doing today!

2. You get a Thinkpad as that’s the toughest laptop available in the local Best Buy. It cost $2000 with tax. The salesperson will tell Pisces that there’s tougher out there, but they’re generally not sold in stores.

3. Done

4. Done (Jay is still considered a PC BTW, as his player pops in and out of the area.)

5. There is no indication that the family got any sort of windfall at all.


Piscina Nadya; January 26, 2009



(2 nights -- Pisces is mostly supervising at this point)

If she can't find one herself, Pisces spends a dot or two of street to send her army of hooligans out to find her an ice skating rink with poor security and no recording equipment that can be surreptitiously broken into during the night. Once she locates one, she and Gene visit it at night and go ice skating.

(I think a rumor or article about a rash of vandalism and hooliganism around Staten Island ice-skating rinks would be both not out of place and hilarious.)

She keeps her vagabond-saving squad alert and in working order, and continues training her elite-hobo squad in things like stealth, streetwise and security.

Influence Response:

There's one or two places, but there are also some places that are actually open until 11 at night for free skate.

Your hooligans know well enough to keep away from any actual breaking and entering.

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