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Pangloss Has Left the Building

Love Cassandra Goodchild; October 2-5, 2009


Love Cassandra Goodchild; October 2, 2009


Goal: Keep Pangloss safe from any oncoming investigation.

Columna goes through Meeks' apartment and systemically burns everything that could be considered a possession of Pangloss's. She then buys the cheapest mini-vacuum she can get and proceeds to suck up as much hair and dirt as she can from the surfaces of the haven, before dousing everything with bleach and then setting the mini-vac on fire too... just to be safe.

Meeks is probably a little creeped out, but simultaneously grateful that his housemates are finally chipping in on house work. Columna expresses to him the sentiment that she might move out soon and indicates that Pansy had to go visit his ailing cancer-ridden mother somewhere.

Influence Response:

Meeks has never seen his apartment so clean. "Hey, look at that. I never knew that the carpet was supposed to be white!" He is a little odded out by your insistence to set Pangloss's things on fire, but thinks, deep in the back of his mind that the two of you actually had a nasty falling out of some sorts. He attempts to sooth Cassandra/Columna with a charming awkwardness that has no serious intentions behind it except to be a good friend.


Love Cassandra Goodchild; October 5, 2009


KINDRED ALLIES x1 (San Fransisco Gang) + KINDRED CONTACTS x3 (San Fransisco, Seattle, Midwest Anarch RR, Boston)

Goal: Spread misinformation to everyone (including myself) as to what's up with Pangloss - such as that he remains un-Tremered.

"Shoutout to EVERYONE! Winston Bernard Montaug; A.K.A the esteemed Rev. Templeton; A.K.A. Malkalypse69; A.K.A Barnabas Sneeds, provider of fine intimate apparel; A.K.A, Dr. Daedalus the Pontificatraxicator; A.K.A the great 29th Mega-Pope and Professor Atticus Maximus Petronius Pangloss, arbiter of Wit Waxworks and Wisdom HAS LEFT THE CITY.

Just because everyone loves to hear gossip on the Anarch movement's favorite MALKAVIAN, I wanted to let you all know that he's headed to Rio di Janero to trade sempreverde and dark prophetic visions to the Ex-Naxi Giovanni Brotherhood of illuminated Technosorcery. Either that or he's in Switzerland on account of his one girlfriend... you know, the underwear model Toreador named Nikolette von somethingorother I never mentioned. She's a secret agent for the Liberty Club. Low profile. I also heard that he might have gone to China, as the Cathayans around here were convinced that he was an official court officer of great promise and power who represented all us barbarians, so he's been invited to have blood-tea with the illuminated jade crane-emperor of dragon-face shitzu-tofu-khan.

Did I mention how his derangement is Power Object Fixation: Beard/Di associative Blood Spending/Delusions of Competence? Well, it is. Also, his really name is [Something not beginning with a C].

Oh... just one more thing, when I call you back or you call me back in a while, and I sound all happy and bubbly like I just took a bunch of flower fairies, ground them to a powder and snorted them? When I sound like THAT... make sure to fill me in on all the location info I just gave you as though I was hearing it for the first time.

I'm forgetful...

and crazy.

So I need reminding!"

Influence Response:

Columna spreads the word about Pangloss, while Cassandra is fully flummoxed about where the man has gotten off to.

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