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We Are Well Aware of Mr. Samuel's Failings

Molly Elizabeth Rosalind Auldington; April 17, 2009


What Molly Does:

Molly is attempting to get into contact with Ms. Delaine Haus on a matter of import. As I think this character is an NPC, I'm contacting you guys. If she's still a PC and the player would be okay answering my emails, that would rock as well (though I need her contact info).

Molly calls up Delaine and asks if she would be willing to gather to speak on a matter of some import.

"I understand that what I am about to ask, or propose, is beyond anything considered decent by just about any normal Camarilla Domain... but you and I both understand that this is New York, and that New York has its own rules about things. I would like to put forward a proposal.

In recent times, the Primogen council of New York has actually managed to make some headway in terms of getting individuals who genuinely represent their respective Clans and who have the sort of background and power necessary to truly hold the seat. Ms. Del Rosa of clan Toreador may be somewhat inexperienced given the vastness of this Domain, but it is well within reason. The Malkavian Rasa is quite venerable. Niklaus, a former Archon of Clan Brujah, definitely holds enough sway to reasonably use his seat. Mr. DaPaglia, while both inexperienced and crude, certainly has managed the support of his Clan - I have a letter from the Nosferatu Primogen of London stating he is in good standing. Mr. Haldor, though whether or not he holds a seat is debatable, certainly has enough power to demand one.

Which brings us to Mr. Samuel... I am sorry to tell you of this, but when I first entered New York here and wished to discover what was occurring in the city Mr. Samuel was serving as Sheriff. I used Mr. Samuel to get a handle on the Sabbat security situation of New York, long before anyone could ever truly confirm me. It is a simple weaknesses of Samuel's that all you need to do is downspeak something of import to him and he will spill every secret about it in his flailing attempts to 'defend' it. Mr. DaPaglia stumbled across this flaw in no more than two hours, and long before we could confirm he was from anywhere

It leads me to have great concerns regarding Mr. Samuel, and what his presence could mean to a genuine meeting of the Primogen. I wish to push the Primogen to meet, as I feel that we need the stability such a body could manifest - even as I fear the politics it will ignite.

Now, I am nothing, and no one, to suggest anything regarding clan Ventrue's internal politics, especially as I am about to request you do something compromising, but I feel that it is vital for city security. I wish to ask you to consider taking the seat yourself, and not appointing Mr. Samuel whip.

I understand that, in practice, what I am asking of you is to abstain from a seat on the council until a more worthy Ventrue can be found - and please understand that I am by no means trying to exclude Clan Ventrue - your presence is sorely, sorely missed. But I am very concerned about Mr. Samuel - he is the open pet of the Anarch Cassandra, and I view this as an improvement over his unsupervised behavior, when he failed to realize that feeding flocks of mortal women his blood would generate blood-bonds."

What Molly is trying to do:

Molly is trying to convince Deliane to keep Seth Samuel off the Primogen Council.

What Molly is using:

A phone to arrange a meeting and then (if Delaine allows it, and they got along disturbingly well in court) a meeting.

Influence Response:

Delaine's voice is exceptionally pleasant and thickly patronizing in response to Molly.

"Clan Ventrue has already been handling matters in regard to Mr. Samuel, as we are well aware of Mr. Samuel's failings. Indeed, it is most presumptuous of you to even suggest that we are unaware of such things and thus require the unsolicited advice of an outsider to set us straight. As for why I will not assume the Primogenship, there are sensitive matters at stake that go beyond your adolescent understanding of Clan Ventrue and the whys and wherefores of what we do.

I require a major boon in exchange for your rudeness and your blatant attempt to manipulate the Clan. While we may have spoken freely in Elysium, you are not my equal, nor was it an invitation to involve yourself in matters outside of you.

Know that it would behoove you to remember that while you may hold an esteemed name, it means nothing until you have truly earned it. Indeed, you have yet to do anything to prove that you deserve the name Auldington. Instead, you behave like a spoilt child, accustomed to getting her way simply because mommy and daddy are big important people. Your mechanisms are obvious and you are quite tactless when it comes to handling people you consider as lesser than yourself. I really expected better from one of the Auldington clan given their reputation. Notice that Prince Wright, as inexperienced as he may be, has proven himself far more able in diplomatic matters than you, for all of your schooling and preparation. Bear this in mind.

I hope in the future that we will be able to discuss more appropriate matters."

The phone call ends with an abrupt *click*.

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