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Lost: One Marble

Love Cassandra Goodchild; March 16, 2010


Goal: Cassandra's marble from her necklace fell out in the midst of trying to save Danny from marauding Sabbats. This was a marble of personal significance.

While she's poking around the area by the hotel, invoke the EYE OF CHAOS and look for her marble. Danny gave her that marble. Granted, Danny gave her a lot of marbles, but Cassandra arbitrarily decided that this marble was important.

If she can't find it, she puts up lost marble posters.

Lost: One Marble

Greenish Clearish Blueish

  • Looks a little like the white materia from Final Fantasy VII
  • Sparkles a teeny bit if you squint
  • No flavoring when licked
  • Does not answer to any name, being a marble

[OOC Phone # that goes to a Wal-Mart purchased trac-phone]

Reward Offered

Influence Response:

Poor little marble, but you find it. It feels quite happy to be in your possession again

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