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The Kindred War on Drugs: Piscina "Pisces" Nadya

Piscina "Pisces" Nadya; September 17-21, 2009


Piscina "Pisces" Nadya; September 17, 2009


Pisces is calling Brain Wu and leaving one more voice mail. It's polite and informative, despite the exercise in frustration communicating with him over the summer had been.

He gets informed: the Camarilla proper is aware of eskola and the new Prince wants stopped. Pisces is involved in the plans being made to purge it from New York and possibly bring Federal heat down on the Hip Sing Tong to prevent the drug from coming back. And someone in the Camarilla is going to be approaching the Kuei-jin to ask them about their involvement--probably right before the purge starts. If Brian has any comments he'd like to make about how all of this is going down, now might be the time to do it. Perhaps to the new Prince.

Influence Response:

Let's schedule a scene. I haven't done one of those in a while.


Piscina "Pisces" Nadya; September 19, 2009


Ander: Underworld x3 COMBINE

O'Connal: Underworld x3 COMBINE

Ander + O'Connal: Underworld x4

(Pisces is stacking 3 Contacts on top of this.)

Pisces: Contacts x3

End result:

Ander + O'Connal + Pisces: Underworld x4 + Contacts x3

Goal: Ander, O'Connal, and Pisces want to coordinate to gather information on the Hip Sing Tong and that organization's role in distributing eskola in New York City. They want to know who the runners and drivers are that are transporting the drug to New York, the drop sites for the drug, the safe houses being used to store it until it gets passed off to the other mafias who are doing the actual distribution. Ideally, they also want to know the drop sites, storage houses, and important figures in New Jersey, but they are unwilling to actually visit New Jersey or poke to hard at the Kuei-Jin domain, so they have less raw, fact-finding power behind this goal.

As an extension of this, they will also be investigating the eskola-moving structure of the mobs the Hip Sing Tong coordinates with and trying to get all the information they can to bust up the transportation of this drug.

Actions: Ander and O'Connal will touch base with their mob contacts to get a sense of the layout of organized crime in regards to eskola, but all more sensitive information gathering activities will be done through the web of illusions and false identities Pisces has set up in her Contacts. In addition to the STEALTH action coming in from Samuel's influence, Ander, O'Connal and Pisces will be excruciatingly careful that they, personally, do not become associated with eskola information gathering beyond mentioning it as a small detail in gathering information about the layout of organized crime in the city as a whole.

Most of the influence work will center around identifying people who will know the details the vampires need, and figuring out how to get Pisces into a place where she can read their minds, and therefore pick up all the information they need without leaving any trace of their involvement. Particularly juicy targets in this regard are Jimmy Carducci and Gerad Kashkalov, identified mob liaisons to street gangs who are distributing the drug, and Mason Freeman and Lawrence Rickard, suspected liaisons. And confirmed members of the Hip Sing Tong are also good targets, other high up members of other mafia who communicate with the Hip Sing Tong, and members who have a reputation for dealing a great deal with Eskola.

They use the leads from the police busts to determine what other organized crime groups would be worth focusing on. If all goes well, they will follow a trail of telepathy through all of the contacts the Hip Sing Tong use to move Eskola in New York City.

Influence Response:

Since the player of O'Connal has been unreachable for the entirety of his cycle, it'll just be Pisces + Ander. Here's the end result:

You are able to track down and delve into the minds of the Cosa Nostra, the Black Hand and the MacDonnell mob contacts - Jimmy, Gerad, and Lawrence, respectively. Their original contact in the Hip Sing was a Jerry Huang, Da-Wei Lu, and Eric Chang. It seems that the Hip Sing have a significant number of agents that were involved in the original distribution of the drug.

However, at this time, it seems that these Hip Sing agents have stepped out as the middlemen and switched with other Asian men. These people, unfortunately, are all generically "Mr. Chu" and are dressed rather concealingly and are responsible for the pick-up/drop-off process. In addition, the date and times for the bi-weekly drop-off aren't given until Thursday evening at the lastest.

The most recent drop-offs for these mobs occurred at the Yellow River Chinese Restaurant in Flushing/Queens, Iridescent (night club in Manhattan), and at the New Chinatown Bus in Manhattan, and usually occur during the middle of the day. The drugs, carried in a series of duffel bags, briefcases, or small crates, are then held at a secure location. The Italians like to get rid of their merchandise immediately afterwards, and appear to have an extensive list of gang contacts and small-time dealers to get to. They store their drugs in their recycling facility in Queens. The Black Hand designate Sunday as the street date, and otherwise store their drugs in the garages of member houses until otherwise ready. The most recent member has a "guest" living in their apartment in the Bronx.

A majority of the other mobs have since stopped or slowed down their eskola distribution. The Russians, for example, have a warehouse of Eskola in Queens (location enclosed) which they are branding as "Grade-A" and slowly selling it off in bars and nightclubs. The Albanians have already washed their hands of distributing eskola due to restructuring in the group.

The Hip Sing themselves seem to have been relatively quiet for the past several months. They are in charge of neither distribution or transportation, seeing as they've officially stepped out as middleman. Interestingly, there's a small rumor going around that the On Leong Tong have now taken charge of eskola distribution, but after some digging you find that this rumor was started by an affiliate of the Hip Sing themselves.

In the original transaction, it seems that the Hip Sing used their contacts at the Port Authority to get the drugs into New York. Either there's a large coverup going on right now, or they're laying low. Mr. Lee is outspoken as ever against eskola.

ST NOTES: This is all pretty straightforward. The Hip Sing have been doing nothing, but the drugs are still being delivered by the Transportation agents. Once they move through this next screen of people, they'll be able to find people like Li Xiao Hong - that is, if they want to. From talking to

Pisces' player it seems that they just want to stop the major crime organizations from dealing it.

This won't work. They may be able to slow down eskola dealing, but once people figure out how to make it on their own it'll still proliferate.

Plus, if they start taking out the Underworld groups, they're going to go into a bit of chaos and undergo restructuring... of the violent kind. The Hip Sing will probably be ganged-up on even if they give up Li Xiao Hong.


Piscina "Pisces" Nadya; September 21, 2009



Goal: To get a detailed map of how eskola is distributed on the street and to make sure there is no trace of Pisces' involvement.

Action: Pisces uses telepathy to flesh out the information about where eskola is moving on the streets. She obfuscates and visits the Boyle Avenue Runners, the Gerrards, and the Flying Dragons and reads the minds of gang members who her streetwise and her summer research tell her would know about how the on-the-street distribution is structured.

Pisces also checks out herself. She got burned when she was labeled a narc after busts came down about sempre, and she absolutely doesn't want a repeat of that. She makes sure she was careful enough in her investigations over the summer and that none of the people she personally talked to (as opposed to sending illusions to talk to or breaking into the minds of) associate her enough with eskola that she would make their list of suspects if shit hit the fan. She does this by monitoring the rumor mill in regards to her and re-visiting all of the contacts she personally tapped about this and dipping into their minds on the subject of her.

If she finds any rumors about her, she does her best to gently squash them. If she finds anyone who associates, she makes a list of them.

Influence Response:

The Gerrerds and the Runners are currently in dispute over turf, recently arisen due to the fact that the Gerrerds have been encroaching on drug sales in Runner territory due to simply having... more drugs. That, and the fact that the Gerrerds absolutely hate the Runners.

These two gangs in particular have a couple of eskola dealers on the streets, who get their drugs from their mob contacts, whom you have investigated in your Underworld action. However, they haven't had any recent drop-offs, and it seems like they may just have been one of those groups that decided not to pursue any long-term business.

The Flying Dragons have no knowledge of any drug distribution outside of their normal activities - i.e., they aren't dealing any eskola. This seems unusual, given your knowledge.

A number of other gangs function in the same way - they acquire the drug from their liaison in the mob, and then the drugs are distributed to their dealers or houses. However, given the increasing rarity of the drug many dealers are charging higher prices, while some have stopped carrying the drug altogether.

There are several dealers who get their drugs from the Italians in Queens. There are a few drug houses in the Bronx that get regular shipments of eskola that are independent from organized crime, and these shipments have been coming in regularly - you're assuming it's the same Mr. Chu that's delivering them.


Piscina "Pisces" Nadya; September 21, 2009



Goal: To understand where the police of New York City are in regards to dealing with eskola and to start getting them ready to act on the information about eskola that Pisces hopes to leak to them soon.

Using McClin as a go-between, Pisces gets a sense of where the police in Staten Island and the other precincts that her Fame covers are in regards to eskola. How interested are they, how active is the investigation, what leads do they have. She identifies the policemen who are in charge of the investigation, uses telepathy to tag along into meetings about it, and gets a sense of how much information they have, what information would be most useful to them, and how best to launch them into action against the drug.

She had McClin communicate to a few of his most trusted contacts that he thinks he has some leads about the investigation, but doesn't want to say anything solid until he's sure. She has him touch a gruff sort of base with the leads in the eskola investigation.

Influence Response:

Using McClin as your investigator, you find out that the police know more or less the same info you do, although you can't acquire the details to compare lists. They know that the original shipment came in through the harbor, and was managed by the Hip Sing. If you recall, they raided the second large shipment, which contained not only eskola but a number of other illegal drugs as well. Since then the method of transportation has changed - and while the police can certainly pin down the responsible people, they don't have enough evidence to convict based on what their contacts have been given. This is in part because there is no official legislation regarding eskola yet, although the police have been able to work out a deal with the politicians to treat it as a potential threat, and also in part that there were a number of other illegal drugs found in the second shipment.

They were lucky that their first 'anonymous tip' actually came from a trusted source. However, since then it seems that security has been tightened, with all the formerly loose-lipped soon finding themselves without lips or even a head in some cases. As a result, most of their contacts have dropped off the radar. To move forward, they'll need to be able to pin down a shipment which they can raid with the legal backing to do so... and be able to protect their contacts in the meantime.


Piscina "Pisces" Nadya; September 21, 2009


Underworld x2 + Contacts x2


Pisces is setting the remainder of her contacts and her little bit of Underworld influence to WATCH for signs of her, Ander, and O'Connal's information gathering activity. She uses this to gauge how successful their STEALTH is, and to guide the smoke-screening efforts of Samuel.

Influence Response:

Your WATCH hits two PINGs in the area. It's very clear that someone with Underworld influence is doing some investigative work into Eskola, and coordinating their efforts with other Underworld influences.

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