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The Kindred War on Drugs: Niklaus Von Metternich

Niklaus Von Metternich; September 19 - October 20, 2009


Niklaus Von Metternich; September 19, 2009


Watch x3/3

Watch for uses of eskola on campus... and try to figure out who's selling it or where it's coming from.


Goal: Find out about eskola for the Prince.

Ask one of the chem experts to "do a little research on eskola for me, as I'm concerned about it's potential effects on the student body."

Influence Response:

According to your contacts, the eskola on campus is coming from two dealers (although, given that this is a college campus, there are certainly more than two dealers out there). One of them has previously been put on suspension for his actions, but unfortunately they haven't kicked him out yet. The other is a 40-year old, "Meth-head Mike." He lives relatively close to campus, and swings by every now and then.

Your other contact goes about researching eskola. It's difficult because the drug is so new - almost as if it appeared out of nowhere. There have been a few studies and reports on its health effects and some sensationalist newspaper articles in the archives (eskola makes your heart explode!), but there simply isn't enough information about its physical chemistry yet. If he had a sample, however... he could run some tests.


Niklaus Von Metternich; October 20, 2009


Watch x3

Goal, keep an eye out for use and abuse of eskola, because Niklaus is still afraid and confused about it.

Get to know the Campus Security of NYU x3 (out of 3)

Goal- become familiar with the "Department of Public Safety" officers that patrol and maintain campus. I'm trying to be circumspect and innocuous, so try to find a social event where Niklaus is certain they'll be and strike up polite and pleasant conversation.

Influence Response:

Eskola use at the university remains low. From what you can tell, the occasional illegal-drug-consuming student gets their hands on a sample and goes wild every other weekend or so, but there haven't been any major incidents yet. Usually these kids are already into the hard stuff, and it's likely they'll have to leave the university soon anyway.

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