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The Kindred War on Drugs: Love Cassandra Goodchild

Love Cassandra Goodchild; September 19 - October 17, 2009


Love Cassandra Goodchild; September 19, 2009


Politics Influence x3 (Washington D.C.)


WATCH x1 (Look for anybody looking into eskola related legislation)

Goal: Cassandra is attempting to get Seth's buddies to help her understand the paper trail she'll need to go through to attempt to start getting federal grant money to fund eskola research. She's not actually pushing for a grant right now, as she's going to talk to Pisces and company about whether or not they have a non-profit group, university, or business that can operate as a front for the incoming cash. Right now, what she wants is the equivalent of somebody with several levels of the Bureaucracy Ability telling her exactly how to make her grant successful when and if she applies.

Politics x3 Ability (Sway or alter political projects): "Tee hee. Hey guys... um I have a few friends working in the non-profit sector who are worried about this whole eskola drug phenomenon thing, and they've gotten me a little curious. Seeing as how you all do um... medical-type stuff anyway, maybe you'd be willing to help me set up all this weird paper-work and stuff to get them some money to research it. Seth really liked doing philanthropic stuff when nobody was looking, and I figure now that Obama's made stem cells a lot more accessible to the masses, that you guys might have some spare time on your hands.

I'd be really grateful for some help."

Influence Response:

Your charming personality and coquettish speech help to make these men willing to help out with your "cute little project". While most of them are willing to give you advice, you should feel free to call Jimmy at ext. XXXX if you have any significant issues. There is some suggestion as to dinners or shows when you're in the area.

You pick up two pings on eskola investigation.

ST NOTES: One is Theris, the other is the Federal Government. Lol.


Love Cassandra Goodchild; October 5, 2009


Politics Influence x4 (Washington D.C.)

TRACE x1 (Ping A from last game's WATCH for eskola related shenanigans)

TRACE x1 (Ping B from last game's WATCH for eskola related shenanigans)

WATCH x1 (Look for people attempting to investigate the Hawaiian Speckled Sand Plover incident.)

BLOCK x1 (Try to stop attempts to criminalize eskola - Columna is anti-prohibition

Goal: Columna wants to solidify her Media actions by asking Seth's powerful buddies to lend her a hand. As the Cassandra personality is somewhat dormant this round, Columna might go so far as to being actively flirtatious with the men in question to get what she wants. While she's at it, she also wants a gun.

Politics x1 Ability (Minor Lobbying... lobbying for me getting a job, that is ): "Hey, Brad/Chip/Tony/Duke/Ace, thanks soooo much for the help with the drug grant thingy. Dinner was also lovely, I'm sorry I didn't eat much, but ya' know... gotta keep my figure. I'm doing like... this Master Cleanse thing. Anyhow, I was talking to some girlfriends I know at the Dirge down in Manhattan about maybe doing some editing work... sigh... keep my mind moving forward after the separation and all that. I was wondering if you'd be willing to put in a good word for me if I cite you as a reference? Drinks? Next week? Sure thing hon.

I'll take that as a yes."

Politics x3 Ability (Get a quick passport or permit): "... oh also. One more thing. I was looking into getting a carry permit in NYC - that city's gone crazy. I know that it's a big pain and all to get clearance, but given what happened regarding the last Editor in Chief at my hopefully new job... seriously... a girl can't be too careful."

Influence Response:

Trace #1 - You identify the influence as belonging to one Edgar Harrow. It is significantly larger than yours, and is centered in Washington D.C.

Trace #2 - You identify the influence as belonging to Eric Alegheney. It is slightly smaller than yours and is centered in Manhattan, in New York.

Your BLOCK is put into place.

ST Notes: ST NOTES: Edgar Harrow is a director for some government agency.


Love Cassandra Goodchild; October 17, 2009


Media x5 (Staten Island), using Fame x1 to reduce centering penalties

BLOCK x1 (Stop attempts to contribute to the hysteria surrounding eskola.)

FOLLOW x1 (Eugene Wright)

TRACE x1 (Attempt to look into the various mail-order occult communities that Pangloss controlled)

WATCH x1 (Look for people who are attempting to add to the anti-eskola hype)

WATCH x1 (Look for people who are attempting to downplay eskola-related coverage in the news)

Goal (Actions): Cassandra isn't buying the idea that eskola is a scourge that needs to be stopped... yet. She wants to put a halt to the anti-drug hysteria and attempt to see what blocs are falling on which sides.

While she's at it, she's also keen into looking into all those super-extra-paranormal love gurus that Pansy used to hang with and sell cheap pieces of quartz crystal to. She jammed with a few of them before when they were having that crazy party with the police she helped facilitate, and she'd like to look some of them up to see if they're willing to help out a friend of a friend.

Influence Response:

BLOCK in place. You get two PINGs for your two WATCHes, respectively.

Your FOLLOW of Eugene Wright provides you nothing. He hasn't really done anything since this summer.

You have a successful TRACE on Pangloss's network.


Love Cassandra Goodchild; October 17, 2009


Politics x5 (Washington D. C.)

BLOCK x1 (Don't outlaw eskola... or other fun things to get high on)

FOLLOW x1 (Eric Alegheney)

FOLLOW x1 (That other guy I have a TRACE on)

WATCH x1 (Anyone ELSE trying to outlaw the delicious pseudo-meth that is eskola)

WATCH x1 (Anyone with the pro-eskola lobby? Just wondering.)

Action Goal: See who is eskola-ing about in the land of politics.

Ability Goal: Use the know-how of my friends in D.C. to create a genuine looking N.P.O. to siphon money into such as that Daria and me can use federal funding to tell kids how to use drugs (safely). Basically I want some lobbyist types with a few dots of Bureaucracy helping me file the paper work to incorporate. I will use this as a jumping off point to buy a single dot of Bureaucracy Influence.

Further Down the Line Goal: From there, I will probably bug Theris to use his Finance Influence to bolster my no good schemes by funding this project and will backwards TRACE the influence to spy on him. Ho ho ho.

Politics x3 Ability (Sway or alter political projects): "Chip

"Hey boys! Tee hee! I have more info on that project I wanted to make, but I need some help with all that paper-worky type stuff again to create the organization. It's awesome to have a cause!

So yeah, Chip/Ace/Joe, I was thinking of calling it S.A.F.E. for Substance Abuse Facilitated Education. I'd like... try to get some stuff started so I could educate kids in NYC about the dangers of drug use. The whole eskola thing is *really* out of hand. So yeah.. if you or Tripp or Biff or Skipper could like... help me with these funny articles of incorporation, that would be awesome!"

Influence Response:

BLOCK in place.

Following your first PING: You find it difficult to follow what Eric Alegheney is up to in the realm of politics, and as such, discover nothing.

Following your other PING: From his communiques, it seems that Harrow is an FBI agent doing some work on drug trafficking in the New York area - his interest was piqued by the recent change brought about by eskola. It seems that Harrow is busy contacting congressmen on whatever drug committees there are, and he's making no attempts to cover his tracks either. Apparently he's gathering interest for full-on government investigation and research of eskola so they can prepare adequate laws, as well as the criminal organizations behind it.

Your first WATCH results with no PINGs. Your second WATCH, however, does return a PING.

Chip/Ace/Skip are glad to help such a pretty lady with her program. It's positively adorable that you feel so strongly about something like this and want to do something about it. They almost avoid being patronizing about it. Almost.

S.A.F.E begins, where it goes is up to you.


Love Cassandra Goodchild; October 17, 2009


Politics x5 (Washington D. C.)

Goal: Sell a bunch of those colored activism bracelets to get money for S.A.F.E! Everyone loves bracelets!

Politics x2 Ability (Use a slush fund or fund-raiser to get funds [$1,000]):

"Hey everyone! Lets start like... selling bracelets for Eskola Awareness! It's really sad that there's all those uncool unbraceleted people unaware of eskola out there these days... and like we could probably help to fund S.A.F.E. getting going!"

Influence Response:

Cassandra has $1000 added to her personal slush fund, thanks to the sale of those spiffy, brightly colored, plastic bracelets!

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