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The Kindred War on Drugs: Bill Boxley

Bill Boxley; October 20, 2009


I'm using seeing if any of the criminal bosses connected with eskola being smuggled into New York from NJ are under any degree of suspicion more serious than normal by the Police, especially with regards to the the eskola trade. I'm going to couple this information with what I can learn from Pieces' Cambodian contact, Brian Wu.

I'm using [Police X2] and [Contacts X2].

Influence Response:

The Hip Sing Tong's leader, Choi Young Soo, is marked for suspicion and is placed under heavy watch. It's been difficult for the police to place agents in the Hip Sing, as recently they've undergone a restructuring of the entire organization. A number of his top subordinates are being targeted for investigation, but it remains difficult to find out much. The Hip Sing remain at the top of the list, due to their involvement in the initial eskola shipments.

Brian Wu is unreachable by phone. However, any calls made to his house have resulted in his butler picking up and forwarding you the appropriate information, in the form of a series of documents. According to Wu, the Hip Sing were responsible for the transportation of the goods at the request of an outside organization, and believes that the police are wasting their time tracking the Hip Sing.

The police have also marked a number of people in the Italian and Russian mobs, who will prove easier to follow. According to the police, these gangs have been responsible for getting the drugs to the dealers.

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