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The Kindred War on Drugs: Ander Woraug

Ander Woraug; September 20, 2009


Underworld x3 COMBINE with Duff O'Connal

Goal: Ander, O'Connal, and Pisces want to coordinate to gather information on the Hip Sing Tong and that organization's role in distributing eskola in New York City. They want to know who the runners and drivers are that are transporting the drug to New York, the drop sites for the drug, the safe houses being used to store it until it gets passed off to the other mafias who are doing the actual distribution. Ideally, they also want to know the drop sites, storage houses, and important figures in New Jersey, but they are unwilling to actually visit New Jersey or poke to hard at the Kuei-Jin domain, so they have less raw, fact-finding power behind this goal.

As an extension of this, they will also be investigating the eskola-moving structure of the mobs the Hip Sing Tong coordinates with and trying to get all the information they can to bust up the transportation of this drug.

Actions: Ander and O'Connal will touch base with their mob contacts to get a sense of the layout of organized crime in regards to eskola, but all more sensitive information gathering activities will be done through the web of illusions and false identities Pisces has set up in her Contacts. In addition to the STEALTH action coming in from Samuel's influence, Ander, O'Connal, and Pisces will be excruciatingly careful that they, personally, do not become associated with eskola information gathering beyond mentioning it as a small detail in gathering information about the layout of organized crime in the city as a whole.

Influence Response:

Since the player of O'Connell has been unreachable for the entirety of his cycle, it'll just be Pisces + Ander. Here's the end result:

You are able to track down and delve into the minds of the Cosa Nostra, the Black Hand and the MacDonnell mob contacts - Jimmy, Gerad, and Lawrence, respectively. Their original contact in the Hip Sing was a Jerry Huang, Da-Wei Lu, and Eric Chang. It seems that the Hip Sing have a significant number of agents that were involved in the original distribution of the drug.

However, at this time, it seems that these Hip Sing agents have stepped out as the middlemen and switched with other Asian men. These people, unfortunately, are all generically "Mr. Chu" and are dressed rather concealingly and are responsible for the pick-up/drop-off process. In addition, the date and times for the bi-weekly drop-off aren't given until Thursday evening at the lastest.

The most recent drop-offs for these mobs occurred at the Yellow River Chinese Restaurant in Flushing/Queens, Iridescent (night club in Manhattan), and at the New Chinatown Bus in Manhattan, and usually occur during the middle of the day. The drugs, carried in a series of duffel bags, briefcases, or small crates, are then held at a secure location. The Italians like to get rid of their merchandise immediately afterwards, and appear to have an extensive list of gang contacts and small-time dealers to get to. They store their drugs in their recycling facility in Queens. The Black Hand designate Sunday as the street date, and otherwise store their drugs in the garages of member houses until otherwise ready. The most recent member has a "guest" living in their apartment in the Bronx.

A majority of the other mobs have since stopped or slowed down their eskola distribution. The Russians, for example, have a warehouse of Eskola in Queens (location enclosed) which they are branding as "Grade-A" and slowly selling it off in bars and nightclubs. The Albanians have already washed their hands of distributing eskola due to restructuring in the group.

The Hip Sing themselves seem to have been relatively quiet for the past several months. They are in charge of neither distribution or transportation, seeing as they've officially stepped out as middleman. Interestingly, there's a small rumor going around that the On Leong Tong have now taken charge of eskola distribution, but after some digging you find that this rumor was started by an affiliate of the Hip Sing themselves.

In the original transaction, it seems that the Hip Sing used their contacts at the Port Authority to get the drugs into New York. Either there's a large coverup going on right now, or they're laying low. Mr. Lee is outspoken as ever against eskola.

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