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Pangloss' "Back Story"

Carl "Pangloss" Davidson | Love "Cassandra" Goodchild; March 23, 2009


Carl "Pangloss" Davidson; March 23, 2009


KINDRED ALLIES x2 (Gang in L.A.)

KINDRED CONTACTS x1 (Prince of Whiskeyville)

coordinating with Cassandra's KINDRED CONTACTS x2 (Freepers in Seattle)

Goal: Make a fake back story for Pangloss, in the event that someone decides to look into things.

Like all good lies, mix in enough specifics, coincidences and contradictions that people are likely to believe something.

Pangloss was born in the 1950s. His mother named him after her favorite brand of cigarette, which she had begrudgingly gave up. He dropped out of school to pursue his dream of becoming a gonzo journalist. He found out too much, and his sire, seeing promise in young Winston, Embraced him.

Pangloss was born in 1978 to middle class suburbanites outside of Chicago. He was a pretty boring, normal guy until his sire randomly decided to ruin his life to make him 'more interesting.' His family died in a tragic fire, he was framed for a murder he was eventually acquitted of, before being very nearly fatally stabbed and spending nearly a year in the hospital before his Embrace, to justify his Sire's desire for him to have a 'tragic back story.'

Pangloss was born sometime in the 1800's, and lived a sheltered childhood in a wealthy outpost of the British East India Company somewhere in China. His mother, the daughter of a wealthy railroad financier, died of illness shortly afterward. His father died in a tunnel collapse under mysterious circumstances. His eventual sire adopted him, and mistreated him terribly both before and after Pangloss' Embrace, up until the day he mysteriously disappeared.

These are examples. Feel free not to use them and/or improvise, assuming anyone ever looks into Pangloss.

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Pangloss's history is muddled up for anyone looking into it via word of mouth.


Love "Cassandra" Goodchild; March 23, 2009


KINDRED CONTACTS x2 (Freepers in Seattle)

...hopefully coordinating with Pangloss'

KINDRED ALLIES x2 (Gang in L.A.)

KINDRED CONTACTS x1 (Prince of Whiskeyville)

Goal: Make Pangloss a fake back story, in the event that ner'do-wells with research time and Kindred Contacts/Allies of their own try to figure out what the crap is up with him.

Note: Winston Bernard Montaug is an amalgam of the names of the protagonists from 1985, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451.

"Yoh! Hey guys... you know that guy that I run with? Pansy? Rev. Templeton? Dr. Daedalus? malkalypse47? Do you want to know all of his DELICIOUS VAMPIRE SECRETS OM NOM NOM!?

I'm bored and in the mood for gossip, so why don't I tell you his long and incredibly involved back story that is very much completely true!

Atticus Maximus Petronius Pangloss, Mega-Pope and Professor of Rock-ology, was born Winston Bernard Montaug to a well-to-do German-American haberdasher and avid hobbyist skeleton sledder, Karl Montaug and his English wife Caroline in L.A., 1899. His mother died early in a birth that nearly killed him and his father raised him alone. He remarried in 1905 to Edna Pierce, the daughter of a wealthy railroad financier. On a visit to Edna's father in Panama, both she and Karl died of the yellow fever in 1907, leaving young Winston to the custody of his step-mother's sister Margery.

Eventually young Winston enrolled in university as a philologist. He was quite and bookish for most of his life as a student, and had few friends. A month after his 20th birthday he was stabbed brutally in a seemingly random mugging. He was unconscious when taken to a local hospital and was not expected to live. He was actually dead for nearly an hour due to blood loss by the time his Sire intervened.

Winston's Sire was bugfuck nuts... being a Malkavian and all. He was part of a large 'colony' of Malkavians all answering to an elder patriarch. Bad things happened... blah blah blah... Anarch Revolt occurred, and young Winston was FREE AT LAST.

Free to emerge from the ashes like a beautiful golden butterfly phoenix of hope and change his name to his favorite character from French satire.

Also his derangement is Masochism...

...or Self Annihilation Impulse...

...or OCD (Perform acts of Epic Dickwadery)

His Derangement is CERTAINLY NOT "Actually a member of House and Clan Tremere!"


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