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The Dance Commander

Eugene "Brody" Wright; March 22, 2009


Brody x Something awesome we saw in Coventry.

(I wish I'd taken a picture)

So. Brody has been trying to think of a way to do something for the Anarchs, due to Cassandra taking out some armed Sabbat thugs, and Pangloss impaling a few on his van at the Nuclear Power Plant.

Cassandra had kind of freaked out about their van, upsettedly saying they'd need a new one now that it was a MURDERVAN.

He's pretty convinced that Pangloss would love to drive a MURDERVAN, but the thought is in his head nonetheless.

While in Cleveland talking with Benny, Brody sees the same awesome thing that I did - a rusty, beat-up pickup truck, with the phrase "I am the DANCE COMMANDER" spraypainted on it in various locations.

Brody will purchase this truck (which I can't see as costing more than $500, especially when the negotiator has Presence) and then dump another grand or two into making the thing a reliable vehicle. Maybe another hundred or so on some Christmas Lights for the interior, possibly one of those Mexican-style horns, and maybe a disco ball, he doesn't care where they put it.


Two GPS systems should be installed. One dashboard-mounted one, for giving directions, and being useful, etc. And a second one inside the dashboard, for tracking the bloody thing. I THINK (not certain) that such signals can be sent to a Blackberry - this sort of thing is the reason why Brody is glad to have a great big nerd like Elijah White as his Ghoul - White is told to figure out a way to make this work, and the DANCE COMMANDER is outfitted, and driven back to New York by White, who is probably sad to drive such a garish thing.


Goal: Play nice w0ith the Anarchs (who have been useful as all hell) AND install a bug what lets me track their movements? That sounds like a goal to me!

Influence Response:

You acquire the DANCE COMMANDER, complete with superspy accessories! (and a completely mortified ghoul) Up to you to remind me to give you an item card or make your own card.

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