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Have a Reporter in Your Pocket... that Reporter Being Whit Brokehouse

Love Cassandra Goodchild; September - October, 2009


Love Cassandra Goodchild; September 19, 2009


Media Influence x3 (Staten Island or Manhattan... I'm unsure if it changed post-STEAL), using Fame to reduce centering penalties

FOLLOW x1 (What is Wright up to this week? - also what was he up to last week? - see last cycle's influence)

WATCH x1 (Look for small articles being published by somebody with the last name "Brokehouse")

WATCH x1 (Look for people trying to research eskola)

Goal: Cassandra's goals are multiple for this action. She want to keep an eye on Wright and Whit in the background (on Columna's end, this partially so she might be able to crush their careers or influence later on if she deems it necessary). Secondly, she wants to dig up whatever stuff it was that Seth was hiding via the papers. Lastly, she wants to try to check up on the article Whit was apparently writing citing semi-genuine concern as her motivation. Her goal is to try to appear to have a keen interest in Whit's well-being from a mortal standpoint, and later use this maternal concern as a jumping off point with sorority of Seth's exes to install herself as Whit's overseer at the Dirge once she accrues more influence.

Yes. I eventually want to be Whit's boss.

Media x1 Ability (Learn about breaking stories early): "Hey ladies... no I don't know who sent all those flowers - don't look at me. You all totally freaking deserve them though, ya'know. Who says the new staff doesn't have class?

Anyhoosit, I heard there was this kid who might be writing an article for the Dirge this week (at least I assume this is where she's working, given that her friend was the ex-editor in chief, but uh... correct me if I'm wrong)... she's a brunette, always acts like the world is really serious. So yeah, what I wanted to say was that I'd like to get a look at her stuff before it hits the presses. Tell the new E I of C that I'm curious and that she's a friend of a friend of mine (Don't tell her though - she and Seth uh... you know the story... She'll get embarrassed.) Yeah... so with all that in mind, people are pretty concerned about her and how she's doing not-at-work. It's not a lot I can talk about, but... you know... she's really pale these days and always seems a little down - but she does this whole silly teenage passive-aggressive run-around to try to cover it up. I just want to make sure she's doing cool not-not-at-work. She can be a real sweetheart when she tries (I think) and really has a promising future ahead of her if she opens up and learns to be a little less harsh with everyone.

I know the business can be cut throat around here - I just want to keep an eye out for her."

Media x2 Ability (get research done on a subject): "Hey Trish... I know you're really hung up on Seth still, and I kinda am too - and I'll preface all this by saying that I'm not going to get in you in trouble if you tell me. What I uh... really want to know though Trisha, is like *what* he was having covered up politically? I think now that... that... *that man* isn't so much of a fixture in our lives...

Yeah... I uh... think it's time we realize all the ways that he made us not the sort of people we used to be, Trish. I know he suckered me in and got me to agree to some wild stuff... and I feel bad about it. I'm not a newspaperwoman myself, but I feel that people still deserve to know what the truth is, because the truth is good. Ya know?

If it's real bad Trish, you don't have to tell me. But if you do, I won't tell anyone if you don't want to."

Note: This is based on last cycle's response in which I was told that "Trisha, an editor for the society pages of the Dirge, informs you that Seth frequently had her and the others cover up stories, on her end, it was mostly the occasional and potentially nasty screw ups of his political buddies. Seems as if he was the go-to man for covering up foul ups."

Further Note: AWE, PASSION, Empathy and two shoulders to cry upon may be thrown around sparingly as regards Trisha.

Influence Response

Wright's been pretty quiet lately on the media front. Since he stepped down, he hasn't been seen in the office.

Whit's writing as of late has focused on eskola. The new editor in chief is cranky with her, due to her pestering him repeatedly for personal guidance and support. He finds it annoying. Luckily, she's stopped.

Trisha tells you that apparently there was a big push by Seth to paint Wu Industries in a positive light back in Oct. '07 when there were reports that a meth lab was found at Wu Industries. It appears that Wu Industries was, in fact, manufacturing some sort of illicit drug, but she's not quite sure what.

There was that time when he tried to have Serena cover up the Sabertooth prank. That story that ran back in May '08, about the man that jumped from building to building flinging fire.


Love Cassandra Goodchild; October 5, 2009


Media x4 (Manhattan), using Fame x1 to reduce centering penalties

FOLLOW x1 (Eugene Wright)

TRACE x1 (Ping that I assume to be Whit Brokehouse)

WATCH x1 (Look for people attempting to investigate the Hawaiian Speckled Sand Plover incident)

WATCH x1 (Look for people attempting to investigate the strange happenings are the Dirge)

Goal (First): Columna is paranoid about the Tremere in general, and wants to secure incriminating material regarding Reino "Sabertooth" Haldor and his fire-flinging escapades, such as that she can try to use it as leverage should things get ugly. This is bolstered by last game's influence.

Goal (Second): Columna wants to be technically employed at the offices of the Daily Dirge as Whit Brokehouse's supervising editor (albeit an assistant supervising editor), such as that she can have immediate recourse if things start going ugly on the undead side of things. This is bolstered by last game's influence.

Media x2 Ability (Have a reporter in your pocket... that reporter being Whit Brokehouse): Columna talks to her circle of girlfriends at the Dirge and mentions that she's interested in trying to get some work outside of the home - take her mind off of things, let her feel she's productive, that sort of stuff. Nothing super high pressure, but a chance to flex her ample (Expression x3) literary muscles. She also indicates that she's worried about Miss Brokehouse, who seems to have had a hard time of things as of late, and would be ecstatic to get a chance to work with her and give her some extra support ("Poor thing needs it right now.") She drops a few names of Seth's rich and powerful buddies as references, and is her charming AWEsome PASSIONate self all throughout discussing matters with the powers that be.

She tries to arrange to start work on Monday the 10th, claiming that she has to tie up a few legal matters (with the marriage and all) in the week prior.

Media x2 Ability (Get investigative reporting information): "Trish, I know I mentioned I wouldn't tell anybody about the stuff Seth made you do, and I haven't, so I hope you can trust me on this.

I've been looking through some of his stuff... well, I can't entirely explain, but I'm afraid of a few things, and I worry that he was entangled in something that might sort of shed light on some of his recent actions. I don't know how to ask you to do this on blind faith, but can I get any of the undoctored footage of that man that ended up being the "Sabertooth" promotion? Anything else people recorded, noted or did anything with as regards him would help a lot too.

I seriously need to look into some things - serious things I don't want a good friend like you to get involved in. You have my word this won't get back to you."

Influence Response

Wright continues to be quiet. No one's heard anything from him for a while now.

Whit actually does not have any Media to trace. She gets articles written because she happens to be employed as a reporter for the Dirge.

There are no hits for either the Plover or the shenanigans at the Dirge.

1. The editor is delighted to have Cassandra on board for help handling Whit. "Girl's a handful, full of questions and coming in my office, and generally being a pest about things. Brody babied her entirely too much. You make sure she toughens up." He reminds you of that editor from Spiderman.

2. Trish manages to swipe you what the Dirge had on hand about the Sabertooth incident. Apparently, there was a decent amount on hand, and fairly easy to get to. Wright seemed to collect that sort of weird stuff, and the new editor stuck what was in Wright's office in one of the storage rooms.


Love Cassandra Goodchild; October 5, 2009


Goal: Weird backstory related fluff that effects one other PC. Bother me for an explanation OOC.

Columna shaves her head for a few days, saving the bangs. She smokes menthol cigarettes, listens to Fleetwood Mac and tracks down a dozen blue (it's important that they're blue) carnations that have been artificially dyed and dusted with sparklies. She has them delivered to Whit at her Dirge office on the Friday of court.

Influence Response

Done. It costs you $12 to purchase the carnations. (They're a bit more pricey, as they've been dyed and covered in glitter.)

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