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Brute Squad Is Not a Good Thing

Love Cassandra Goodchild; March 14, 2009


Goal: Cassandra/Columna is getting increasingly sad/angry over the fact that Whit is unwilling to listen to her or Pangloss regarding anything, even when they are clearly trying to help her help them help all of us help everyone to help save lives for great justice. So she's going to attack Whit in a polite manner - right in the Clan Flaw. She's going to harry her through art that she can't look away from.

Cassandra makes a gigantic amount of mixed media mural art depicting ever person whom she has seen or heard of dying or getting harmed or tortured by Camarilla members in New York, with emphasis placed on simple mortal people caught in the crossfire and particular emphasis placed on Jonathan Roman. She also makes some protesty T-shirts with art plucked from the mural. One for Pangloss. One for her. Her's reads "Brute Squad is Not a Good Thing." Pansy's read's "Torture is Bad, m'kay!"

It's all Crafts x1/Expression x3 vs 12 traits to avoid feeling the emotion "Guilt." This should entrance Toreador.

Hopefully, she'll be able to finagle getting the art into Elysium. If not, they'll just wear it to Elysium. If there's an objection, she'll also re-stencil Pangloss' shirt onto his chest... so that if Whit gets on his case about the shirt, he can strip... and then have her be entranced by his manly art-covered torso.

While he dances his sexy anti-torture dance.

Influence Response:

Noted: Go for it.

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