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Rasa Licks a Battery

Rasa; March 24, 2009


Summary: Rasa licks a battery to please his "enlightened" masters. He finds that energy feels odd, and slightly uncomfortable.

"Energy... energy..." The disheveled man's hands ran across the thick fabric of his ill-fitting sweater, as if trying to scratch away some invisible caul that clung to him. The old man sitting with him in the kitchen looked up from his coupon clippings.

"Energy? You feeling sluggish there, Daniel?" He'd frown, leaning over to put one hand at the pale man's forehead as he stroked his sparse, but somehow unkempt beard. "Hm... well, you don't have a fever."

Rasa pulled lightly away from him, sighing with the weight of centuries of being misunderstood by those more fractured than he. "They wish to find a source of it... a vessel in which energy is stored. It is their wont... ahh..." His head rolled on his shoulders as he searched his mind for some answer.

"What, like a battery?" The old man rose from his chair with a grumble, shuffling out of the small, cramped kitchen to fetch something. He returned soon after with a 9-volt battery, putting it down in front of the young man. "Is this what you were looking for?"

Rasa took up the strange cylinder in his hands, rolling the cool metal object between his palms. He expected something full of energy to be much hotter than this, which was cool to the touch. Lifting it up to his nose, he smelled... hardly anything. Just a hint of coppery tang. It was only as he moved to taste the tip of the thing that he understood its power.

A barely noticeable tingling sensation bloomed into numbness as his long-dead tongue slithered over the battery's top. He could sense its power flowing into him, though it was not a power he knew how to make use of. Nonetheless, for her sake, he would be sure to collect more "batteries".

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