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The Brain-Computer That Runs Neo-Las-Vegas III)

Love Cassandra Goodchild; August 18, 2009


ALLIES x2 (Zine Publishers vaguely resembling Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem) attempting to simulate a Transportation x2 Ability

Goal: Chris Stahn is an awesome Sweeper. He is also one of the only Anarchs without a flippin' awesome art car. Cassandra wants to make sure Chris feels like he's part of the team.

"Hey guys, anyone going to Burning Man this year? Yeah... remember that guy back from '97 that made the trippy strobing car-wagon-thing with the laser preying mantises for hub caps!? Awesome! I knew I didn't just hallucinate that one! Anyhow, can you talk to him if you're in Black Rock City this year and do much with the Department of Mutant Vehicular Thingies - cause I want to get a commission going for this totally hep auto-mechanic I know, and I need somebody whose chill and isn't too high-strung about payment plans and I think Dirtgod Rainshade (That was his name, wasn't it? Maybe it was that other guy who had the totally awesome windmill scorpion statue...) Anyhoo, YOU guys are probably able to remember! He's the MAN!

Tell him that I want to put together something uh... masculine... not like you know the sort of thing I would drive, but more the sort of thing that a post-apocalyptic biker mutant might ride ( as he speeds across the desert to get liquid stem-cells from the smuggler's cantina to power his vacuum cyber-arm so he can lead the rebellion against the brain-computer that runs Neo-Las-Vegas III! That sort of thing! Tell him that I can get him some down-payment on it pretty fast if he's willing to talk to Kiki Vociferous out of San Fransisco... she should be on the playa soon, doing charitable agricultural work for the Danger Bullets."

Long and short of it: Cassandra asks her hippie friends to retrieve an awesome futuristic looking hippie art car from another hippie in Black Rock City and tries to arrange in the background for a modest sum of "capital" (perhaps green THC bearing capital) to end up as a down payment for the automobile that she cannot afford with her $800-some dollars of assets. She will later on probably pay the rest of it off via more drug trade and some phony federal grants.

Influence Response:

You make a deal with your allies to provide them with a reasonable amount of quality pot for the next 3 months, and in return, you get Chris a totally sweet car. It's not quite as tricked out as the one in the image, but the slick 1977 el camino has been given an awesome paint job complete with flames. There are little skulls dangling from the rearview window, overlooking its plush, new royal blue velor seats, and the back has had foldout benches, a foldout table, and cupholders added in for portable poker playing.

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