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5TFLAX Pirate Radio

Love Cassandra Goodchild; April-July 2009


Love Cassandra Goodchild; April 4, 2009


ALLIES x1 (Zinesters)

Goal: This is going to be eventual justification for a purchase of a single dot of Media Influence, and possibly some Repair, Security and Jury-rig along the way. Cassandra essentially wants to set the groundwork for creating a pirate radio station somewhere in the now fictionalized slummy areas of Staten Island. All she has right now, however, is a vision, this website and a lot of muppetesque buds.

I eventually intend to keep this as a low-level influence (no more than Media x2) and to try to buy up the Fame Background to make Cassandra a niche counter-culture personality of sorts.

Cassandra finds the dot of Allies that looks the most like Scooter. ScooterAlly seems a person who would know how to slap together a transmitter. Any Allies that look like Animal are kept away from potentially complex and hazardous electronic devices at all cost.

She and ScooterAlly go over a few plans for how to bring stuff together, in particular, finding a building to transmit off of, the basic plans for programming, escape routes and means of evading the police, and buying awesome UV reactive velvet posters for their superfly D.I.Y. recording studio (which Cassandra hopes can be ScooterAlly's basement or spare bedroom or something. Pisces has given her a helpful map of building locations for helping with this.

Hopefully, she eventually manages to scope out a good spot, does a few test runs of getting there, and starts ScooterAlly on the process of building a transmitter.

Influence Response

I'm going to answer this with a simple 'OK.'


Love Cassandra Goodchild; July 5, 2009


MEDIA x1 (Staten Island) augmented by FAME x1 to reduce centering penalties.

[Cycle 1] TRACE one PING I have on another Media Influence. (If I have any ability to discern which PING is which, I will err on the side of TRACING Seth.)

[Cycle 2] If the TRACE from Cycle 1 is successful, TRACE the other Media Influence network. (Presumably Wright)

If the TRACE from Cycle 1 is unsuccessful, reattempt it.

[Cycle 3] If both TRACES are successful or if there is only a successful TRACE on Wright, attempt to FOLLOW the influence belonging to E. C. Wright.

If there is no successful TRACE on Wright, attempt one on his suspected influence.

If there is no successful TRACE on either party, attempt one on Seth's suspected influence.

Goal for Ability: Cassandra is starting up radio programming on her completely illegal station. Descriptions of programming are mostly fluff, but also are aimed at providing justification for further buying of Influence and Fame. There is also some vague idea that this might prove a useful tool in coordinating coded communication amongst Pisces and Cassandra's networks, but that is a distant goal.

Cassandra does an passionately emotive and unpolished weekly midnight radio show for anyone who tunes into her frequency. She talks a lot of mundane mortal politics and news, trying to focus on obscure and overlooked tidbits that get ignored by the mainstream press - human rights violations, corporate greed, LGBT issues, suppressed coverage of protests - that sort of stuff. She also plays a ton of obscure non-major-label music - some political, some just fun. At the heart of each show, however, she'll descend into a random hodge-podge of esoteric documentary-style info bytes, bizarre pseudo-Gnostic New Age philosophy, wild anecdotes, weird interviews with random denizens of the city, prank calls and random sound effects. She wants to create something genuinely artistic with the medium, and encourages her friends in the scene to contribute, or even to start up shows of their own. With a little luck she'll engender a meme or two - possibly even get the word "krog" into the punk/DIY/hippie/art-circle vernacular!

At some point in time, mid-summer, after the professor has set up a tastefully mislabeled YouTube video of *somebody* being lit on fire, she'll run a Bojan Petrov memorial hour, in which she'll play a continuous playlist of the contents of Zappelphillip's i-pod. She'll then go on a little meandering speech about how identity is meaningless post death, how Bojan Petrov, while she hears he was a cabbie who went missing back in '08, is simultaneously significant and insignificant, and that everybody bears the same moral worth, even as their individuality becomes lost to history. She'll make a shoutout to Fiona, Viola, Lillian, Maria, Ivy, J, John, Langston, and Sarah as things draw to a close - saying she hopes they're listening.

Influence Response

You succeed in TRACEing both. When Brody's influence comes in, you will be updated on his action.

Cassandra's efforts at reaching the community has a lopsided success. It starts out slow, but a casual mention on a blog about local quirks and weirdness in NYC brings a much needed boost to Cassandra's listening audience. Unfortunately, said blog belonged to one of the hipster crew, so while the true artists of NYC are able to appreciate it for its real worth and use it appropriately, the hipster community has also embraced it. As a result, it becomes not uncommon to run into hipster packs who will use words and turns of phrase from Cassandra's show, often accompanied with a false self-effacing laughter because they are being totally "authentic locals." Your art friends loath them.

Pangloss's YouTube video joins the many other videos of people setting themselves on fire. The playlist creates a small stir among the netizens, as the video is less somebody being stupid, and more along the lines of tragedy. Cassandra's radio hour creates a greater impact, shutting up the hipster crew for a short while as they muse on the meaning of life and how they're frittering it away.

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