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Sage Advice

Theris; August 17, 2010


Working/learning the ways of the Camarilla.

I am studying intensely to work my way out from the accounting to become a fully recognized Camarilla member.

Influence Response:

You study very intently under the tutelage of Rasa, whose accounting you are under. He offers sage advice on a number of subjects. Here are some highlights:

"Once there were old ways, and they were good. But lo, fires burnt from beating hands and the children forgot the commands of the Dark Father. But from the black cross there rose a white tower, and it reminded the children of the Dark Father's words, and this was good."

On your second meeting, Rasa demands you take off your shoes and counts your toes. Before you leave, he counts them again and puzzles over their unchanging number.

Rasa will explain court positions to you such as "Prince", "Seneschal", "Warmaster", "Harpy", and "Chamberlain", as well as the "Archons" and their "Knights".

On another occasion, Rasa insists that you get for him the hair of three girls, all who have seen between ten and fifteen summers, and braid this hair into a rope while coating it with maybutter. Rasa caresses and fondles this braid, but reacts as if it burns him.

Rasa will tell you of the six Traditions, those being "Covenant", "Domain", "Accounting", "Progeny", "The Silence of the Blood" and "Destruction".

Regarding Status, he will tell you "Princes of myriad Domains are given their right to rule by those whom they swear fealty to, and they in turn give Princes the right to determine who will have worth in their lands. This is held by bond of law and vassals must follow it."

At yet another point, you find Rasa at his haven swirling a jar of jam round and round with a butter knife. He offers the jar to you, but warns that "The knife will cut."

Finally, he offers you some personal advice. "Theris. You ought raise his sword to the sky, and from your heart conjure a storm to create rains that will give nourishment to the castle."

Sage advice, to be certain.

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