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Rasa Calls Upon His Masters

Rasa; April 21, 2009


Summary: Rasa implores his masters to call upon the bonds of the blood and lend him two status traits for next evening. These are to be used solely to ensure that Prince Brody's decision to put his trust in Clan Malkavian is rewarded.

Where one rustled like a cold wind through the stacks of a decrepit library, and another came in short, harsh echoes like the machinery of war preparing for the kill, this one's presence was not so notable for what it was, but more for what it was not. Where the animus of the world left behind still hung about most of Rasa's masters like a caul, there was one for whom the fractured still-born reality of the present scarcely existed.

That one most ancient.

As Rasa's soul drifted before the creature of unreckonable age, he could not help but quake before the sheer transcendent glory of the thing he had approached. Its emptiness stretched further than any man could see, the only evidence of its existence the piercing light of its perception shining through the void left by its once earth-shattering presence, now sublimated into Truth. When it chose to remember, its fleeting experiences were enough to send the Malkavian vessel reeling. It rarely spoke, but among his masters, it was undeniably the most powerful.

Rasa's prostrated himself against the rough hewn stone beneath, his body thrown down into the dust a thousand ten thousands of times, until even his face was ground into a paste of offering. From his eyes, a mournful flute rose, the bloody tears carrying along not only his wish, but the wish of a wayward child.

Lost, but close, the compass swung wildly in that musician's hand. As the hourglass ran low, mercenaries and fools let snake's tongues lap at their blood-thirsty fangs, eyes falling to the children of Malkav. Quivering hands held an alms bowl, lifted up higher than Rasa's bowed head as he hoped for the safety of theirs.

Soon, soon enough, a new melody might drift through the halls and libraries that had risen about Rasa. He could only hope that the great weight of ages had not left the most ancient one too preoccupied to render aid on behalf of his family.

Influence Response:

Short answer: you get the Status "Respected" and "Loyal" for the night.

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