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Captain and Rear Admiral Horatio Viscount Archibald The Glitter-Encrusted

Love Cassandra Goodchild; February 11, 2009




1. Get more information on Wright, as Cassandra is curious as to the various incongruous bits of his back story she's picked up on, and wants to know what makes him tick. She doesn't understand why people in Cleveland kept him alive, why Smiling Jack would even stop by Cleveland to Embrace some guy in the first place, or why nobody except the Anarchs seems to care he was a poached Anarch Embrace.

2. Collect as many stories regarding vampiric romances as she can, as she's working on an appropriately themed pamphlet for V-Day. OOC, what I'm fishing for in terms of NYC is some version of the stories of Langston/Viola, Brody/Fiona and maybe even Tisch/Capone. I can also possibly see something to do with the whole whole Lucasta/Maria/Natalie/Bennet mess (given her Tremere Anarch connection), and the whole Petrov/Greer/Evans/Amelia mess (given how widespread the story is).


Finally making good on all of her promises to visit, bother, provide for, harass and curry favor with her assorted Kindred Contacts and Allies, Cassandra took Machine Gun Joe and her camping gear out on a week and a half long road trip back westward, trying to beat the ennui of dealing with NYC-bourne killjoys and hoping to jostle up some happy nostalgia for better decades. Also, she needed some excuse to get her hands on some Bay Area grass, to yell at the FREEP editor in person and to make a quick money drop to CROTCHFIST and Co. such as to arrange for their triumphant return to stardom.

While back in Frisco, she did her best to check up on everyone and to make certain that nothing (important) has exploded while she's been gone for all of a year or so. She asks how the New Mandarin Promissariate and whatsnot was holding up, checked in to see what phase of the cycle of abuse Tyler and Lexi are at, and pointedly asked Chuck what he thought on the topic of obtaining a ghouled sugar glider, which thusfar Pansy has cruelly denied her. She also popped by a Rave or two and possibly an impromptu salon while in the city, checking up on "the scene" as it were. Kuei-Jin, Camarilla or whatever else she'll be fucked if she feels the need to set foot in an Elysium while in former Free State turf. That's just wrong.

In Seattle, she likely went through the whole horse and pony show of Hospitality and then spent several slavish hours helping to compile a carefully worded article about the adventures of Staten's best and brightest with regards to the Sabbat incursion a few months back. She also worked hard to help solidify the idea of Prince Wright as the only Anarch Baron in the East not know his actual Sect affiliation.

On the topic of Wright, Cassandra does the first of two things on this long sojourn in which she actually tries to turn her one dot of Kindred Contacts and her two dots of Kindred Allies toward fulfilling their mechanical functions in game play.

The first is that she tries (once again) to dig up what she can on the Anarch Embraced Prince of NYC. Specifically:

1. Brody's Origin... So... since when is there any Anarch base of operations in Cleveland (Lore Anarch x3)? Did Smiling Jack just rip right through alone and snipe him? It seems his style, but I don't get it.

Were there similar Jack-Embraces at the time? What happened to them? Anybody know why Jack wanted to hit up Cleveland? Guy's really slumming, if you ask me.

2. Any clue why they (meaning THEM - the Camarilla, THE MAN) why they not only didn't kill this oddjob but made him Scourge for a while? I mean, he told me all this while drunk, but he also apparently let Caitiff go half the time rather than getting on with the beheadery... isn't that NOT WHAT A GOOD SCOURGE DOES? What gives?

3. Okay. Woman of his what was killed by some bitch? He's sore on that. His business, I know, but what's the story? Why? Who? How? I'm big on love stories this week. It's nearly Valentine's Day. Yeah. I know it's a sad ending and all, but... love stories all tend to have those if you wait long enough.

4. Anything else? Anything at all? Did he have any friends? Any coterie mates? Did he do anything noteworthy that might have gotten mention? What's this guy like?

The second request is much more general. In her assorted adventures in the former Anarch homeland, Cassandra asks very pointedly for any and all love stories she can get. Vampiric romance, in particular. Bonus points and a round of whatever people are imbibing if it had anything even tangentially related to NYC. In particular, she's interested in whatever was up with Langston and his lady friend Viola.

She has a lengthy mostly not-bullshit dissertation she wants to write, and she needs some source material.

Influence Response:

Part 1:

So, your friends - who, as you have been so good as to remind them, are your friends, dang it all, finally get to the information divulging. After a fashion.

Lexi's really sorry and all, it's just been a weird time - Tyler's doing that thing again, and she swears to the Christ, his shit almost went to the curb... anyway, she's terribly sorry, read your articles and everything - it sounds like you're 'actually doing something for once' - which she winces after saying. Colummna would likely notice a hint of condescension, followed by remorse. Cassandra would notice an unusually colored butterfly, what might have gotten into some glitter, but is making the best of it.

The little guy troops on, even though his wings are certainly heavier than he should be able to manage with his tiny, generally frail butterbody. That's the power of believing in one's self, you think - go little guy! You can make it with THE POWER OF LOVE AND THINGS THAT GENERALLY TASTE MORE OR LESS LIKE VIRTUE IF VIRTUE WEREN'T ALREADY A COLOR - aaaaand it seems as though Lexi's still talking. You leave Captain and Rear Admiral Horatio Viscount Archibald The Glitter-Encrusted to his epic, and most certainly heroic/romantic odyssey, and slowly tune back in.

"...and anyway, it's not like you can believe those guys anyway, right? Am I right, Tyler? Somewhere in the background, you hear a muffled cry of "Why are you asking me about Vampire Things?" You are not certain if runny eyeliner has a sound to it, you think it would be more like a flavor... aaaand, you're distracted again.

Things you half remember from this conversation:

  • There are totally some Anarchs in Cleveland

  • This is because nobody really cares enough about Cleveland

  • Go back to sleep, Clanless Chuck

  • They mostly avoid brick-chucking

  • Because the Sheriff is a terrifying motherfuck

  • Or maybe an ok guy

  • But we're pretty sure he took a chainsaw to this one dude, over the better part of a month

  • Which is kind of fucked, now that they think about it

  • What the hell is WRONG with people

  • Shut up, Tyler

Clanless Chuck thinks that the Prince is probably an Anarch in disguise, and this is why said shit went down. He also says that Smiling Jack is about as real as the tooth fairy, before falling back asleep, as you and Lexi have clearly interrupted his most important of duties, that is to say, pretending he can take naps.

On that note: (The Jack one, not the Tooth Fairy) It seems that you've somehow acquired a fanboy up in Seattle, some Toreador named Tommy Aqua, who you recognize from his article on 'accidents,' that is to say, accidental properties being communicated to people by a cause which possesses them essentially, thereby insinuating that every move that seems coincidental has been planned by some higher (or at least older) power. You think he may have gotten Thomism and Calvinism mixed up - until you realize that you don't know what those things are, and instead enjoy the nice letter he wrote you.

Your Crotchfisty friends think this is letter from a boy, well it's just about as hilarious a thing as has happened in forever. Lexi and Tyler seem to have made up in the time it took you to read the letter, as she's planted on his lap. Clanless Chuck mentions that he met a dude once who came from Cleveland (unless it was Detroit) who said that the Scourge there just shot out his knees a bunch of times, and dangled him from a rooftop, before telling him to get the hell out of dodge - which was cool, 'cause this cat was Lasombra, which gives you a hint as to where he might've come from. Dude was chill, didn't know much about much - just really glad to be alive. So maybe this was legit, and your man Brody was just doing some Batman shit to scare peeps off instead of actually killing them.

Tyler interjects, asking if this story wasn't from the time Clanless Chuck was drinking nothing but commune-dwelling hippies, and was very full of LSD - and it turned out that maybe it was, and Chuck shrugs at that, and returns to pretending he can take naps. A cat plops down on his face, purring, and occasionally humping. He pretends not to notice.

Part 2

Your Anarch buddies are able to give you a full blow by blow on Capone/Tisch. They were part of the movement, so the story has been kept on for people to remember. Basically, anything that can touch upon the Anarch tradition, you're able to get. As for the whole Petrov/Greer/Evans/Amelia thing, you can get a version of it, muddled due to it passing through so many mouths in a giant game of telephone.

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