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Christmas 2008: Pisces

Piscina Nadya; December 2008 - January 2009


Piscina Nadya; December 3, 2008


On 2008-02-08 Pisces discreetly bought a whole bunch of extremely expensive bondage gear and never ended up using it. She's packing it into a big box for Marcus and tying a bow on it.

Pisces is making Haldor a gift basket of scented candles and Mystical Fire Powder.
Cost: $20

Pisces is buying Ander a $100 gift card to Lord and Taylor to further facilitate his transition into being part of the system. She's also buying him a stress ball. A big box of stress balls. For him to squeeze when Pangloss talks to him. She tests the stress balls to find a kind that breaks cleanly: doesn't spray powder all over or anything.
Cost: $120

Pisces is going into a technical looking store (probably a Radio Shack) and buying their most expensive laptop for Vincent. She is saying yes whenever the clerk asks her if she wants any extras.
Cost: About $1,000

Pisces is buying two Broadway tickets for each of these shows: Phantom of the Opera, Gypsy, and The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. All late evening showings, of course. She's gift wrapping one ticket from each for Mark.
Cost: About $1,100

Pisces is buying Theris a new black vest.
Cost: $40

Pisces is buying Arthur a crystal ball.
Cost: $50v

Pisces is buying Cassandra an adorable, plushy stuffed animal. What kind of stuffed animal will depend on what Abigail can scrounge up.
Cost: $10

Total Cost: $2,340

Influence Response:

All found, purchased (or gathered) and wrapped into shiny boxes for people to open in Christmas glee. The laptop runs Pisces around $1400 for a HP Pavilion dv7-1020us 17" Entertainment Laptop at RadioShack. She also purchases a laptop bag at the behest of the salesperson there, bringing the total to $1,430.

Total of $2,770 spent


Piscina Nadya; January 11, 2009


1. Pisces buys and sends gifts to her Kindred Contacts in America and Europe.

Jay: Pisces sends Jay a receipt for for $200 in credit in a cool, indie clothing store in Greenwich village. She attaches a note: "I miss you sometimes. I'm going to try to force you to visit by sending you presents that can only be used in New York."

Talos Quinn: Talos is a wandering Malkavian Pisces is friends with. Pisces sends out word through her network of customers that she has a present for Talos that will amuse him, and that he should drop her a line whenever he likes.

Daniel Brent and Eli Norton: Pisces is mailing these Austrian anarchs photo copies of the pamphlets Cassandra and Pangloss have been distributing. Eli is a Discordian priest, and the thinks Daniel will just find them funny.

Misha: Misha is the clumsy, lanky, blind, Nosferatu Scourge of Paris who escorted Pisces around the city in her last visit. She sends him a note of thanks and a box of interestingly textured and scented baubles, ranging from an amazingly soft, tiny plush bird to a strange metal desk toy that shifts weirdly around your hand as you press on it.

Richard Lord: Richard is sent chimerical cookies.

Hespian Carn: Hespian is an English Malkavian who loves pistachios. Pisces mails Hespian pistachio scented candles and the kind of candle holder that lets you light a candle without touching it. (

German Nosferatu: They get a interesting cross section of American porn. Pisces puts in a little effort to making sure she includes something to interest every member of this underground community, whose sexual preferences she is professionally familiar with. She finds a magazine of women erotically posed with snakes and puts in a note that this one's for Krampus, the giant boa she shared a room with over the summer.

Parisian/English Toreador: Pisces goes on a little shopping spree on the perfume floor of Marcy's to get perfumes and pretty baubles to amuse and delight all of her best clients in Paris and England.

Marco DeValle: During her Macy's spree, Pisces picks out a cologne for Marco (Joe's old character). Something that smells of sandalwood and citrus. She sends it to him using the contact information he left her, since he still owes her a boon.

Ottavia: Pisces mails a present to Ottavia, a Russian harpy who's fond of Pisces and has very similar tastes, but is unwilling to become publicly associated with her because of the whole Ravnos thing. Pisces gets her two books: "The King of Elfland's Daughter" and "Twilight". She is careful never to touch or leave any trace of herself on the books and pays to have them gift wrapped and mailed by other people and gives a false return address. She specifies that a note should be attached to "Twilight": "Read at least until the scene with the sunlight. It is absolutely fucking hilarious. - P"

Influence Response:

Jay Winslow: You get Jay two hundred "BatBucks" for a few-steps-above-mallgoth clothing shop in Greenwich called Morbidia. It's a little over-the-top at points, but seems to have a sense of humor about itself, which you appreciate. You also recall getting a rather nice set of leather ankle-cuffs there during one of your various preparations for dealing with Mr. Boyd, and can at least attest to the quality of their merchandise.

Jay, for the time being does not respond. His former player being still semi-active and stubbornly preventing him from moving into the land of NPCs full time.

Talos Quinn: You send out word for Talos. Miguel, of all people, is the first to give you any leads. He and Elena were out on semi-political business in Lisbon when he found a rather cryptic message at his hotel room. In spite of Elena's initial reactions of paranoia, some quick administration of Auspex found the note harmless and he was fast to figure out what was what. He forwards it to you, as given word of mouth and the general description of the Malkavian in question, he thinks it's likely Quinn is trying to drop you a line in his own weird way. It reads as follows:

To those two living to spite death:
"Announce me to the girl underlying her sea of veils.
The tides are fickle and the moon is whorish
and I've waited too long to catch sight of a shore
This message my ship. Take an oar, friend.
Catch my little fish for me."
To the little fish once caught:
"I'm waiting to be amused."

Daniel Brent and Eli Norton: You get a profound thank you card weeks later from Daniel, who does his best to express Eli's immense satisfaction on reading such goodly pamphletry. Eli, himself does not reply in person, as matters are "complicated." Daniel relates he's having a slight spiritual epiphany (possibly involving a hooker or several and some pills of unknown origin) and is hence rather busy. While Daniel doesn't go into full detail, something in the back of your brain suspects that Eli's reclusion of himself might be a result of the creeping revelation that entities from beyond the fourth wall had fiendishly used him as a paltry draft for their own eventual PCs, and that he's rather disturbed at the thought that his ego and being have been refined and reconfigured, given statistical quantifiers, and then turned into two jackass Malkavians with a superfluity of glitter and ugly hats.

Daniel adds in a PS, that he'd very much like an address to mail his letter to Seth Samuel to.

Misha: It takes some time to get a hold of Misha's Post Office Box. Going through a few Toreador in the area, you find out that the young Scourge is not, in fact a Nosferatu. "He's something worse." (You can almost hear the face Giselle is making over the phone.) Apparently one of the Assamites who joined with the Camarilla in recent years. Nobody knows much about the why or wherefore of his arrival in Paris, but the general consensus is that his origins are undoubtedly unsavory and best left unknown.

You send him your package of sensory delights. Weeks later you get an odd post card at your own PO Box, on one side of which is the stylized eye motif you recall having been embroidered on Misha's headband and on the other side the is scrawled the word Merci.

Richard Lord: Given Richard's move away from life on the surface, it's hard to precisely find a mailing address. You manage to find a largish rat that you think it sewer worthy and (in exchange for some real cookies) find him willing to track down Mr. Lord and give him the location of an appropriate drop off point.

You get no reply from Richard, but notice that the decidedly unchimerical cookie box disappears shortly.

Hespian Carn: You send out Hespian's pistachio scented candles and get a good-naturedly ranty thank you weeks later. It chastises you bluntly for your Ravnos trickery, and goes in to how the candle's smell is obviously all part of a sinister plot to get him to buy more nuts. It's driving him crazy, you accursed devil woman! Pistachio scent forever around him but the confection always out of reach!

He then requests very very politely if you can't get him some more nuts.

German Nosferatu: You not-quite-blushingly go through a number of sex-shops, and pick out a number of things you think your friends in Germany would find appealing. You get a wide selection of cheesecake, general hardcore, bizarre fetish material, a few manga depicting the acts you're pretty certain can't actually be realized with human anatomy. You also send them a copy of From Lust til Dawn as a gag gift. Krapus is outfitted with the aforementioned snake pornography and a rather scandalous Animal Planet documentary for actual snake on snake action.

You get an e-mail within a few days expressing gratitude, and thankfully leaving out any details of how how they made use of the gift in question.

Toreador Everywhere: You get a plethora of thank-yous, invitations to come visit, vaguely flirtatious letters from certain individuals in Bath, and small baubles. You begin to think that your mailbox is going to develop an allergy to Crane's stationary soon.

Marco de Valle: Given the amount of Etiquette on the man's sheet, I assume you get some manner of reply. However, not fully knowing the circumstances of his departure or his character's background, I'd suggest talking to the STs and having them talk to Joe if you want a more thorough response.

Ottavia: Ottavia naturally does not send you anything back for the time being. Appearances and all that. You are hopeful, however, that she enjoyed the books.

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