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Some Sort of Shadowy Puppeteer Man

Eugene "Brody" Wright; April 8 - May 6, 2008


Eugene "Brody" Wright; April 8, 2008


Stealth x 3

Nice job all around, guys - backpatting and attaboying are the order of the day.

"I need some matters looked into - I'm *hoping* it's nothing, but all the same, I'm going to need some details regarding a couple of locations. Namely, I need to know who's been paying for these locations - I want names, addresses, *physical descriptions* if we can possibly swing that - if not, I at least want to know who it was who dealt with the person or persons involved so I can get a sketch artist over to chat with them.

Anything you guys can get me on these parties would be invaluable - Maybe it's nothing."

(At this point, Gene will pause for dramatic effect, and throw up any and all applicable Presence powers)

"Or maybe I've finally found the Bronx Butcher..."

Gene's contacts are then told to look into the following.

  • warehouse in Bronx [OOC: Address]
  • hotels [OOC: Addresses]
  • an apartment building over Union Square [OOC: Address]

And he makes what he feels is a dramatically appropriate exit.

Influence Response:

STEALTH applied, x3

Your contacts are suitably stunned at your pronouncement that you may know how to solve one of the biggest, most perplexing and most public cases in New York, and quickly start the ball rolling. The agree that this is something that needs secrecy - if you're wrong, and it gets out, it would be bad. You might have to answer some unpleasant questions.

The Union Square apartment was rented under the name 'Anastasia Rothe', and had been since last fall, well before the replacement. She always handled the payments, and there wasn't anyone else living with her (at least, as far as anyone noticed). The landlord remembers her as a nice young woman, shame she moved.

The warehouse was never actually rented by anyone. Near as you can tell, it belongs to a bank that inherited the assets of a company that went under and is awaiting renovation so it can be resold.

The hotel rooms arrangements were made by phone. The rooms were occupied by a group of people. You can't always get clear descriptions. What you get includes a couple variations of 'crazy fucker in a bow tie and bad vest' and 'dopey nice-looking guy, seemed kind of shy', as well as one 'really tall guy, had an eyepatch.' Payment was made in cash.

You have the phone number that was used to rent the hotel rooms.


Eugene "Brody" Wright; April 8, 2008



All right. This one is kind of dependent upon my Bureaucracy influence coming back with something, but assuming that it *does*, I want details on these identities.

Criminal records, obviously, but we're also going to look for idiosyncrasies - suddenly coming into large sums of money, sudden drastic changes in behavior, suddenly appearing in records despite having no prior history - we're going to assume that these are fake identities, and look for identifying red flags.


Gene is going out of his way *not* to act crazy and obsessive around Maureen. He'll probably keep the all-nighters down to one, if any. Even though he's cross-referencing anything they dig up (as well as his existing notes on Polyclef, Petey's group, as well as the old 'Bronx Butcher' notes) Gene will try to avoid his usual 'obsessed vigilante PI' routine, for her sake. If there is to be an all-nighter (Will spent, and presumably regained due to this being a very NATURE thing for Wright) Gene will call a florist around noon, and have some flowers delivered to Maureen with a note that reads simply "In case you forgot - you're the best. :D ~Eugene"

He will tell the florist that he, EUGENE WRIGHT being THE FAMOUS EUGENE WRIGHT FROM THE DIRGE, doesn't know much about buying flowers, and doesn't have time to learn, since being EUGENE WRIGHT is terribly time-consuming, so he never really learned about flowers. But she deserves something better than roses. Gene asks him if he wouldn't mind getting creative on his behalf - without doing anything extraneous, or too over-the-top. (Also, Gene's going to attempt to ENTRANCE the guy, in hopes that the poor sap remembers him. Hey, if you're going to make a phone call at noon, it can't hurt for everybody and their brother to remember it.)

And with that behind him, Gene's also going to compare the notes he got from Greenwolf regarding the Meatpacking plant, incidents, and cross-reference it with his own 'Bronx Butcher' notes. The thought that he was tracking... something else (besides Diego) is stuck in his head after listening to Wolf's stupid rambles. That, or Deegs is back in NYC, and couldn't have picked a worse time...

Influence Response:

You are BOOSTed

You run down the phone numbers, but unfortunately, they're all prepaid phones. No dice there. You also run the IDs given when the hotels were rented, and you do get something here. The Sabbat has been using a small collection of IDs, one or two per person, you guess, and they are all clearly false. These aren't just fake driver's licenses; there is a bit of background material behind them, and someone has clearly been doing a bit of database editing. The IDs certainly would have passed a cursory check.

You can't really reach any conclusions from Green Wolf's notes/comments on the meatpacking incident. The situation is just, well, weird. No people have gone missing, and you doubt Diego would skip the chance to taunt you, so you don't think it is him, but you never know. The meatpacking plant is just a bit fat question mark staring you in the face, and its one that you aren't immediately equipped to resolve.

The florist is more than happy to help you pick out a very nice (and somewhat expensive) bouquet for Maureen, whose awesomeness knows no bounds. She is very touched at the gesture, and is glad to see that you're maintaining a relatively balanced schedule.


Eugene "Brody" Wright; April 22, 2008



So then. We found some things, and the lovely people at Wright & Co. used them to find other things. The synergy continues.

'You also run the IDs given when the hotels were rented, and you do get something here. The Sabbat has been using a small collection of IDs, one or two per person, you guess, and they are all clearly false. These aren't just fake driver's licenses; there is a bit of background material behind them, and someone has clearly been doing a bit of database editing. The IDs certainly would have passed a cursory check.'

Well, let's do more than a cursory check on these. I want database matches for the portraits on the ID's - and I want to know where they came from, who's putting paper behind these forgeries. Dig up everything we can with what we have thus far.

Also, the warehouse that was inherited by a bank when some company went under - let's look through that as well. Any red flags? Yellow ones? Does anything seem other than legit, and do I see any names I might recognize?

Influence Response:

The paper trail leads a ways back. You think you have enough information on the false identities and the M.O. for a PING to trace back to some kind of SHADOWY PUPPETEER MAN that you suspect is behind this doctoration. You may attempt a TRACE next game to identify him.


Eugene "Brody" Wright; May 6, 2008





Using the information we've accumulated thus far, we're going to put the data we've acquired through the proverbial ringer. These Ids? What state were they issued in? Which BMV or other agency did so? Who was the person in charge, and who actually did these things? Assuming that these were fraud jobs, who's the puppeteer? Reverse engineering, boys - that's how we roll.

The studious folks at Wright & Co are tapped to aid in the digging process - intent interns intensely intend to aid our intrepid heroes, or you know - Gene and his usual tangents. It's been a while since he's tapped them for such, and hopefully Maureen is game for another wild goose chase?

Did I mention that she's the prettiest lawyer in the whole world? Since Gene got disbarred?

Influence Response:

TRACE successful! You have traced a young man named Jonathan Roman. Young fellow. Charming, but a bit detached. Seeks somewhat distracted some of the time. Usually shows up early in the morning or late in the evening (but these include daylit hours. A bit pale. The network is smaller than yours, and focused in the Bronx. All NYC Ids. It looks like all trails lead back to this Roman guy. He doesn't match the descriptions you have.

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