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The Anarch Masterplan

Carl "Pangloss" Davidson | Daria Xela Matthewson | Love Cassandra Goodchild; December , 2008


Love Cassandra Goodchild; November 22, 2008



Note: For more information on the entirety of the ANARCH'S MASTER PLAN, see the e-mails to the list.

Sorry for the amount of text, but this is one of those situations where a lot of things can go wrong, and I want to be thorough.

More actions relating to this may follow depending on both results and additional input.

1. Run methamphetamine tests: Cassandra is taking her earliest opportunity to run practice runs with Daria and to see how she adjusts to meth, and whether or not people remain in workable shape trying to stay up during the day with meth on the brain. She just wants to make sure she can stay focused on the task at hand for an hour or so without drifting off (because this crazy caper SHOULD only take one hour) and without going off the deep end. She obviously doesn't have enough time to get a perfect dose down (optimally she'd like to be good to go for a four hour stretch), but she wants to make sure it won't just prove actively detrimental to operations.

Methamphetamines are administered via meth addicts that Daria is providing.

2. [Depending on Allies reaction to this bizarre change in schedule] Make certain Meeks is NOT perturbed by the mission: Cassandra is going to schedule check with Meeks, and, if necessary, try to find some way to get him out of the house while they're busy with horrible rescue plans. Hopefully, he'll be at work at some sort of day job. If this isn't the case, after paying him and everyone back plus interest for Starbucks, she'll try to convince, cajole or blatantly use her TERRIBLE MIND POWERS to make certain he either has something cool and fun and worthwhile to do outside of the house, or that he's in no state of brain to bother her. Pangloss will help via Dominate. The basic plan, if nothing else less sloppy presents itself, is to give the heavy implication that she and Pansy are having some sort of couple's spat, Passion him down to submissiveness, and then have Pangloss suggest he go take a WALK for the next hour or so.

3. [Depending on Pangloss and Daria's results] Keep everyone calm: Passion DOWN any ghouls or animal ghouls that Pangloss and Daria create for this mission, IF it should prove necessary to keep them from freaking out at their new condition.

4. [Depending on Pangloss' results] Pinpoint Miranda Turner's location via Pangloss' use of Scry: Cassandra will Eyes of Chaos the un-living hell out of the Scry images Pangloss gets, in the hopes of piecing together any random landmarks that might be found during the Sabbat's movements with the Archon and getting a palpable address if one can't be readily intuited. She'll also be on the look out for license plate numbers and other clues that might not be picked up on at first glance.

5. [During the mission] Serve as a blood-bag full of wakefulness-drugs to Pangloss: Cassandra is going to be near Pangloss who is keeping tabs on operations via cellular communications device and his magic kiddie pool.

6. Eyes of Chaos on Miranda Turner's Notes: Check out Miranda's notes via Eye of Chaos. see if any tips/insights can be gotten as to her personality.

Influence Response:

1. You can ballpark a dosage of meth that'll keep you up for about an hour and a half tops. Any more and you might get some dangerous (non-deal-withable) side effects.

2. Meeks is actually busy this particular day. He won't be in all too often, so you're in luck.

3. We'll talk about this at game.

4. You can also ballpark a particular neighborhood in a particular borough. To find it precisely might require some on-scene travel.

5. We'll also talk about this at game.

6. Miranda Turner is one of those brilliant Type-A super-organized types just by looking at her notes. You get the feeling that she can be annoying and bitchy as hell.


Carl "Pangloss" Davidson; November 23, 2008


Notes: See e-mail to list for more cohesive details regarding the entire ANARCH MASTERPLAN

Pangloss has a notebook journal thing belonging to Miranda the Missing Archon and a kiddie pool full of magic.

As such, he'll be Scrying the bejeezus out of Miranda in the hopes of finding out where in high holy NYC she is, and possibly anything else he can find out about the Sabbat.

Also, Cassandra will be there, Eyes of Chaos-ing like the madwoman she is, in the hopes of being able to help pinpoint the location if landmarks prove too nebulous.

Pangloss will also be transcribing the notes in said notebook onto a text file (Cassandra E-o-Cing them all the way). This way he can have them on hand when he conveniently accidentally sets fire to and buries the ashes of the notebook once Miranda is in their hands. Mr. Davidson recalls from Thaumaturgy 101 that sympathetic links can occasionally prove a two-way street.

Influence Response:

Your scry attempts at first fail. You get a bunch of darkness, which you can only assume is due to the fact that your lovely Archon friend is stuck in a box.

You manage to catch a glimpse of the Zappeled Philip for a brief moment, and the back of a wall somewhere. Cassandra is there to EoC this for you, but no dice here.

Continuous surveillance suggests they've transferred the goods to a new place. It's a house-y kind of thing as the lid on the crate they're holding her in slips off. This is a definite location which Cassandra has a vague sense of location on... but none all too definite.

Her body is transferred to some other kind of box. You manage to see a few wires inside, but that's about it.


Daria Xela Matthewson; November 23, 2008


Street influence x2 (Staten Island): Trace the influence I found via my watch last game.

Goal: Get some meth junkies for Cassandra and I to feed off of so we can stay awake. This is part of the master plan outlined in my personal action. Flavor: Arrange to be introduced to a few of the meth addicts that my people sell meth to. Invite them to a private party and offer them free meth.

Influence Response:

TRACE successful! You've found the network of Marcus Fratello Giovanni, centered in Brooklyn. It is of a similar size to your street network.

In the meantime, you round up a good 4-5 people for your meth party, although it's possible you'll get 2-3 more.


Daria Xela Matthewson; November 23, 2008


Ultimate Goal: Rescue Archon Miranda Turner from the Sabbat (I'm working jointly with Cassandra and Pangloss on this.)

Steps in the plan:

1. Cook up a bunch of meth in my lab.

2. Once Cassandra and Pangloss figure out where the Sabbat are, I will talk to some animals and get them to scope out the location for us, looking for points of entry/exit and trying to figure out where and in what condition Miranda Turner is being kept. Relay this information to Pangloss' people who will be going in to get Miranda for us.

3. While Pangloss' people are attempting to rescue Miranda Turner, I'll be having the meth junkies from my street action over for a private party. Cassandra and I will give them meth and drink from them (via "kisses" and/or "back rubs") surreptitiously to help us stay awake and keep in phone communication with Pangloss' people.

4. Obtain quest item: Archon Miranda Turner!

Influence Response:

1. You get enough meth for about a week's worth of personal consumption, although the party will probably cut your share down to two days.

2. We'll talk about this at game due to circumstances.

3. We'll also talk about this at game due to shifting circumstances.



Carl "Pangloss" Davidson; December 1, 2008



See the E-mails regarding the ANARCH MASTERPLAN for more of the over-arching goal.

Assuming Pangloss and Cassandra manage to find missing archon lady:


When he says SECRET QUEST, MAGIC ELIXIR, and MAGIC ARTIFACT, he of course means "not getting killed by teh sabbats mission", "a bunch of my blood", and "archon body that magically explodes in sunlight", respectively.

As per the ANARCH MASTERPLAN, any initiates of the Pyramid of Panglossian Power going on this Secret Mission will be VERY VERY VERY carefully instructed on how important it is to put the MAGIC ARTIFACT in the MAGIC BOX before putting it in the MAGIC VAN (and hence exposing it to sunlight). They will also be given pointed MAGIC STICKS, a quick review of the PROF. PANGLOSS SELF DEFENSE METHOD, and be questioned very very thoroughly to make certain they know what the bloody hell they're doing.

If necessary, they will be bought as a dot of Retainers as of next game.

Influence Response:

We'll discuss this at game.


Love Cassandra Goodchild; December 1, 2008


KINDRED CONTACTS x2 (Freepers - Seattle, San Fransisco)

KINDRED ALLIES x1 (Old Coterie, San Fransisco)


Goal: Cassandra either A) wants to facilitate getting Zappelphillip and Angel out of NYC and to Anarch controlled Domains, assuming she can rescue Turner and that she can eventually convince her Sabbat buddies that suicide is bad and painful B) facilitate getting her and Pangloss out of NYC and to Anarch controlled Domains, assuming that she gets totally boned trying to rescue Turner (Her and Pangloss being well aware of the downsides of suicide.) or C) facilitate her shopping for Christmas presents and potentially renting out CROTCHFIST, assuming her plans are neither going skippy-deluxe-fantastic or bombing horribly.

Notes: Just so the STs know, the name of the Band that Lexi (Cassandra's Brujah ex-coterie-mate) and Tyler (Lexi's ghoul) are in is CROTCHFIST, so named because Lexi (lead singer performs on stage with one of those horrible arm-shaped sex toys harassed to her like a strap on. They are generally terrible. Unless you see them live (in which case, the performance art aspect of the group and Lexi's Presence make them really really good). Cassandra is trying to get them out to do a squat-concert for Pisces' charities.

I'm not going to fully outline all three scenarios, given the text wall it might well generate and the relative straight-forwardness of A and B, so I'm just going to shoot for outlining C:

Cassandra rings up her Freepers:

"Hey-ho! Sorry I'm not sending you anything yet Sabbat-wise, like I promised, I swear by all the multi-faceted boils on Beelzebub's balls that you will get THE MOST FUCKING FANTASTIC ARTICLE EVAR on Anarch-Camarilla-Independent relations in NYC by the end of the month if I am not dead.

Uh... deader... I guess.

Seriously things are very... volatile right now. Hard to write because the situation could be different tomorrow.

Anyhow... I... uh... I was wondering if you had anything more on that right wrighteous man Wright and his fun times in Cleveland. I hear he was a shitty Scourge. I hear he has a dead woman. Anything else? Does he have a rep for doing anything cool? Was he ever in a band? Did he like to go bowling? Did he watch TV? Did he have the same dry and menacing sense of humor he does now? Seriously... somebody must've gone through Cleveland at some point? What is this guy into? How can I start to get into his head... in a good way, not in a mind-penis way? What would YOU get him for Christmas?

Also... LANGSTON that old bastard! He has a dead woman. He's crazy as all hell. What would you get HIM for Christmas? If I don't get a response, the answer is a fruitcake.

Thanks as usual!"

After hanging up, Cassandra calls Lexi and leaves the following message:

"HEY LEXI! If say, I win the lottery (which I just did), whatwouldyasayto CROTCHFIST riding again!?

For serious. I'll bus you guys out here. Details to follow. Call me back, chicka!"

Influence Response:

Crotchfist is invited to NYC. You make backup plans for in case anywhere from 2-4 people need to exit rather quickly.

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