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Items of Import

Piscina Nadya; October 10, 2008


Having learned how to Spirit's Touch objects, Pisces is delighted at her new ability to invade people's privacy and interested in exercising it fully. While on the street, items that might have intimate histories catch her eye and spark her impulse to sin, sometimes to her discomfort. Some examples are:

  • Hole-ridden, much repaired articles of clothing

  • Crinkled old dollar bills

  • Empty needles

  • Discarded condoms

She wanders in and out of some old pawn shops and antique stores, reading the emotional histories of such items as:

  • Pawned wedding rings

  • Old, yellowing wedding dresses

  • Faded stuffed animals

Influence Response:

You probe the extent of your new found powers of psychometry with great delight? and sometimes way less than great delight. Every object in the world lends itself to psychic probing, and you go about your merry way trying to delve into their secrets.

You find that most currency has a dirth of significant object memories. Vague feelings of frustration, complacency, desire and satisfaction permeate the majority of cash which you handle. Occasional flashes showing somebody yelling at a cashier or shuffling through a purse catch your eye. There are a few genuinely evocative images to be had from money as well. You find a crisp new minted twenty that gives you a sensation of moral failing and an anxiety over having sold out. You get a brief flash of the inside of a suitcase, and of hands running over the bill with several thousand of it's mates. A tattered five that's been taped together once or twice has a jubilant feeling of imaginative triumph to it, and bears the psychic stains of a child's fingers. A 1946 penny gives you a heady scent of blurry antiseptic alcohol and a feeling of quiet desperation.

You thankfully don't find much by the way of disposed needles to experiment on, and the first one you do find reveals itself to have a feeling of dull routine and medical punctuality. Insulin, you guess. The next one is a definite dead hit for the sort of thing you don't want to Spirit's Touch. Waves of dead nonchalance spread over you as you see in you mind's eye the point of the syringe hitting home in somebody else somewhere else - the arm might have just as easily been a piece of beef. From an indiscernible location not unnear your heart you feel a rapid and painfully exuberant sensation as though liquid sunshine is searing it's way through your arteries, traveling up it's predetermined route as though your circulatory system were the branches of some terrible and ancient tree. It spirals out in wisps stretching heavenward, as a sensation of plant-like complacence fills your body and you are forced to lay back transfixed, feeling the hideous and unrelenting burn of each circulatory pathway scarring over inside you.

You step out of the alley where you found the artifact a bit dazed, with a feeling of unfamiliar nausea germinating somewhere in your non-functional stomach.

Used condoms net a very wide grab bag of results, very much dependent on where you find the object in question. You stroll near an NYU dormitory and pick up a festive green-ribbed fellow who resonates with almost comic anxiety. There's a sense of confusion and puzzlement and deeply and uniquely male embarrassment. You notice that the inside of the device lacks any dried bodily residue. You find another specimen (Trojan lambskin, you think) near a subway tunnel, and upon touching it are overcome with the scent of leather and cologne. You get emotions of dominance and self-satisfaction mixed with a sort of cold sick resignation and a feeling of showmanship. A glow-in-the-dark Durex you peel off of the pavement near the site of Cirque de Lune gives you a sense of acute fear, excitement and youthful naïve lust. You get the slightest undertone of an emotion you think might be genuine, albeit obfuscated, affection.

Other objects you find on the street offer other little fragments of untold stories. A lost earring has a note of childlike devotion. A crumpled bus pass has a sense of the overwhelming uncertainty as though you've been left in a free fall with no landing place in sight. A torn up pair of old jeans give you a feeling of drunken riotous joy. A wadded up piece of blackish blue gum drowns you briefly in suicidal depression.

Pawn shoppe pickings are a lot more focused in their sentimentality. While a lot of items prove "misses" so to speak, only bringing up memories of attics, money and antipathy, the pieces you target are often ripe with feeling. You find that pawned wedding dresses typically evoke resentful images (one that is clearly tailored to double as maternity wear has a clear and claustrophobic sense of entrapment to it) and only occasionally have bouts of happy nostalgia. You find that your favorite article of clothing from the land of consignment is actually a sea-foam green prom dress with horrible horrible 80s puffed sleeves and a lot of sequins. It has a refreshingly crisp feeling of mischief, excitement and romantic yearning. The only images it leaves in your brain are scant flashes of it's removal.

Wedding rings tend to almost always have a sad feeling to them. There's a lot of remorse, bitterness and regret to be had all around. One ring is particularly moving, it has an atypical rough cut diamond and fills you with a feeling of timorous and fearful hope. You get an image of the world as though you were viewing it through a gasoline rainbow on the street pavement for a bit and see hazy outlines of figures you can't quite make out. There's a sense that "It couldn't be helped" lurking in the back of your brain when your reverie ends.

Children's toys are often disappointing, and leave a sense of apathy or boredom. You get the sense that a wide variety of toys you find at thrift shops are there because they are acutely unloved. There's an orange and purplish striped tiger that proves briefly interesting, evoking a sudden and hateful feeling of impotent rage as you feel your body tossed around rag-doll-like in a tantrum. A faded green chimpanzee/monkey/thing has an air of secretiveness about it as though it's something very very special for reasons nobody should know. You find a loose seam on the back and manage to retrieve 18 cents in change a jumbo yellow marble and a fragment of a sand dollar from deep within.

Other than that, you manage to find a set of wind chimes that bring flashes of somebody hitting it with a baseball bat and laughing long and loud, a small yellowy cracked plastic figurine of a cockatiel that gives you a sense of trepidation and dread, a bent silver fork missing one of its tines that was obviously used in a murderously rageful frenzy that broke it, and a badly torn up effigy of a clown that fills you with grief and sad memories you can't quite remember.


Notes: The $20 is from some sort of horrible World of Darkness-esque back alley money laundering dealings. The $5 is the results of a 6 year old's saved allowances finally paying for a much sought after deck of Digimon cards. The penny is from a hobo trying to get himself re-boozed to forget the pain of existence. The insulin needle and heroin needle are exactly what they appear. The green condom is a result of a young freshman being very very embarrassed on what might have been his first time. The lambskin is from a wealthy man getting serviced by a call girl. The glow-in-the-dark one is from two teens having some public hanky panky.

The earring was a Mother's Day gift. The bus pass was from a newly homeless person. The jeans are from a punk concert. The gum is from an anorexic, who was chewing it all day to avoid eating.

The prom dress explains itself. The wedding ring belongs to a man on hard times whose wife is in a coma. The tiger was given away as punishment for a child's tantrum. The chimpanzee is obvious. The windchimes were damaged by a happy kid with a baseball bat making them ring. The cockatiel frightened a little girl for no discernible reason at night. The silver fork was used to open a stubborn can of baked beans. The clown was a chew toy that somebody cried over when their golden retriever was put to sleep.

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