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Re: Your Setite Badge

Theris; October 5, 2008


I am attempting to use my political connections to increase the level of governmental support provided to certain charities selected by Piscea (she will provide the details of which charities, as she did not have it at game). The form of support will most likely be monetary, but the easing of regulations, oversight, or taking action based on the the goals of the various charities are also acceptable.

Influence Response:

You aren't quite able to start pouring capital from the fat teats of the government down into the throats of everyone on your hungry list of NPOs and charities, but you're able to a least get a neat little outline on how they've been doing recently and what they might need. Government spending isn't something a lot of politicians are super-enthused on right now, but given the surge in unemployment and the state of the economy, everyone wants to at least look like they're trying to help the little guy, and you find that you actually get a lot farther with negotiations and regulations than you initially thought you would.

You manage, for example, to get a few budget deadlines pushed back after you arrange for somebody to "discover" that dates for funding requests hadn't been adequately advertised on the agency website. You also get a few folks some changes in procedural filing protocol, some funding for little tiny projects (The Children's Lymphoma Society gets $5,000 to upgrade all of their professional software, for example) and some much needed leniency when it comes to dates, regulations and reports. It's nothing spectacular, but it makes a big difference to those it helps. It should be noted at this point, that you've essentially just helped a bunch of kindly, graying, sweater-wearing old volunteer women to get much needed aid in pushing paperwork for good causes and charitable works.

You also like to rescue little boys from being crushed by trains and help intoxicated teenage girls to police stations that they might not be taken advantage of.

The evilness police are about to revoke your Setite badge if you keep this sort of thing up, Theris! >:(

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