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The Halifax Conspiracy

Piscina Nadya; September 10, 2008


In Europe, the Nosferatu network of Berlin offered to tell Pisces about what Ash Gently was up to pre-coma in exchange for free sex with illusions. She is delighted and to some extent Ravnos-clan-flaw-driven by the prospect of learning some of the secrets of the enigmatic Nosferatu who she always admired (despite the fact she was terrified by the idea that she irritated him). She offers to give all of the Nosferatu of Germany free access to Heidi Klum for her entire stay and all of next year (if they ever have reason to visit New York) in exchange for as detailed an account as they can give her.

Influence Response:

The Nosferatu of Berlin are more than happy with your offer, and cackle either toothlessly or much-too-toothedly as they consider what it will be like to be "touched for the very first time" every night for a whole year.

"Okay... here's the thing of it. Gently? Gently was the man behind Halifax. No shitting you here, fraulein, he was the guy who was really pulling the strings on that turgid little passion play."

"See, I'll get to our theories as to why in a second, but the how is pretty easy to trail, if you know the right people. A fair number of us know Gently was looking around in a lot of strange places for the year before Evans bit the big one. He was asking a lot of questions. Questions about the deceased Sheriff Greer. Questions about Hadrian Evans. Questions about Isabella, one of the lesser know luminaries who was traipsing around New York back in '99. Lots of interesting little dips into NYC history."

"In any event, he pulled some serious stunt somewhere along the line and managed to trade an audience with Critias, the Elder Brujah of Chicago (Don't ask me HOW the hell he got that!) for Evans' whereabouts. Won't say who sold him out, but Gently found him right in the middle of Tangeirs, and -Holy Shit!- what should happen a scant three months later than Bojan Motherfucking Petrov shows up in Morocco nosing about."

"You probably know the rest of the story from there. Petrov does in Evans. Pasceck does in Petrov. Mr. Gently conveniently "dies" a while later, leaving a mortal fetch to wither away in a coma, right before anyone else on the globe had the time or energy to piece together whatever the f*ck just happened."

"Now, there's a smattering of different opinions on the topic of motive around here, but our personal suspicions link this back to a Nosferatu named Goldman, an oft-forgotten victim of New York who hasn't been seen for two years or so."

"You see... Goldman was black-bagged by the Evans' regime something fierce. In one night he went from being Primogen, to being stripped of all Status, charged with a Life Boon for his continued existence at Evans' mercy and laid out for the Sheriff and company to have their way with him. Only a few people saw him after that, and only on the underside of cities. He wasn't too pretty. Even by our standards. They cut off his junk and burnt out his eyes, if you listen to hearsay."

"Now how this relates to Gently, we can't say... What we know is that 'Ash Gently' isn't precisely a name with a lengthy paper trail behind it. From what we know of him, he was born in the years before Social Security. He had no parents. No relations. No wife and kids. The only documentation that Ash Gently was even even a mortal man is some papers from St. Anthony's Home for Wayward Boys back in the 1930s and a long expired set of licenses in Chicago. He also doesn't have a Sire to speak of or much in the way of Kindred to back up that he even existed before New York. The best we have is some guy outta Moscow who says he saw him back in the 90s... and that's not really all too substantial."

"Anyhow the upshot of this is 'Ash Gently' reeks of being an assumed identify. Either that or he's just the lucky sort whose got a remarkable dirth of people who remember him before 2006. My personal gamble is that he's somebody Goldman prepped to be his avenging angel and then took a dead orphaned P.I. outta Chicago public records to back it up. Klaus here thinks that Gently was really Goldman all along, given that nobody in NYC lasts long enough to be able to tell one Nos from another."

"Why the Goldman connection? Just a hunch, but we're speculating here that Goldman's the only person we can come up with who'd actually have a bone to pick with both Evans and Petrov. Even if Greer (who, as Gently and Goldman found out, is pretty damned dead by now) was likely giving the orders, it would have been Petrov who did the dirty work. He was deputy at the time, and from all account that's the sort of thing he was in charge of. Breaking people up in back rooms."

"You can sort of follow the rest. Any way that Gently played it, Goldman's gets a little revenge. There's even some talk that a Lick on the ugly side of things gave Halifax authorities a head's up there was going to be trouble, if you catch my drift."

"So there's our tasty tidbit of info, although half the Nozzies in North America are probably ten steps farther along the conspiracy chain by now, and you can be sure there's a little we don't know. If you can give us any more info on it, it would of course be appreciated, but... *licks lips* don't feel any obligations. You've done more than enough for now."

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