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Kenny G's Last Performance

Leon Gorski; March 14-25, 2008


Leon Gorski; March 14, 2008


Before typing the long explanation, I would like to begin by saying that I will be calling in a hit involving a car bomb.

Smooth jazz star Kenny G (hereafter referred to as Kenneth Gorelick) will be performing at Frederick P. Rose Hall in the Time Warner Building on Columbus Circle in Manhattan (59th St. and Broadway) at 8 pm on February 12, 2008. The Time Warner Building has two garage entrance/exit pairs, one at the northwest corner of the building (on 60th St. between Broadway and 9th Ave.) and one at the southwest corner (on 58th St. between 8th and 9th Aves.). I would like to have as many thugs as I can hire, with half stationed at each entrance. They should begin watching the garage access points at noon, remaining mobile and inconspicuous. There will be one automobile parked within sight of each entrance. When Mr. Gorelick is spotted in an incoming car, all but two of the thugs (one at each entrance) will, after 15 minutes, split off and enter the garage and search for Gorelick's car. They will then wire up a remotely detonated explosive device under the car (to which each of the thugs waiting outside has a detonator). The thugs in the garage will split up and leave once the bomb is intalled, and make their way to the nearby 59th St./Columbus Circle subway station (entrance at the corner of 58th St. and Columbus Circle) and board an A, B, or D train back to Brooklyn.

After the show, the thugs outside will wait for Gorelick to leave the garage. The thug that spots him leave will tail (1/2 block behind) until the car is out of close range of pedestrians (this should happen relatively soon at that time of night, likely past midnight). Once the car is clear, the thug in the tailing car will detonate the explosive. The explosive is to be detonated after the target car has passed an intersection and the tailing car is about to enter it. As the explosion is occurring, the tailing car will turn west at said intersection(if heading west already, turn north for 2 blocks, then west; if heading east, head south one block, then west). The car will proceed to the West Side Highway, head south and then take the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel back to Brooklyn. The other car, once the first has visual confirmation on Gorelick, will head directly for the West Side Highway and return to Brooklyn as well.

If Gorelick's car leaves the garage before the show (i.e. if it's a chauffeured car and will return later to pick him up), the thugs waiting outside will notify those inside. The hit will be called off and all will vacate the area immediately in the method described.

All expenses for the operation can be taken out of Gorski's financial resources.

Influence Response:

The sixteen thugs are assembled the night before to learn the plan. It's a solid plan, they say approvingly, and they're all in.

At the show, Kenneth Gorelick's car is a private limousine. It pulls into the garage at 2:04 pm. After he and his assistant walk inside, the limousine pulls into the lowest basement level reserved for concert entourage vehicles. The driver stays with the vehicle for hours. The bomb squad remains vigilant, checking back again and again, waiting for an opening.

During the show the driver receives a phone call, evidently loses signal, and leaves the garage. The bomb squad springs into action and places the explosive. After that, it's almost too easy.

Kenneth Gorelick dies in a violent and fiery explosion six blocks east of the parking garage. The thugs follow the instructions to the letter and avoid being tailed. All return to Brooklyn without incident.

No more shall Gorelick's terrible music bother anyone. No more shall Gorelick's hairpiece mock you from afar. It is done.

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