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A Psionic Duskblade named Gelw'yniaan

Eugene "Brody" Wright; January 28, 2008


Brody x Forever

In response to Mr. White's queries, and I quote:

"You... you want some time off, to go... I just want to make sure that I'm getting this right... to go play Dungeons and Dragons with some grown men.


Yeah, knock yourself out, Elijah - have a grand old dragonslaying time." A pause. "Does Melvin play with you guys? I remember somebody saying he was into that shit. Yeah, the horoscopes guy. You might wanna try befriending him, while you're getting to know everybody - Melvin... Melvin's weird. Like, 'not normal human' weird. No, I have no idea specifically... like, yes, his horoscopes are frighteningly accurate at times... but he can ah, apparently call bats? They do what he says?


You remember how I told you this city was stupid, right? This is, this is some of that, right here. Thought you oughtta know, going in. But if you and him hit it off, that'd be ok, you know? Something to think about."

Influence Response:

Elijah says that, yes, Melvin is in the game, and that he plays a Psionic Duskblade named Gelw'yniaan. Elijah, actually, if you'll let him, tells you a little bit about his Elven Ranger. His name is Tom and he has a a spotted thrush as a familiar and...

And... Elijah can figure out that you're not interested in hearing about this right now.

He acts a little surprised when you tell him about Melvin's bat summoning powers. He figures that if the guy was a legit psychic he wouldn't have to compensate by always playing overpowered Psionic things... not that he really knows that much about it. Blair actually just likes to complain about him a lot... he's what they call a uh... twink? Yeah, a twink. That's the word.

You can tell Elijah is relatively new to Satan's favorite board game. You sigh and tell him to go enjoy himself.

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