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Christmas 2007: Piscina Nadya

Piscina Nadya; December 25, 2007


1.Pisces makes two boxes of exquisite tiny sugary snowflake cookies, wrapped like presents.

2.Pisces asks Eric what his Christmas plans are. If he intends to spend it alone, she contacts his niece, Roxana, and tries to fix this.

3.Pisces gets a steak and a bottle of scotch for Ripper Bob.

4.Pisces meets with Willie

5.Pisces picks through Halloween Adventure (THE place in Manhattan for interesting scarves) and picks out a scarf with a pattern of dogwood flowers for Raina. She also makes sure Raina is fully bundled up for the bad weather with coat and mittens and hat and makes sure every two bit hoodlum in the area knows that if they steal from the crazy lady, other, bigger street people will make life hard for them.

6.Pisces calls together the street performers who did Cirque de la Lune and enrolls them in the idea of going around to the various church shelters and doing Christmas shows for the people there. As with before, she pays them if necessary, but relies mostly on their inherent enthusiasm, good hearts, and the great fun they had last time with this kind of a circus.

Influence Response:

1 - Cookies are made and wrapped. They look delicious.

2 - Eric glumly admits that, well, he has no plans really. Roxana is happy to spend some time with him on the holiday, and the next time she sees you, she thanks you for helping them. Eric seems more relaxed and happy after the fact.

3 - Done and done.

4 - Willie has disappeared. Calling his phone takes you straight to voicemail and he never appears anywhere you've seen him before. It's a bit unsettling, hmm?

5 - Raina gets bundled up nice and warm, and presumably safe when you get the word out that she's not to be messed with. Either way, she's safe and warm.

6 - Circus performances in a church? Why, the performance is practically underway almost before you finish proposing the idea. It's such a good idea, they say, that they can't believe they didn't think of it sooner. Indeed, there is much circus to be had at the homeless shelters over the holidays.

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